Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 22

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Xing Zhi took apart the fine steel brace binding Chen Li’s arm and pushed down on some acupuncture points, performing his role with utmost care when he suddenly heard Chen Li ask, “You said that a millennia ago, you left 4 things that you had used to create the Space-Time Rip’s seal. But the soldiers that were guarding these ruins for years had no knowledge of it at all. Do you remember where you put them?”

“En, one on the mountain peaks, another in the bottom of a lake… …” As Xing Zhi replied, his hands let go of her arm. “Move your arm.”

Sitting on the cot, Chen Li obediently followed Xing Zhi’s orders. At first, she slowly bent her arm gently, but upon discovering no pain, she began to roll her arm in big circles. Chen Li couldn’t help but feel absolutely shocked at the speed of her recovery. Normally if she got such a terrible injury, it would at least half a month to heal. Xing Zhi really had cured her in 3 days!

“Well, it doesn’t seem to have any serious problems.” Xing Zhi grabbed her palm, but Chen Li subconsciously pulled her hand out. He looked at her, puzzled. Seeing this, Chen Li coughed loudly, “Was that necessary?”

Xing Zhi only chuckled, “The mighty Azure Sky King, is unexpectedly so shy.” He bluntly grabbed Chen Li’s hand and interlocked their fingers. “I just wanted to check the joints on your left hand. Hold my hand tightly.”

Hearing what was said, Chen Li abruptly rose her head to glare at Xing Zhi angrily. But after only seeing the usual calm look on his face, she lowered her eyes quietly. Noticing that she didn’t raise any ruckus, Xing Zhi felt quite strange. “Where are you ill?”

“………….. Nowhere.” Chen Li massaged her forehead, “I was just worried that if I used even just a bit of force, your hand might crumble to pieces.”

This time, Xing Zhi’s face was the one to turn somewhat stupid. Then with a smile, he said, “King can be at ease. If my hand were to crumble to pieces, it would be my own fault.”

His words seemed to wake Chen Li up. She finally remembered that the one who sat before her was Sir God Xing Zhi of the Sky Beyond Heaven, who had no sickly body, not the same mortal that can die from a mere pinch to the hand. She had repeatedly reminded herself in her heart that they were 2 different people, but looking at their striking resemblance, and their exceedingly rare smiles, it was far too difficult for Chen Li to resist. She facepalmed, her heart filled with endless frustration.

“En, good.” Xing Zhi spoke almost instantly, “You’ve healed up very well.” He took his hand back, “So now, King should go and tidy up before leading me around in the afternoon.”

“Going this afternoon?”

“The evening is good as well.”

“No, the afternoon is fine.”

Ah…… She was unconsciously suppressed by him. Chen Li thought, that this Sir God Xing Zhi was seriously difficult to deal with.

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