Bewitching Prince Chapter 161

Chapter 161
Enjoy! Alex is editing all the previous chapters so make sure to thank her sometime 🙂

My computer is officially dead and it turns out that i forgot to include business days and stuff in my estimate… so my new computer will take longer than i thought… the library’s surprisingly nice tho so i might still be able to keep up the pace of 1 chapter a day and catch up when my new comp finally comes :).

And now that my computer’s broken and i cant tl as much, i seemed to be hanging out with friends a lot more…hm…

Editor: Alex

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  1. Fanya says:

    Ah… business days and taxes and what I always forget when ordering. I’m like “yay I got it for $200 a-…wait, why is it $230?!?!…..oh, taxes. T.T”

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