Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Wow. My goodness. This is like my first ever day to only post one chapter!!! I’m pretty shocked myself, frankly. But well, anyways, enjoy~!!! Now I can laze around to my heart’s content (Although donations are always, well mostly, welcomed!)! Its even March Break, so I can be even more lazy! heheheheheheheh ahhhhhhh but imma suffer in daylight saving times… hahh sigh.

So we have more of some…. uh… Xuanyuan Huan…. I have no words for him, and some Yuyan’s craziness. physco m’dear. Just attack the man himself!! Geez…. Enjoy!


Oh yeah, for those irritated about the TOC, I’ll update it soon. I hope.

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