Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 14

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The little lotus wiped her tears, quietly pondering. Finally, she took a deep breath and decided, “I want to see the this side of him…. If I walk away now, I will never get the chance to say goodbye. Even if in his eyes, I am nothing, ever since I’ve opened my eyes in this world, he has been my everything. He is the most important person in my life.” Recollections of memories floated through her mind, causing her eyes to redden once again with tears, “I worked hard to become become a real person, learned how to talk, studied human customs, just to gain his favour….. Just to be with him……. Not kill me, ah…..”

Chen Li sighed, squatting next to her, “Although what I’m saying is a little cruel, you must listen. That Prince Rui, raising you from birth, only to slaughter you, for him, this is the only value you have. Anything else, no matter how much you do, even if you beg him, he will be completely cold and aloof. It has no value, do you understand?” Chen Li held her face, using her thumb to wipe of her tears. “Therefore, you must quickly stand back up and walk to the future. You are such a good girl, so forget about him, this world has so much more beautiful things to explore.”

In the back, Xing Yun quietly looked at Chen Li’s squatting figure. The little lotus miss also stared at Chen Li before lowering her head, “You are carefree, but me…” She lowered her head, burying her face into her knees. She sounded unwilling as she said, “I would like to see what kind of woman she is, to make the prince go through such efforts to revive her. I want to know, between her and I, how big the distance truly is.”

Chen Li stood up, exchanging looks with Xing Yun. He spoke, “Go take a look- You’ll have to face disappointment eventually.”

Chen Li’s mouth twitched, thinking in her mind. Why would you need to see her once again? The fact is already there. Even if little lotus is better in every aspect than the woman lying on the bed, the one Prince Rui loves is not her. That cannot be changed. But seeing little lotus being so persistent, she swallowed down her thoughts, and said instead, “Okay, okay, I’ll bring you to see her. When we go down, hide behind Xing Yun while I find an excuse to lead Prince Rui away. Then, you can stare at her as much as you like.” The woman was already dead, it’s not like little lotus can harm her.

Chen Li used a special technique, instantly teleporting them to the secret chamber. Chen Li signaled Xing Yun with her eyes to little lotus, Xing Yun quickly moving to block her with his body. Chen Li then walked inside, finding Prince Rui sitting by the bedside. His eyes were fixed on the woman whom laid on the bed. Chen Li interrupted, “The little lotus has been killed by me.”

Light, shallow, indifferent words echoed in the room. Prince Rui’s body was stiff, not turning to look his head. Chen Li continued, “All the bloody demon spirits caused by the resentment has returned to normal. I will escort you out.”

The room was silent for a long time. Finally, Prince Rui laughed bitterly, his voice sombre, “Why must I go?” He bent down, lightly kissing the woman’s icy cold forehead. “Ye Shi hasn’t awoken, so what difference does it make if Zhu Chengjin is alive or dead.”

Hiding in the dark, little lotus’s fists were clenched tightly, the light in her eyes dimming.

“Throughout my life, I was constantly searching for power. To me, Ye Shi was just a woman. After a few years together, I had thought that she was still nothing to me. However, we both actually cared deeply about each other, seeping into our very being. For the past 3 years, I had been dreaming of her awakening every night only to be disappointed. So, I placed all of my hopes onto little lotus’s body….. But in the end, she too died.” Prince Rui smiled sadly. “When I look back, everything is empty.”

He caressed Ye Shi’s hair gently, “You may go. I’ll accompany her here. I won’t be going out.”

Chen Li was silent. This statement, it shows that one truly can die an emotional death. If this time, Prince Rui is hell bent on death, then Xing Yun…. Before she could finish her thoughts, a pink figure suddenly ran past her. Such a surprise, she startled the god Chen Li so much, she did not have enough time to catch her!

She could only watch as little lotus ran out towards Prince Rui, her palm ferociously slapping his face. Crying out like her life depended on it, she screamed at Prince Rui, “I HATE YOU!!!!”

Rui Prince Zhu Chengjin looked at her, not quite recovered from the shock. He could only see the little lotus’s figure change into a ball of silver light, leaping into Ye Shi’s cold body. The last few drops of tears flew through the air, landing on his hand. On the bed, the woman coughed weakly. Prince Rui didn’t notice, his eyes focused on Ye Shi. His eyes were bright as he stared. Eyes of hope.

Chen Li felt something cold freeze over  her heart,  little lotus’s sacrifice for this kind of man really wasn’t worth it. “Silly girl.” She sighed. It felt as if her cries sounded once more next to her ears.

“Why me? Why me?!”

“For him, I practiced and studied every day to become a person!”

She was clearly just a supporting role, a side character. Why must that silly girl die for him?

“Cough…… Cough…..” The woman in the bed coughed, almost choking. Prince Rui’s eyes lit up, raw joy flooding through him, leaving him almost unprepared. “Ye Shi, Ye Shi…..” He was constantly whispering her name, his hoarse voice sounding, “You wait, I’ll get you out.” Prince Rui quickly scooped her up, carrying her as he quickly walked in front of Chen Li, an anxious look on his face. “I’m sorry, I must trouble you to quickly clear up an exit.”

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    Woah, I can understand why Prince Rui is so annoying to look at. He really never cared for Little Lotus and only see her as a tool. But now I have a slight suspicion that Little Lotus might be just possessing the body and Ye Shi is no longer the same Ye Shi. Or maybe it really did worked and LIttle Lotus died. How sad for her.

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