Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 15

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Chen Li didn’t dare to wander around the palace aimlessly, in fear of the infection spreading even faster. She brought Xing Yun to one of the many empty rooms, not even a shadow of another person to be found. Chen Li gritted her teeth, and pushed her palm into Xing Yun’s back. “This can only temporarily relieve your pain. I don’t have the skill to treat you, and the common doctors here aren’t able to treat it either. As such, I can only go past the capital, into the suburbs to request the local land god to come. It will take quite long, so you must wait here patiently. Don’t move from here.”

Xing Yun smiled helplessly, “How can I? Even I want to move, but I cannot.”

Chen Li stood up, silent for a long time, at him. Finally, she spoke in a low voice, “Later….. I might not come back, but you can still rest assured that the local land god will heal you.” She turned to leave. She was reluctant to part, but the time had come. Even so, her voice was still somewhat gloomy, “The land god’s river is far, if we cannot meet each other again…. You must take care of yourself.”

“For the past days, thank you for taking care of me”

In the empty room, Xing Yun was speechless for a while before suddenly bursting into laugher despite struggling not to. “Thanking me in such a gloomy voice, you really are unwilling to leave, ah…..” Wind blew through the open windows, Xing Yun lifted his head. His hair scattering from the wind, lips moving into a gentle sigh, “In the end…… She never looked at me clearly.”

Always making one feel frustrated.


Chen Li thought, Mo Fang had said that he can delay them for ½ a day, but against the elites of the Demonic Realm, even if he tried his best, he still may not be able to drag it out for so long. Chen Li no longer dared to stay in the Rui Palace. If the pursuing troops were to come here and search, it would only bring disaster to the innocent Xing Yun. Her current magical powers are 70-80% recovered. Against the Demonic Realm’s elites, although she is not completely confident of escaping, she could at least wrestle them down here in the open wilderness, giving her some hope in getting away.

Chen Li moved extremely fast, only a flash could be seen before she stood on the outskirts of the wild mountains. She stood on one, looking afar. It was a sunny day, sweeping scenery stretching in the distance. The city capital could barely be seen. Her robe swished as she turned and marched into the wooded mountains, walking to the place that contained the most magical energy. Magical power condensed in the hollow of her palm, slamming into the earth. She lowered her head, solemnly shouting, “Come!”

Light from her palm overflowed, pouring into the floor. With her as the centre, the light rapidly spread to the surrounding earth, mountain rock trembling as the birds and animals all fled in terror. The winds blew up Chen Li’s robe. When it settled down, shadows of figures appeared in the silent woods. As they showed up, the intense magical light surrounding Chen Li dispersed into the air. She stood up, turning in a circle to examine the newcomers. There were the elderly, with white dotting their beards. Young girls, and bizarre looking youths also stood. They were all looking at Chen Li with shock.

Chen Li knew that the sudden wave of magical qi had frightened the land spirits, but there was no time to explain. If they are afraid of her, than that is also good. She made her face even colder, speaking darkly, “Who can treat a human illness?”

The land spirits looked at each other questioningly, a young youth with an antler on his head stepped forward hesitantly, trembling with each step, “i-I…….” Chen Li’s heavy stare fell onto him, causing the boy to squat down, hands over his head as he screamed, “Miss, don’t kill me!”

Chen Li’s mouth twitched, trying to suppress the despicable expression off her face. Finally, she settled into a cold frown, “In Rui Palace within the Capital City lies a human in the west building. He is called Xing Yun, and was injured by a resentful baby demon spirit. The toxin is killing him, so I have come here to seek one that is capable of treating him.”

After explaining her purpose and problem, the land spirits all breathed out a sigh of relief. The old, white bearded man spoke, “If it’s like this, then Hulu, quickly go and assist her.”

Hulu trembled, looking at Chen Li in fear. Chen Li suddenly interrupted, “I will not be going, but you must go and treat him.” She stared at Hulu, eyes cold and gloomy. “How long will the treatment for a demon infected wound take.”

“r-R….. Roughly half an hour….”

“Good.” Chen Li waved her hand, the gleaming Red Tasseled Silver Longspear landing directly into the rock in front of him, piercing more than 3 inches though. Hulu cried with alarm, cold sweat running down hIs forehead like rain. He could only listen to Chen Li’s threatening voice, “If, after half an hour, you still haven’t come back… Then with this silver longspear, I will slaughter everyone here in a surrounding 300 mile radius.”

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