Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 21

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A wet, but soft warm body fell into his arms, slowly sliding downwards. A hand extended, unafraid of the filth on her body, and pulled Chen Li into his embrace. Her hand that bloodied his face gently fell to her side before being caught by another. His hand flipped her’s as his fingertips felt for her pulse. The man clothed in white frowned, “Where is the field camp?”

Shang Bei quickly stepped forward. For a lady yet to be wed, it was naturally inappropriate to be in a man’s embrace. Chen Li’s purity must stay untouched. But when he sensed the heavenly power surrounding the white clothed man, Shang Bei realized that he must’ve been the messenger sent by Heaven. They would naturally be no rush to bring Chen Li back. But Heaven………. Only sent one person down!?

“Your excellency is?”

“Sky Beyond Heaven, Still Water Pavilion, Ancient God Xing Zhi.”

Although the people of the Demonic Realm didn’t know anything about the Sky Outside Heaven and weren’t familiar with the Still Water Pavilion, the whole universe knew about Xing Zhi, the only living Ancient God; and the very same god that arranged Chen Li’s marriage………

Shang Bei immediately turned respectful. If it was his word, then it must be taken seriously.

“I must apologize. I’ve spent too long in the mortal realm so I had gotten a bit lost after not visiting for a while and was late.”

Shang Bei fell silent. It wouldn’t be a good idea for him to be impolite in return to his politeness. He ordered, “Clear the battlefield and assist the injured soldiers together to the field camp!” He quickly stepped to Xing Zhi’s side and reached out a hand as he said, “ I do not dare to trouble sire, and will carry King instead.”

“No.” Xing Zhi’s body twisted, evading Shang Bei’s outstretched hands, “There’s no harm if I hold her. She came to me herself.” Once spoken, he paid no further heed to Shang Bei and quickened his pace forward, before suddenly turning his head to look at Shang Bei, “Ah right, where is the field camp?”

Shang Bei fell silent. Sky Beyond Heaven’s Sir Xing Zhi, his temper…… really…….. is unique.


The sunlight rocked along with the swing of the green leaves. The breeze was cool, the scent of herbs waffling through the air. She slowly sat up to see an azure clothed white man, rocking leisurely on the rocking chair. This sound perfectly finished the tranquil scene.

The rocking chair slowly stopped. The man turned his head to look at her, quietly looking at her, “What’s wrong? Hungry?”

“No.” Her usually straight back was hunched, bending over slightly. Her lips forced a smile, “I’m only……. Tired.”

Her head felt hot. A warm palm rubbed her head gently, “Rest. It’ll be okay.”


She quietly closed her eyes. However, she quickly opened them once again, her arm reaching out only to grab emptiness, “Wait!”. Chen Li woke up. Her body was aching painfully, and her left hand clutched her the wound on her shoulder tightly. She couldn’t help but moan in pain.

“K-King? King, what’s the matter?”

Chen Li fixed her gaze on the speaker. A small soldier was looking at her in shock, almost in a panic. She disregarded him for now and looked at her surroundings, discovering that she was lying down on a bed within one of the field camp’s tents. The pain wracking her body was so intense that it felt as if her body would fall apart at any given moment. She didn’t even need to look down to know that her body must’ve been wrapped with bandages like a mummy! Although she knew that she should’ve been quietly recuperating, Chen Li just couldn’t stay still after seeing the memories flow in her dreams.

“Help me up.”

The little soldier hurriedly raised his hand, “King, cannot. That… … that person has said you cannot move around heedlessly.”

Deciding this and that, it must be the dumb army doctor. Chen Li secretly disdained him, but didn’t continue to force him, but instead asked, “Do you have the statistics on how many soldiers perished in duty? Did you send off the souls of the deceased? How is General Mo Fang’s injury doing?” Being shot with these rapid-fire questions one after another, the little soldier began to grow panicked and rushed to the exit, leaving a call, “I will hurry and notify the General!”

Chen Li slammed her fist against the bed unhappily, “It’s not like I’ll eat you! Hsssh!….. Ow…. pain….”


A laugh suddenly sounded from somewhere outside, causing Chen Li to feel startled, unable to even see who it was from inside the tent. She frowned, about to make an inquiry about the speaker when the flap leading in opened, revealing Mo Fang who was also covered in bandages tip to toe. He entered, leaning on his walking stick to slowly shuffle to Chen Li. When he saw Chen Li with her eyes open, he breathed a sigh of relief, finally letting loose of all the tension in his heart before speaking, “King…. Are you okay?”

For a moment, Chen Li was surprised before quickly smiling, and said: “Mo Fang, these words should also be asked to you.” Chen Li looked at him, his bandaged body cutting him as a rather sorry figure. Her own body covered by bandages ached in response. Suddenly, she smiled, “I just remembered, a few days ago, the me who was quarreling with the Demon Emperor had previously said that the Sky Beyond Heaven was nothing great, and just sealed in a few demonic beasts. He even wanted us to guard that Space-Time Rip seal for them! Now experiencing it myself, I really want to curse my own stupidity! In that Space-Time Rip, it was only a little beast! Inside, there must’ve been thousands more, far worse, but they’re all sealed up! He truly does deserve the 3 realms respect, ah!”

Chen Li has not yet finished settling her feelings when she saw Mo Fang suddenly throw his walking stick to the side and bow down lowly as he kneeled. Ignoring all the risks of agitating his wound further, he prostrated himself in front of Chen Li, “Causing the King to have such a serious wound, Mo Fang deserves to be damned.”

Chen Li was startled but then fell silent, her demeanor turning entirely cold. Her voice was crisp, “In accordance to your own argument, this King must deserve to die, and even 10,000 deaths would not suffice for my previous mistake. These brothers who have died together in the battlefield is because I have not protected them well enough. They have lost everything, including their own lives and future.”

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