BBP’s Consort: Chapter 48

Due to several factors: lack of response to Yumeabyss patreon, me signing the volarenovels contract, volare soon implementing inhouse Patreon, me almost successfully surviving highschool, me going to head tah Hong Kong and China for a couple months, me having less than 2 months of vacation TT-TT…

So~ mainly since it looks like I’ll be able to handle some extra chapters, but not too much, and it looks like the bunching together of Patreon wasn’t that appealing, I’m switching Patreon chapters to individual sponsored chapters.

The series available for sponsoring are Celestial, Consort, Phoenix, and Island.

Since PAH will soon be moving to inhouse volare patreon and XQW sponsored chapters will be expensive due to its current length, not to mention it’s almost finished anyways.

The options available:

  • sponsor an entire chapter of a particular novel,
  • sponsor a bundle of a particular novel (4 chps at a lower price)
  • sponsor a part of a roulette chapter. (The roulette list is in alphabetical order and every time the cue hits a sponsored amount, I’ll throw out a sponsored chapter and move the arrow to the next novel on the list. It’s also set at a slightly lower price b/c you might have to wait through chapters you’re not that interested in.)

PS… I did realize later (while I was prepping these posts…)that Patreon was up for like only a week, but I swear this past week felt like a month for me. In any case, I felt like the individual specified contributions would be easier to manage and more appealing to you guys if you guys ever feel like donating or have a strong craving for more chps.

So yup, just check it out here~

Su Qiqi’s so cool!! Fangirling! Is it bad that I like the boyish interactions between MWC and LYF even though they’re the male characters that we’re currently hating on?

Chapter 48



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