Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 14.1

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This is the only female that would be able to make the proud price lower his head for help. Chen Li tugged Prince Rui’s hand, pulling him to a stop, saying gently, “Little Lotus said that, she for you, struggled through hardships to become a real person, not for you to slaughter. Now, for you, she sacrificed herself.”

Prince Rui was startled, listening to Chen Li’s emotionless voice as she continued, “My own fault, I was too careless about bringing her here. I hadn’t thought that you would’ve been able to sense her here, knew that she was hiding behind us. Such a good play you had created, right Prince Rui?  However…..”


Chen Li didn’t finish, but Prince Rui could guess the meaning behind it.

Little Lotus had seen through him, but had still foolishly followed her feelings for him. She loathed the scheme Prince Rui had put on, but she still couldn’t escape the plot.

A truly, downright silly girl.

Prince Rui was silent. Chen Li turned to Xing Yun and spoke, “I’ll go deliver them outside, you stay still and wait for me here.”

Xing Yun hid his hands behind him, his face heavy with dark circle, and gently nodded. However, the preoccupied Chen Li couldn’t see the differences in the dark, only grasping Prince Rui’s wrist. With a flash, the two were standing on the bridge near Prince Rui’s residence.

The palace was silent, lacking any signs of life. Corpses of bodyguards floated on the surface of the lake. Prince Rui’s brows wrinkled, about to ask a question,  but suddenly Chen Li disappeared with a flash, not saying a word of goodbye. The lady in his arms coughed twice, causing a sense of urgency to well up in his heart as he rushed down the bridge. As he did, his eyes were involuntarily attracted the the lotus in the lake.

Withered leaves, bent stalks, and a dry flowerhead told that it was dead. In this moment, a picture inexplicably leaped into Prince Rui’s head. A pink clothed girl leaped into his arms, smiling. Not yet able to speak, she instead rubbed her cheeks against his chest to express her love. She stuttered adorably, “Zhu….. Zhu, lotus likes. Z-Zhu likes. Zhu l-likes.  Little lotus?”

He remembers at that time, saying without hesitation, “Like.” He easily deceived her, yet the deceived little girl just let out a bright, happy smile. So beautiful, it could almost light up his soul, letting him see all the darkness inside him.

A Liar! He was such a big liar! Since today, this world will never have another Little Lotus…. At this moment, Zhu Chengjin actually hated himself, hated how despicable he really was.


In the underground chamber, Chen Li slapped her hand angrily on the stone bed. The soul tying array on the bed cracked, dust flying up into the air causing Xing Yun to cover his mouth, coughing lightly. “Don’t vent your anger onto the stone bed.” Xing Yun sighed, “It was I chose to bring little lotus down here. If you want to vent your anger, just talk to me.”

Chen Li closed her eyes, her angry mood gradually calming down. “If I were her, then I must kill that man. Make him pay for my life with his.” Her demeanor was cold and gloomy, “To sacrifice herself for that kind of man’s happiness, he is unworthy.”

“It’s not right for outsiders to have the final say.” Xing Yun spoke, “As long as she was willing, no one is qualified to judge this matter is right or wrong.”

Chen Li felt an urge in her heart. “That guy didn’t know who he has killed.”

“How could he not have known?” Xing Yun smiled faintly, “He knows, just for him, Little Lotus’s feelings simply didn’t matter.”

Chen Li was silent, anger stirring in her heart. “Such a disgusting man, other woman always on his mind!” Suddenly she thought of her own situation, Fu Rong’s own disgusting nature. So annoying! “If I ever fancy a man, then I will never care about anyone else or let people interfere with us! To me, I will only accept the whole thing, if only a part, I won’t care! If he dares to scheme with me, then I’ll break his bones!”

Her speech was loud and clear, causing Xing Yun to turn, shocked. Blinking to refocus, he spoke, “Nice courage.”

Chen Li regained her composure and scratched her head awkwardly, “Of course, the day before yesterday, I took a fancy to you. However, we won’t be together in the future, so you are still free to marry.” Listening to her words, in spite of holding it in, Xing Yun burst into laugher. Before he could finish, Chen Li waved her hand, “I don’t have any more  time to stay here. Come, I’ll send you out.”

“Okay.” Xing Yun agreed, extending his hand. But before Chen Li’s hand could grab him, he shrank his arm back. He coughed hoarsely, his waist bending towards the floor. Chen Li was startled, not yet recovered from her surprise when Xing Yun started vomiting out clouds of black blood. Chen Li was worried for his life, “How?”

Xing Yun opened his mouth, wanting to reply, but black blood just repeatedly gushed out instead. Chen Li rushed to hold him up, grabbing his hand to get his pulse. However, on his hand was a charred, thumb-sized black hole. Chen Li looked closer, realizing that it wasn’t newly made, but was caused by the baby demon spirit’s tears.

“When did you receive the wound?!” Chen Li was furious, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!”

The surrounding flesh of the wound was already infected, the black flesh slowly expanding. The bloody spirits were a result of resentful magical qi being released into the air. Therefore, their bodily fluids were not only putrid, rotting, but also very, very toxic. Xing Yun was already very weak, meaning the infection was many times more serious than it would be for the common person. Yet for so long, he didn’t say a thing….

Chen Li really wanted to hit him, but also feared that if she lost control of her strength, would kill him in one shot. Therefore, she could only clench her teeth and force back her anger. She hauled him onto her back, angrily shouting, “You! When you spat out that toxic black blood at me, did you want to kill me!”

Xing Yun’s lips were still black, blood flowing down from the corner of his lips. However, he still laughed faintly, “I tried to hold it back, but wasn’t able to so I had to.”

Chen Li grinded her teeth, “A sickly person shouldn’t try to flaunt himself as a hero. You shut up!”

“Yeah….” Xing Yun sighed quietly, “When you were in your troubles, I have never once turned my back on you.”

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