Bewitching Prince Delays and Status

Hi all! Its Kiki 🙂 and I wanted to let you all know that BP is taking a 4 day break from Friday to Monday! So much stuff happened and I had a lot of tests, projects, etc due this week, so I’m exhausted and I won’t have much time because I’ll be celebrating Christmas with my family >.<, so please understand why I’m taking 4 days off.

BUT!!! There’s good news too! After my break, I’ll be posting 2 chapters daily until the end of December, with 9 chapters on December 31st, sponsored by my lovely patrons! So this means that between December 26th-31st, a total of 19 chapters will be released! I hope you enjoy your christmas presents! XD


Bewitching Prince Chapter 337-338

Chapter 337-338


Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to upload yesterday (I only got 3 hours of sleep that night :P), so here’s yesterday and today’s chapter!

Oh and last time I noticed that I did the link wrong, so if anyone’s interested, check out my friend Li’s harry potter site here! There’s lots of fun trivia and articles~
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Translators; Kiki and Adecylia