Bewitching Prince Chapter 362-364

Chapter 362-364

Hey y’all! Sorry for the lateness!

Qidian is rapidly expanding into lady novels now, and I was told by a fellow translator that they don’t msg you before starting to translate the novel. Anyways, I’m pretty attached to my translations so I ended up making the first move and contacting them. What I’m hopefully planning to do is to sell my chapters to them, then see if they can find a translator to pick it up (since I don’t want to leave this dropped). If they don’t have anyone to translate this, I’ll translate this as a side project, 5-6 chapters a week, and see if I can negotiate dual hosting on both here and Qidian. If I do get this picked up by Qidian, I’ll translate WOF as my main project :).

I’ll keep you all updated! I’m just waiting for Qidian to return back with a reply for now :).

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Translators; Kiki and Adecylia

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