Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 158

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Chapter 158

”It’s a bluff!” Baili Haoxuan snorted coldly, “Just wait until sister comes back, I want to see how she’ll act then!”

A ruthless light flickered past Su Wanjing’s eyes, “Even if this trash was lucky enough to come out alive this time, it won’t be long until she dies!”

Baili Hongzhuang’s fight with the hell wolves caused everyone to re-evaluate her. She absolutely mustn’t let Baili Hongzhuang steal away Baili Yuyan’s limelight!

As soon as the hunting feast was over, she will look for a hitman.

No matter what, she needed this trash dead!

Very quickly, cultivators began to leave the hunting grounds. Seeing their children come out safely, the various officials couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Regardless of their child’s achievements, so long as they were safe and sound, they would be happy.

But while almost all the cultivators were out of the hunting grounds, the crowd’s two most anticipated cultivators, Xuanyuan Huan and Baili Yuyan still didn’t leave the hunting grounds for a long time, doubt appeared in everybody’s eyes.

“Why is His Highness, the Crown Prince still not out yet? Could he still be fighting with the storm wolf?”

“Maybe the storm wolf is just very hard to deal with. Then taking a lot of time would only be natural.”

Hearing the court chancellors talk on the stage, all the competition cultivators stared at Baili Hongzhuang.

Xuanyuan Huan and Baili Yuyan were killing the storm wolf?

Haha, the real storm wolf was already killed by Baili Hongzhuang ah!

Time slowly passed by. Finally, everybody saw a bright yellow figure come out of the hunting field.


Seeing the familiar robe, Jiang Jinying couldn’t help but get up and smile. He finally came out.

But when Jiang Jinying saw Xuanyuan Huan’s body, her face couldn’t help but turn pale.

Because, his bright yellow robes were dyed red with blood!

She could tell from Xuanyuan Huan’s face that his injury was serious. Jiang Jinying immediately went over, at once reaching Xuanyuan Huan.

Xuanyuan Huan was her only son!

Now seeing Xuanyuan Huan suffer such a serious injury, her heart was stabbed with pain.

“Huan’er, what happened to you?” Jiang Jinying’s face was filled with concern, about to pull Xuanyuan Huan’s hand.

But when she pulled, Jiang Jinying’s face grew even paler.

“Your, your hand……”

Xuanyuan Huan’s face was bitter. He never thought he’d come out of the hunting competition with such an appearance.

Xuanyuan Yutian’s face also changed. Although he knew that there would always be casualties at the hunting feast and that this year was even more difficult than the previous ones, he had believed that Xuanyuan Huan’s strength was enough.

But now Xuanyuan Huan wasn’t just hurt, but seriously injured.

All the court chancellors were shocked. Xuanyuan Huan was at the initial stage of mysterious eon, but still got seriously injured. From this, you could clearly see just how strong the storm wolf truly was.

The competing cultivators all couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath. Xuanyuan Huan’s hand was already completely mutilated.

Even as the Crown Prince, it still wasn’t easy for him to fully heal his injury.

He had already prepared for the imperial physicians to assist Xuanyuan Huan and bind his wound before quickly treating the other cultivator’s injuries as well.

Seeing Xuanyuan Huan so seriously hurt, Baili Zhentao grew somewhat heavy. Even now, they still haven’t seen Baili Yuyan come out.

A loud gong sounded. The hunting competition was over!

The hunting field’s entrance closed. It would only open on the day of the next hunting competition.

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