Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 20

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The Scorpion Tailed Fox’s pupils zoomed on Chen Li, following her every move. With each breath he took, his fur trembled with pain. Suddenly, it’s body tensed up tightly, the wound healing gradually in the process.

Chen Li’s eyes flashed with shock- Her Hongying spear had drank innumerable amounts of blood in battle, causing it’s blood-thirst to become terrifyingly strong. If a common demon were to be stabbed with it, the healing process would be incredibly slow. But this one……

“King, careful.” Behind her, Mo Fang urgently reminded her. You could only see the demonic beast’s tail swing viciously, smashing towards Chen Li. Although the barb on the end has been cut off, the remainder of the tail was still hard and powerful. Chen Li’s gaze sharpened. Her empty hand reached out and she shouted lowly. Above, the scorpion tail that was about to smash into her had exploded, thick, corrosive toxin spattering out as well in the sky. Chen Li’s hand waved, her magical powers mutating into a strong wind. The poison that was about to land on the soldiers below were scattered by the breeze.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” The Scorpion Tailed Fox suddenly faced the sky and laughed, it’s throat somehow producing a human like voice. Chen Li frowned, the closer a beast is of to a human, the more powerful it will be. Fighting against someone whose body that unleashes corrosive toxins and has extremely strong healing abilities in poisonous miasma….. This will certainly be a long and thorny war.

Not bothering to wait for Chen Li to figure out the meaning of his laugh, the ambiguous voice once more rumbled in the fox’s throat, “I did not expect for the current Demonic Realm to actually have such a good seedling. If you were to be given more time, you surely would’ve become a great talent. Such a pity that you do not have much more time.”

Just then, Chen Li had moved forward a step and stabbed the spear into the large paw in front of her. However, the stabbed paw held no scars or wound visible at all. It’s neck stretched forwards, inhaling a large mouthful of the miasma. His head was raised high in delight, as if savoring a delicious meal. His fierce eyes became blood red, howling out a loud cry. The sound grew higher and higher, becoming as sharp as a knife. The soldiers all fell to the floor, their eardrums piercing with unbearable pain as they clutched their ears, groaning. At the same time, the wound on his head that Chen Li had stabbed earlier healed completely. On his tail, the decapitated barb regrew at a slow, but noticeable pace. His ash gray fur made popping noises, the muscle underneath strengthening as it expanded.

His body was even bigger now. Chen Li clenched her teeth, but listened to Mo Fang calling behind her, “King, take note that the beast has made use of the toxic miasma! It’s self recovery is far better and it can absorb it’s opponent’s strength!”

Hearing what Mo Fang had said, all the soldiers were startled. The fatal wound that Chen Li had dealt earlier was nothing but some free power for it to absorb! She frowned, “ You really know how to make a person irritated, ah.” The Hongying spear shook in her hands, and Chen Li leaned her head slightly sideways. “General Shang Bei! Assist the charge!”

General Shang Bei was shocked, but quickly recovered and ordered loudly, “Formation!”.

The army immediately moved into action. The beast’s blood red eyes swivelled around, wanting to judge the whereabouts of the soldiers. However, Chen Lia actually leaped on top of him, obstructing his sight. Her spear swept across his two eyes only to hear a loud ‘Ding!’ instead. It was the Scorpion Tailed Fox’s newly formed barb, and had blocked Chen Li’s spear, the collision sparking a loud ‘ding!’. But this time, the scorpion tail barb remained intact and undamaged. Her magical powers were currently far less than earlier, and her level of her powers were equivalent to her fighting strength. With so little, Chen Li naturally wasn’t strong enough to have a even fight. Therefore, Chen Li immediately bit the bullet and led the charge personally. If she could give the other men an opening, even if just for a moment, it will be sufficient.

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  1. midori says:

    thanks a lot—!
    oh, an action-fille chapter! chen li is indeed strong, but this monster might be a tad much??!

    ‘If she could the other men an opening’, i think you’re missing a word? maybe the actual phrase is
    ‘If she could give the other men an opening’

  2. soysuva says:

    Ah, what an intense chapter! I’m really scared for the future of Chen Li now if this scorpion/fox survives. 😖 Thanks for the chapter! 💖

  3. beautifulrainydays says:

    Thank you so much for translating! I can’t wait for the main leads to meet each other again.

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