Adorable consort chapter 30: Announcement

Announcement: I’m going to slow down the pace as I turn over the main translation duties to Lilian. Sorry to toss you to the wolves Lilian, I need to prepare for my move to Japan in late November to December. So from today forward three chapters will be released on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Extra chapters can be sponsored for $30 per chapter and released ASAP (depending on demand, max of 3 sponsored chapters to be released in a week). For now people can send the sponsor money to me through Paypal with a message. My paypal is [email protected]. I’ll try to setup a link to paypal on mainpage for adorable consort… but may take some time as I’m busy trying to keep up with publishing both novels and failing 🙁

Chapter brought to you by Lilian, Su Jeong, June and Ninja.

Adorable Consort Chapter 30

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  1. Danwoo says:

    Moving to another country seems like a really scary thing to do… Hope everything works out good for you, and thanks for your translations!

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