Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 19

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Chen Li returned home, passing through the sandy dunes in the great hall. Irritated, her foot shot out to kick a small sandpile. Xuxu’s naked body stared up at her within the sand, near her foot. Chen Li raised an eyebrow as Xuxu’s mouth rapidly moved, “I was ashamed to even see one person, ah, King! Without feathers, I have never been so ugly, ah! Good, King! So ruthless, so despicable!”

Chen Li lifted up her ankle, straightening her spine, “Filthy, ah. Say, I’ve never seen you take a bath before, ah. How would you look, soaked in water?” Xuxu stayed silent. Chen Li called, “Rou Ya! Prepare the water!”

“Ah! King, forgive me! You may drown this subordinate to death! Ah! King! Are you sad, ah! You’re venting your anger on Xuxu, ah! My fate is in your hands, ah……. Cluck, cluck…….”

“I must care for you thoroughly.”

Hearing Chen Li talk so much, Rou Ya was startled, asking, “What did the Demon Emperor say?”

“Haha, it’s nothing

King…. Really, what happened….


Fu Rong and Azure Sky King Chen Li’s marriage got postponed. The news circulated out to the public, becoming one of the many gossips discussed by the demon people in their leisure time. . But on the tenth day after the news, a letter written with blood has been sent from the boundary,  it’s contents causing all of the Demon Realm’s people to tremble-

Heaven’s Space-Time Rip’s seal has been broken!

All the criminals sealed within had escaped, only leaving one scorpion tailed fox, it’s tail not even completely formed yet. But even so, it had severely damaged the garrison stationed at the border. The general sent by the Demon Emperor, Ze Xia had rushed back desperately to send the news, but was killed on horseback before even arriving at the palace. General Mo Fang remained, tenaciously clinging to border, refusing to let it trample even half a foot of the demon land. It was a military emergency, not allowing even a second for delay.

When the Demon Emperor received the news, he immediately ordered an elaborate for Ze Xia, and on the side, sent a messenger to inform Heaven about the event.

At this time, Chen Li, who was discussing official matters within the palace conveniently heard his orders. She strook the table angrily, “ Why must we have to inform Heaven!? While those ******* are discussing outcomes, my demon soldiers are suffering unjustified deaths! Demon Emperor, Chen Li pleads to go to battle!”

The Demon Emperor was silent.

At this time, there were also 3 old veterans in the room, listening onto the conversation. After considering the duo’s points, their representative, the white haired elder opened his mouth, “Lord, although there are many great and clever generals within the palace, none are more better suited to deal with the miscreants than Chen Li.  This subordinate knows that you place much emphasis on Chen Li’s unique position in the arranged marriage. However, we are in a time of crisis! This subordinate must request for you to understand the importance of the numerous casualties of brave soldiers defending our borders as well!”

The Demon Emperor’s finger tapped the table, finally turning his head, “Chen Li.”

Chen Li immediately knelt down, fist cupped in a salute, “Present.”

“This January, do not even take half a step out of your palace.” Chen Li looked up at him, shocked. By the side, the three veterans shared a look with one another, but this time, kept silent. However, Chen Li was unwilling, “Demon Emperor! The boundary……”

“ The chaos at the borders will be dealt by General Shang Bei. He will go to investigate, and if cannot cut down the fox, will seek help from Heaven.”

“Oh great, powerful, immortal Demon Emperor! Hah, you really are just a puppet dancing to Heaven’s tune!” Chen Li was furious. Disregarding every aspect of etiquette, she stood up and marched to the door, slamming it on the way out.

In the room, it was silent. Finally, the Demon Emperor broke the silence. “Three veterans. Do you believe that I have made a mistake?”

One of the veterans sighed, “Little king is still young, she cannot understand lord’s good intentions. But lord, relax your heart. There will always be a part of her who will always know about the lord’s care and love for her.”

“En…” The eyes behind the silver mask was weary. “One day, she’ll understand.”

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