Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 19.1

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General’s Ze Xia’s coffin was not yet sealed. Taking the chance, Chen Li took a look. His face was covered with green patterns, and his fingertips were already rotted black. The medical officers had said that this was due to the the scorpion-tailed fox’s toxin, but with Ze Xia’s skill, it shouldn’t have been fatal. But in order to bring this message to the castle, he disregarded his injury, riding back non-stop! This caused the poison within his body to reach his heart, taking away his life.

Hearing this, Chen Li clenched her teeth tightly. Her brother, her comrade in arms, had spent his life to bring back this news to the underground demon palace. Yet the result ended in setting up an elaborate funeral for his dead corpse, notifying Heaven, sending another squadron to their deaths, all while pleading for Heaven’s help! There was no way that this is the result Ze Xia wanted to die for!

He used his life, trading it for the fate of the garrisons by the border. The sooner he could report back, the sooner aid would be sent, the sooner the chance of the monster getting slain! Perhaps then, many, many lives could’ve been saved.

Ze Xia’s corpse was surrounded by a beautifully placed frame, a smile on his face. Chen Li’s fists clenched. She could understand how he must’ve felt upon reaching the palace before finally being allowed to die on his horse. His mission was complete, and he was finally relieved of his burden. But the Demon Emperor……… Chen Li ground her teeth. In the chamber, 2 servants approached, planning to drag the coffin into the center of the room. Suddenly, she felt an urge overtake her as she clenched onto the coffin, refusing to let them to move it.


Chen Li bit her finger, spattering all over her hand. She slammed her hand on the coffin, leaving bloody fingerprints as she softly muttered, “Chen Li will complete your the rest of your mission.”

Without another word, she turned and left the palace.

She returned to her home. When Xuxu saw her, he sensed danger and immediately ran to hide in his cage. However, Chen Li just grabbed him. Nearby, Rou Ya gasped when she saw how Chen Li was holding Xuxu roughly by the neck, almost choking him, “ King, you cannot, ah! Xuxu can’t breathe!”

“This bird that I have raised is not that weak. Leave, and close the door.”

Rou Ya looked into Chen Li’s eyes, frightened, but finally complied, exiting the room. She closed the door, but she still didn’t leave, silently standing behind the door. Before long, Chen Li started speaking, “Today, I am going into retreat. No matter who comes, tell them that I cannot meet with anyone right now.”

Rou Ya was confused; what to do now? She scratched her head, finally choosing to gather her courage and open the door. She took a quick glance inside, but suddenly felt something next to her foot. Taking a closer look, it was Xuxu, ah, naked! But for some reason, it seemed far happier than before, jumping up to skip down the hall in high spirits.

King didn’t do anything to him? Rou Ya pushed the door a little more to look inside, bypassing the screen blocking her. She saw Chen Li meditating, looking exactly as one would be during a retreat. Ah, she just intruded on King’s retreat! How rude! Rou Ya immediately backed out, closing the door after her. But as she swept the floors, she couldn’t find Xuxu at all, ah!

She didn’t  know that currently, Chen Li had already infiltrated the army, beating down a random soldier and stealing his clothes and his badge before changing her appearance into his. Like that, she had set out to the border!

But at this time in the Underground Demon Palace, Chi Rong was kneeling in front of the Demon Emperor, reporting, “Chen Li has gone to the border, and Qing Yan is tailing behind her. Demon Emperor, do you want her to be brought back?”

The one behind the silver mask was silent for a long time before finally sighing. “Just go accompany her.”


The demon army’s speed was fast, but it still took 2 days to reach the border. Although only a small portion of the Space-Time Rip’s seal has been broken, the miasma emitted from it had already covered the whole borderline. Many of the weaker demon soldiers could only vomit all day long, nevermind fight! Even sitting up was difficult! But Mo Fang’s leadership was efficient and organized, managing to keep the scorpion-tailed fox more than 10 miles away from the border. But when the army arrived at the battlefield, hearing the roar of the beast, even so far away, despite having slain beasts for years, their legs could all not help but tremble.

Sure enough, a creature sealed within the Space-Time Rip was no ordinary beast. It was far more powerful.

But when Chen Li remembered how Ze Xia looked like in the coffin, her fists still clenched with anger.

“Attention!” General Shang Bei ordered loudly, causing all the reinforcements from the Demon Emperor to hurriedly line up in formation. However, there was one soldier at the very end who did not, instead daring to directly walk up towards him. Upon seeing this, General Shang Bei was furious, “For daring to disobey military orders, 30 hits with a rod!”

Chen Li took off the heavy helmet over her face and raised her head to look at him, “General Shang Bei. Chen Li is bold, and wishes to join the borderline battle.”

“k-K-…… King?!”

Seeing her, the army was in a huge commotion. Here, they have to chance to battle, side by side, with the Azure Sky King herself, in flesh! They have only heard of her name, but anyone would know that the Azure Sky King is invincible! In a mere moment, their spirits soared as their morale rose to a sudden high.

Although Shang Bei was glad the morale was high, he also knew that Chen Li was about to be married! Moreover, the Demon Emperor didn’t allow her to come out to battle, and as a soldier of the Demon Emperor, he must keep Demon Emperor in mind at all times. “King, the Demon Emperor has refused to let you go to battle. This little subordinate does not dare have the courage to…..”

Before he could finish his words, Chen Li interrupted, “General, since Chen Li is already here, I will not go back without bringing the head of the beast first. Within 3 days, this king will have the beast under my foot.”

Hearing such bold remarks, the army was silent. For a moment, Shang Bei was also silent. Suddenly, he flicked the reins in his hands, unsheathing his sword valiantly, “Prepare to set out!”

Chen Li and Shang Bei rode side by side. “Many thanks to general for allowing Chen Li to participate in this war.”

“King, if this subordinate had chosen not to allow you to join the war, what would you have done?”

“Knock you out, take charge of your army, and go to execute the beast.”

Shang Bei smiled bitterly, “Exactly.”

The more they moved forward, the thicker the miasma. The roars grew louder, causing many of the soldiers to stare in shock- and fear. Breaking through the miasma, the reinforcement team finally saw the monster, clashing ferociously against Mo Fang. It’s body was huge, resembling one of a fox. However, the tail was one of a scorpion’s, waving viciously high in the air. Just a mere glance of the huge, poisonous barb on the end of it’s tail caused fear. When it caught sight of the reinforcements, it opened it’s mouth roared, flashing sharp, bloody, red fangs. They were like the edges of a saw, teeth lined up in a zig zag like pattern. The saliva dripped into the earth, turning the sand and gravel into thick, greasy slop.

The remains of Mo Fang’s army were covered with blood, utterly exhausted. Only Mo Fang continued to fight, facing it alone.

Shang Bei roared loudly, “To war!!!”

Before he even shouted, Chen Li had already grasped her Hongying Spear and flew forward. Shouting loudly, she threw the Hongying spear, landing straight onto the middle of the fox’s head! The harsh magical power reached inside the brain, causing the scorpion-tailed fox to hiss loudly at the sky in pain. The barbed scorpion tail shot directly at Chen Li, who immediately pulled out her spear and twisted around, meeting the barb with her spear. Adding force behind her spear, Chen Li directly chopped off the sharp tipped barb on the scorpion-tailed fox’s tail!

It screeched loudly, almost breaking the eardrums of everybody present. It stumbled around in a dazed state, it’s claw nearly landing on Mo Fang! Chen Li dived downwards at him, pushing Mo Fang into the air, making him land 30 feet away. Chen Li feet stood firm on the ground as she squatted, wielding her spear up. The moment the fox was about to land on her, she thrusted up, piercing straight through the paw pad!

But in this moment, the foul blood that spilled out dyed Chen Li red. The distraction managed to let the scorpion-tailed fox to retreat safely, albeit defeated.

Behind her, Mo Fang stared at Chen Li, “King.”

Chen Li turned her head to look at him. She could see that his battle armor was shattered, face covered with blood. She stared into the distance. The reinforcement soldiers were rescuing their comrades around the globs of earth. But still, it was impossible to know how many soldiers were buried under the greasy globs, the number of cold bodies sunken below them. Chen Li bit her lip. Her hands that were clenching the spear had already turned white. “I’m sorry……. I’m too late….”

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