Bewitching Prince IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT+ Chapter 158

Chapter 158 (barely managed to finish)

Please Read- I’m really sorry. My computer broke so I can only translate at school and library, so BP can only be updated 4-6x a week until June 7th when my new computer arrives. Then I’ll go on a translating spree like cuu-koo .2 chapters a day for a week sounds good? 🙂

I’m so so sorry guys. My 11yr old computer finally broke, and I don’t have any others so that means I won’t be able to translate until I get a new computer. Luckily though I can still do it at school and in the library, but updates will be far slower until June 7th (when my new computer is expected to arrive). I’m currently typing on my phone right now to post this. Sorry again


running diagnostics, hoping it’ll magically work again >.<

-sad kiki

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23 Responses to Bewitching Prince IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT+ Chapter 158

  1. Kaye says:

    It’s alright 😘 love you

  2. Miri-Bell says:

    It’s okay, I broke my main tablet on Monday.

  3. Crywolf641 says:

    Ow don’t forget to log off when using the library’s computer or something.
    I remember a translator using it and forgot to log off and had his account messed up bad.
    If I remember right. SO MAKE SURE YOU LOG OFF. Hahaha

    • Kiki says:

      that happened… someone sent an email to one my editor applicants with swears and saying i was on drugs 🙁

  4. Julveury says:

    What happened to your pc? Maybe I can help lol.

    • Kiki says:

      it fell from my desk 🙁 , made a lot of loud noises, then turned into a blue screen with a few options. I chose to run diagnostics but ended up falling asleep and it was dead in the morning.

  5. Storm says:

    Da*n it… If I were near you I would probably be able to fix this in an hour. 🙁 By the looks of this picture I guess that all the components are working just fine (not sure for hard disk) so is it possible that only windows crashed? If you hadn’t reinstaled it for a few years it is most likely that that is the problem. When you try to turn it on (laptop) does it have a blue screen (like in the picture)?
    Like this:
    If it is the same like in this picture (above) then I am sure 100% that it is only windows and you just need to reinstal it if you know how?
    Da*n I wish I were near you now, but I am probably around the other side of the Earth from you. 😀

    • Kiki says:

      It was kind of like that..? Im no good with tech, sorry. My computer fell from the table, made some very loud clinky noises for a while before turning into that blue screen. It mentioned something like the hard drive so it might be that. I ended up falling asleep before the diagnostics could finish (it was… 2 am when it broke…), and it was just dead in the morning. Thanks though.

      I’ll still do my best to keep up with a chapter a day at the library, it’s just that i wont be able to do any of the gift/owed chapters or do it consistently. And honestly, this library computer im using right now is actually better than my broken one…

      • Storm says:

        No worries. 🙂 We will survive a couple of days without ln. Those clinky noises are probably from motheboard (BIOS to be exactly) and the number bips (clinky noises – long and short) means something. It is a simple system on motherboard to let you know which part on the laptop is malfunctioning. You probably didn’t pay atention but before the accident every time after you turned on laptop (during the process before windows starts to turn on) you would hear two short bips and that means that everything is ok and that laptop can start with the process of opening windows so multi bips (short and long) means that something, like I mentioned above is wrong with components and the only cure for that is to excange parts which I don’t recommend because the parts for a laptop are expensive and a waste of money, especially on a 11yr old laptop so even if you somehow manage to find spare parts they are probably gonna be 2nd hand and not the new ones. Anyway buying a new one is probably the best solution. 🙂

      • RandomInternetPerson says:

        Oof yeah if it was a drop, probably something’s damaged. However, sometimes it could be something that’s pretty benign, like the SATA cable (the cable that plugs your hard drive into the motherboard, which is the thing that all of your parts connect to so that they can talk to each other) falling out or getting damaged. If you know a cheap place to take your computer to for tech support you should give it a shot, since SATA cables are pretty cheap to replace.

        • Kiki says:

          I do know a few, but I think that I’ll just get a new one (I already ordered it anyways- with a 2 yr warrenty! :P). I mean, new computer= faster tling speeds, right? XD

          • Kiki says:

            I really shouldnt be this excited about my computer breaking…hahh….

          • Storm says:

            I don’t think it is something benign because laptops are quite sensitive, but there is a possibility that it is something minor like a SATA cable so you should try and take it to some cheap place so they can take a look at it. Also while you are at it ask the peole who work there to clean your laptop and also tell them to exchange pasta on processor (a mixture between processor and cooling radiator – it draws the heat from processor and let it works more faster – tends to dry and disapear after a few years of use) but do this only if you they actually manage to fix your laptop. That should solve your slow laptop problem if it is not because of the windows (even if it is original you need to reinstall it every few years). One last thing is that I noticed that (on your picture) you keep your laptop on flat surface (bed I guess?) and that is a bad idea because a cooling fan is right beneath and by doing that (the bed thing) you are blocking its airways or simply said cooling and laptops do not like overheating themselves so maybe that is one of the reasons why is your laptop slowing down. To prevent that you should lift your laptop off flat surface area and let the fans do their job. There is an equipment that does a job but I have no idea how to call it in english so I am just gonna show you how it looks like:
            It’s very cheap and does the job and I higly recommend for you to buy it when your new laptop arives beacuse he is gonna be a lot faster and faster means more heat and laptops do not like heat. It slows them down. This is pretty much everything I can do for you from here so try to listen to my advices (especially equipment I mentioned). 🙂

          • Kiki says:

            Oh a cooling stand!

            Usually, I keep my computer on my desk, but I was turning it around to look at it after it fell so it just kind of ended up on my bed. But I’ll definitely get the cooling stand, I hate it when my computer’s slow.

            Thanks for all the advice! It was really helpful 🙂 although I think that I’ll just continue with my new one+ a cooling stand rather than fixing my old one.

            Really, thank you 🙂

      • Morbid Eel says:

        11 years old means it is probably not a SSD. When it was dropped it might have caused the hard drive’s head to literally crash into the platters. 🙁

  6. brain eating says:

    Hi, I am a friend of the author of the book (Mars gravity), first thank you for your hard work. In addition, this paragraph USES the translation machine, if the tone is not too friendly, please forgive. I have no malice.
    I want to know that the Chinese version has been updated to 841, and your translation has been stopped in 2017-1-17, c816. Why did you stop translating this work for five months? (by the way, I see you’re still translating other works.)
    Eager to get a reply.
    Thank you for your work, again.

  7. Laurie says:

    Still four days to go, think will survive it. How unfortunate that your old vintage and loved laptop broke down. Hurray for a new one. Good luck!

    • Kiki says:

      to be honest, im actually almost a tiny bit happy it broke. It was actually extremely slow and hard to type on it, so i’ve been wanting to get a new computer for a while, but didn’t really want to just throw this one away since it still worked. Im just a bit unhappy that now my gift and owed chapters are piling up. thank you though!

  8. PidStu says:

    I might be stupid for asking this, but isnt this 160 chapter?

  9. Barbara says:

    Life happens!! You’ve been great!

  10. devilsadvocate says:

    haha it really is time for an upgrade yah
    no worries, take it easy

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