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  1. Nosek says:

    Really thank you for translating this novel it is so great !
    I have suggestions I would like to say to you
    Why don’t you have some other translators to work with you in this novel ? So you will translate it as group ?
    It is for few reasons
    First, it will make it a lot less pressure on you since you said that it’s been difficult on you before while
    Second, I know it is really amazing that you post daily ( and I really appreciate it ) but the novel now have 4440 chapter if you translate one chapter per day it will take 12 years to finish it ( I calculated it ) and I really don’t want you to drop it if it was going to take time
    But if post 3 chapters per day it will take just 4 years . And since it is impossible for you to do alone here came the idea to have group
    Sorry for the selfish suggestions hope you won’t get mad at me 🙁

    • Kiki says:

      Thanks for the suggestions and taking all the time to do your research!

      About that… there’s quite a few reasons that I’ll explain down below, but I’ll have to decline :(.

      The biggest reason why I can’t do that is because Bewitching Prince is a Qidian novel. Which means that there’s a very high chance that Qidian will come and force me to stop translating this novel before the year’s up. Although I could translate under Qidian, I’m only 13 so its pretty dangerous personally for me as a minor, to sign what other translators call a ‘slave’ contract. Making a team is a lot of trouble since there’s a lot of stuff you need to sort out, like translating differences, money, sponsored chapters, rights, etc that really isn’t worth it if it’ll have to be stopped soon.

      Another thing is that translating as a group is actually pretty hard. We all have different translating styles and translate idioms, phrases, and items differently. If there’s something that happened chapters ago suddenly brought up now, it’ll be hard to understand what is what. Although of course we could read the other translation, well, it’s boring. We won’t remember nearly as much. Its just too troublesome 🙁

      But you do make a really good point on how long it’ll take… I guess I’ll speed up chapter releases then. I’ll start doing ad sponsored chapters like June and Haseo, which are chapters sponsored by ad revenue. That tallies up to 20-30 extra chapters per month, so it’ll be almost 2 chapters every day when you count in sponsored donation chapters, holidays, and events 🙂

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