Bewitching Prince Chapter 259-260

Chapter 259-260
Hi all! Its Kiki.

So first off, I’d like to apoligise about the current release speed. Homework is killing me omg. Anyways, I’m still adjusting to the workload, but I promise that regular releases should be able to resume by the end of the month. Otherwise… welll… sorry.

Sometimes I forget to upload on moonbunnycafe along with isohungry, so if releases don’t show up here, try checking!

I’m trying to aim for at least 6 chapters a week rn starting from today. Hopefully it’ll work as planned. Ad clicks are very motivating! >///<

Also, I've picked up the novel, Wife is Outrageous: His Evil Highness Comes Knocking from Alyschu. Here's the novel updates page. Check it out! Its super good~ Chapter 115 comes out tonight!

Thanks for reading.


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3 Responses to Bewitching Prince Chapter 259-260

  1. devilsadvocate says:

    thanks kiki!

  2. ChocoLatte says:

    School is fun with an extra pinch of homework. XD
    Thanks for the chapters! Hehe.
    I tried going to isohungrytls but for some reason I can’t find bewitching S: I’ll try harder.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Even though I eagerly await these chapters, your school work comes first. We will take whatever we could get. Thank you very much for the chapters!!!!!!

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