Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 13.1

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Chen Li’s eyes flashed, “A water lotus!!” That was her real body! Since she still hasn’t came out or hurt anyone yet, she must be hiding there! Finding out where she was, Chen Li was so excited that she was about to hurry there right that second. But when she was about to put her foot down, she suddenly stopped and turned to face Xing Yun, a glare on her face. “If I hadn’t asked you, you never would’ve said anything!”

“How could I do that?” Xing Yun laughed lightly, “Being so clever and experienced, I had thought that you surely had already figured out the key, and didn’t need me to remind you.”

Chen Li glanced at him, not saying anything. However, her heart held an unexplainably strange feeling in it. It was as if, ever since they had entered the royal palace up til now, whether unintentionally or on purpose, Xing Yun had always seemed to be hindering her movements, just like…. He didn’t want her to deal with this problem and leave as soon as possible.

The lake was gloomy, corpses floating not too far away. However, the same unbloomed flower that was in the lake yesterday was no longer a soft, pink color. Instead, the bud seemed to ooze out a deep, bloody red color that bled down the stem.

Chen Li picked up a pebble near her foot and gently threw it, landing on the flower bud. She raised her voice, barking, “Out!” There was no movement. Chen Li’s eyes narrowed, “If that’s the case, then don’t blame me.” In mere moments, the spear that was in her hand gathered a thick killing intent, one that was razor sharp. She swung it down at the thick flower’s stem. Xing Yun’s hand abruptly grabbed her wrist, breaking off the spell. Chen Li frowned. “What?”

Xing Yun dropped her hand, his voice faint. “Nothing, just never thought that you would only ask her once before wanting to end her life. Moreover, if you look at this clearly, she is innocent. I fear that if you were to kill her now, when you look back into the past, your soul will be burdened with tremendous regret.”

“So you became the buddha, suddenly so kind?” She replied, “This situation must end now. If she does not cooperate, then I will take the most direct way to finish this.” Chen Li shoved Xing Yun, her demeanor ice cold. “I am not kind. In order to reach my goal, I will put my conscience locked away. Move.”

When opposing the enemy, Chen Li will never be kindhearted. This is also one of the reasons why, despite being so young, been crowned the title of Azure Sky King. Slaughter with resolve, indifferent and cruel, that is something that even those older must study.

Xing Yun no longer blocked her way, standing off silently onto the side. Although he was quiet, he was actually pondering in his head. This girl named Chen Li, how many different faces did she have? It was really so interesting, making one want to see more.


In the lake, the water shook. A sad, shrill scream emerged from the lotus, the bloody petals dying the lake red. Her face was slowly morphing into one’s of a human’s, if it wasn’t for the expression of resentment on her face, she was every bit similar to a cute, slim lotus fairy. Unfortunately….

“Why must you help him?!?” The little lotus missus’s eyes were red as she stared at Chen Li, “Why do you need to help him!” She seemed to have lost all reason, charging at Chen Li, her figure disappearing with a flash.

For Chen Li, it was actually quite convenient. She easily seized her by her wrist before hitting her ming men acupuncture point, leaving the little lotus paralyzed. Chen Li twisted her wrist into an submission, causing her head to be pinned against the fence. With a wave of Chen Li’s hand, the spear disappeared, leaving her hand free. Under the surprised gaze of Xing Yun, Chen Li ferociously whacked the little lotus’s butt, a resounding “pa” echoing in the air. “Admit your mistakes!”

Chen Li’s hand was not light, the hit causing the little lotus’s whole body to tremble. However, how could a complete demon spirit filled with resentment be afraid of fighting, causing her to struggle ferociously, “What mistakes did I do?!? The one who made a mistake was Zhu Chengjin!” Not bothering with the little lotus’s nonsense, Chen Li kept on spanking her butt again and again. Her body twitched letting out cries until her throat was sore. Finally, the pain woke her up from the despair, causing her to gain reason once again. However, her little mouth still cursed, “I will let him die without a burial, I’ll ruin this entire royal palace!”

“Admit it”

“The heavens are heartless!”

“Admit your mistake!”

“I’m right…..not…..”

“Admit mistake.” Chen Li kept on slapping her butt to the extent where she was crying and shouting, “I was wrong, I was wrong! Do not hit, I admit my mistake, boo hoo….”

“What did you do wrong?” Chen Li stopped hitting, her hand also red from acid produced by her body.

The little lotus missus’s dress had once again turned a gentle pink color, the lotus in the lake the same as yesterday. The little bloody demon spirits disappeared, reverting back into their original spiritual states. They floated around aimlessly, normal humans unable to see them.

Little lotus was lying on the fence as she cried, “I shouldn’t harm other people! I was wrong, I never should’ve harmed people!”

Chen Li released her, allowing little lotus to curl up on the bench as she cried, tears falling into the lake.

Xing Yun smiled as he gazed at the two, marveling, “Even a demon born out of resentment could be afraid of beatings! This move, so simple, but so effective, ah!”

“It was you who had reminded me.” Chen Li was still looking at the crying little lotus, “She only has a child’s temperament that can only think up of fearful revenge, but lack the ruthlessness to carry it out. Even in that hidden room, she only blocked the passageway. If she wanted to, it would’ve been easy for her to directly kill Prince Rui.” Chen Li sighed, “She had hurried home to hide when she was injured, if not for the yard of demon spirits, she would’ve even been afraid of us easily breaking out and getting revenge. With such a child’s disposition, I would naturally only beat. However, if she really didn’t come out, then I would be forced to stamp out the source of trouble.”

Xing Yun struggled valiantly to hide his laughter, but ultimately failed, bursting out in chuckles and sighed, “In brief, to subdue with military force.”

Chen Li waited, letting Little Lotus sob. She patted her on the shoulder, gently saying “I sympathise with you, but this has already been done, and crying is useless. If Rui Palace is a place you no longer want to stay, then walk, walk without looking back. Do not worry about him coming to kill you, I will not let him.”

She slowly stopped crying and shook her head, “It’s not…. Until now, I still cannot believe…..” She stuttered, squatting on the ground, “To me, he was so good, was… Only to him, he could only see hope for his wife….. I was only a substitute… Not even can be considered a substitute, ah…..”

Chen Li was silent, not sure how to comfort her. Xing Yun suddenly opened his mouth to speak, “Uh, yes. You are a raw material for medicine, just looking, no error or cracks. You can be refined very well, you are quite precious.” Chen Li narrowed her eyes at him, out of his mouth didn’t even hold one cheerful sentence, ah!

“Chicken meat is also very good for nourishment and eating, so nevermind you, but even this smart spirit isn’t eaten, so let’s go before we are turned into stew!”

When you went to buy a chicken, what did you want, ah!!

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