Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 21.1

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For clarification purposes, this book places heavy emphasis on the difference between normal immortals and actual gods. You can kind of view it as, 1. Ancient God, 2. Gods, 3. Immortals, 4. Sprits, which is why they address Xing Zhi as “Sir God”


“It naturally cannot be blamed on the King!” Mo Fang raised his head, “Fighting and executing the demonic beast, it was the King’s merit! How could they blame it on……”

At this, Chen Li sighed. Her voice was gentle as she said, “As such, get up. No one can blame you for this incident.”

The rims of Mo Fang’s eyes heated up. He bit his lip tightly and lightly knocked his forehead onto the ground. For a very long time, he didn’t raise his head even a little bit. “King is unclear…. It is Mo Fang that cannot forgive himself.” When he was awake and found out of Chen Li’s wound and the coma she fell into, he was frantic, rushing to her. Seeing her covered in wounds, her breathing faint and almost unnoticeable, he…….. Mo Fang fell quiet.

“You are injured. So, I cannot forgive myself.”

Hearing him say those words so suddenly, Chen Li sucked in a breath of cold air, starting at Mo Fang, “Mo Fang, you…….. You cannot…..”

“Within Mo Fang’s heart, King has always been there.”

Since slaughtering through enemy lines and obtaining her first merit, Chen Li never had the same appearance as a normal woman of the Demonic Realm, had never understood what feelings other normal women of the Demonic Realm felt. But one day, when she wore an embroidered skirt, one of the feudal lords, sized her up with a panic-stricken look before shouting: F***! Before running away in extreme fear. Since then, she had never touched a woman’s garments again. But today, seeing a man from the Demonic Realm express his feelings to her, Chen Li only felt shock and disbelief, “……….. You…. It must be that the toxins from the fox made it up to your brain, making you confused right?”

“Mo Fang’s head is very clear.” Looking as if he wanted Chen Li to directly cut open his heart to take a look at his feelings, Mo Fang decided to speak frankly, “Mo Fang likes the King. Mo Fang likes Chen Li.”

Chen Li’s breath was stuck in her chest, almost choking. But seeing Mo Fang’s clenched jaw and determined expression, Chen Li’s face sunk, solemnly speaking to him, “Out of the question.” Mo Fang raised his head to look at her, but only saw her grim face, “This is not good. I want you eliminate this sentiment and eradicate those thoughts. This is a military order.”

Mo Fang fell into silence once again. Finally, his jaw clenched and he kowtowed lowly, “Yes.”

At this moment, although inside the tent it was silent, Shang Bei’s flurried shouts could be heard suddenly from the outside, “Ah!….. God Xing Zhi Sire, don’t go in now, ai!”

“Why?” When this word was spoken, a slender finger brushed the entrance of the tent, opening it. Chen Li fixed her eyes on the entrance. Against the light, a white silhouette was just craning its head around to speak with someone behind it. His long robe dragged, giving the people of the Demonic Realm a rather cumbersome impression. However, it is this cumbersome display that gives off the sense of aloofness, a disdain from worldly affairs.

“This, this……” Through the small crack, General Shang Bei managed to see that it was silent as Mo Fang kneeled in front of Chen Li, head bent. He sighed reluctantly, “Forget about it, it’s nothing.”

As Sir Xing Zhi slowly walked inside the tent, Chen Li’s face became somewhat stupid. Before she fell into her earlier coma, she had walked towards that white figure, that man. Earlier she had thought it was just an illusion, but it truly was her “Xing Yun”.


Upon seeing Shang Bei come in and grab him, Mo Fang hurriedly got up from the floor. He clutched his hands tightly, only to sense that it was covered with cold sweat. Icy cold sweat. Shang Bei gently sighed in his heart, then turning to talk with Chen Li, “King, this is Sky Outside Heaven, Sir God Xing Zhi, who came to reinforce the seal on the Space-Time Rip.”

“Xing Zhi….. Sir God?” Chen Li struggled to get up, but Xing Zhi stepped forward and gently pushed her body down, “The wounds will reopen.”

“Have you ever been in the mortal realm?” Chen Li asked, “You don’t know Xing Yun?”

Xing Zhi just pulled the quilt over Chen Li’s body, his words holding a sense of indifference, “Do not know.” He took out Chen Li’s wrist that was tucked inside the quilt, softly measuring on her pulse. After a long while, he finally said: “Your breathing is much steadier.”

Chen Li was still as she looked at him. The 2 pairs of eyes met. Xing Zhi smiled faintly, “The long famous Azure Sky King is truly brave, fierce. Seeing her now, your heroic spirit really makes one admire you. But no matter how good the foundation, it won’t do if you act recklessly. So, I ask King for the sake of her people, to take care of your own body.”

A foreigner’s greeting was said so interestingly, and quite pleasant to listen to as well. Chen Li’s eyes twinkled, but she immediately vanished it. Her expression turned peaceful, “Thank you for your troubles, Sir God.”

He is not Xing Yun.

When comparing facial features, Xing Zhi’s seemed much more sharp, his figure was taller, and had a cold air around him that Xing Yun didn’t. Xing Yun’s temperament was indifferent but still treated everybody with fair etiquette. But this man, looking at his conduct, was used to ruling and oppressing others year-round.

“Also, I have to be here for quite some time. I haven’t come here for millennia, and don’t know what has changed around here. So first I need to explore the area to get a general layout of the topography before I enter the Space-Time Rip ruin. At that time, I must have King guide me around.

Hearing what was said, all 3 people in the tent were startled. Shang Bei said, “Sir God, if you need someone to guide you around, then the soldiers within the army are all very familiar with the topography of this land, and I’m sure they can serve you in some way. Right now, King is seriously injured, and I’m afraid she’ll have to rest for quite some time.”

“General does not need to worry. I myself will be personally taking care of King’s health. In no less than 3 days, she will be able to move around freely. There is no harm for her to lead me around, and activity is also helpful to her physical and mental health.”

Mo Fang frowned, “This humble one wishes to substitute for King to lead Sir God around the area.”

Xing Zhi’s gaze leisurely fell onto Mo Fang. As he looked at him, Xing Zhi smiled lightly, “No, I’ll have her lead the way.” Seeing Mo Fang’s fists clenching tightly, the curve on his lips grew. Chen Li hurriedly spoke up, “Well then, thank you for your care during the next 3 days.”

“It’s decided upon.”

Leaving Chen Li’s tent, Shang Bei took Mo Fang to another nearby tent. Xing Zhi walked alone in the field camp. Moving by a tent, he suddenly saw a little soldier staring at him in alarm. Pondering, he turned around and looked at him. The soldier immediately tried to run away: “Halt.” Xing Zhi called him. The small soldier immediately stopped moving. Xing Zhi arrived by his side and gently rapped the side of his head. “Forget.”

A picture flashed in the little soldier’s mind unexpectedly. He entered King’s tent to pack up the supplies but was surprised to find a white figure sitting by King’s bed.


“Rest.” He touched the King’s head. “It’ll be okay.”

Suddenly aware someone came in, the man in white turned his head. He put his index finger on his lips, making a gentle “shh!” sound. His figure disappeared. Suddenly, the King woke up, shouting loudly, “Wait!!”

The little soldier opened his eyes and saw a white-clothed figure pass by him. He gave him a somewhat fuzzy impression, but he couldn’t remember it clearly. The little soldier scratched his head, feeling a little confused, but he also couldn’t say where he was confused. He just gazed at his departing back, before suddenly remembering that he needed to pack up the supplies in King’s tent!



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      He insisted he “does not know” because he “does not know”. He is Xing Yun after all. How do you “know” yourself?

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