Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 13

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“Today, I’m afraid to say that I cannot.” Chen Li turned away to stare at the blood red ground. “I still have unfinished matters.”

Watching Chen Li’s indecisive state, Mo Fang could not help but frown. He really did not wish to urge Chen Li, but this problem truly couldn’t be delayed any further. He cupped his fist in his hand, and advised, “King! Your departure from this area cannot be dragged on any further! If King gets caught now, the Demon Emperor will never give King another chance! Heaven is already preparing for the wedding, if at that time………”

What will happen, Chen Li knows clearer than anybody else. She glanced back at Xing Yun, who was standing on the side holding her red tasseled spear. He curiously poked one of the nearby demon spirits butt, who wasn’t even able to let out a single wail before it disintegrated to ashes. Seeing this, Xing Yun seemed to let out a sigh before continuing to examine her spear.

Chen Li’s lips curved out, turning her head to face Mo Fang again. She rubbed her forehead,“I know, but right now, I am unable to leave right now.”

“King?” Mo Fang’s eyebrows scrunched up, showing his confusion. In his eyes, Chen Li had only said “Will Do” or “Will Not”, therefore such a thing as “Unable to” was truly rare. This argument, he really couldn’t comprehend. “Subordinate doesn’t understand.”

“These days, I have experienced many things within the mortal world, and unknowingly began to let  one into my heart.” Her voice sounded, her head turning to look at Xing Yun. Mo Fang’ gawked, following her trail of sight, landing on the young man standing off to the side. That same young man, whose face looked as if he had never slept, messy, sickly pale face, slow heartbeat, the same young man that looked as if he was about to die an early death.

This…. This is the person King felt feelings for?!?

At this time, Xing Yun looked as if he had suddenly lost all strength in his wrist, unable to hold up the silver long spear any further. It fell to the floor, making “gu gu lu” noises as it rolled to the nearby demon spirits. Suddenly, it released large amounts of magical qi, killing intent spilling off of it. Whenever the magical qi neared one of the helpless demon spirits, the demon spirit discenergrated to ashes. However, their malicious auras still remained, clouding the area with smoke. Xing Yun coughed constantly, chasing after the spear. When he finally got it, the smoke vanquished from his surrounds, looking 3x as more sickly as before.

Chen Li sighed gently, “Such a person, before I met him, I’ve never thought that….” She looked up at Mo Fang, whose brows were tightly scrunched, “He and I are completely different, he has that weak body that can hardly be tossed around a few times before ending up dead. Right now, I cannot feel relieved and calm, leaving him here in a dangerous place. I wish to let him live safely before I leave. Although I have taken a fancy to him, I also know that humans and devils both go different paths. A mortal’s life is very short, after only living briefly, will only exist in memory.” Chen Li’s voice was quiet, but it intonation was both gentle and firm. “I will not be with him. Since we are not destined to be together, if I can give him a safe and happy life, then it will be good.”

Hearing her firm voice, Mo Fang understood; This was her decision. Now, no matter what anybody says, she will do as she has decided. Mo Fang hung his head in silence. After a long while, he kneeled down and cupped his hands, resigning to submit, “Subordinate accepts the King’s will, willing to share King’s burdens. Let the King command.”

Hearing this, Chen Li pondered, “Half.” She turned around to walk to Xing Yun, “If you can help delay them for half a day, this matter will be done.”

“I obey your command.”

Chen Li turned her head to look him straight in the eye. “Many thanks.”

Mo Fang’s eyes sparkled, not saying a word as his body moved like a wind. There was only a flash before his figure could no longer be seen.

When Chen Li reached Xing Yun, she took her longspear back from his hands. Xing Yun chuckled,

“Your longspear is quite powerful.”

Able to hold onto it for so long, you are also quite formidable.” This spear had killed many beings, causing it’s malicious aura to become truly strong. Even laying eyes on it had caused many creatures to run away in fear. But Xing Yun, this guy seemed indifferent to everything. Patience, fear, sadness, yet it never surfaces, always calm. In this sense, he could actually be considered a master. Moving on from her thoughts, Chen Li scanned the area in a circle with her eyes, whispering to Xing Yun, “The demon spirits are still here, so the young lotus miss hadn’t ran away. Where could she be hiding….”

“Do you even need to ask?” Xing Yun smiled, “When a child gets attacked outside, where else can she go but to run back home?”

Chen Li’s eyes flashed, “A lotus lives in a lake!”

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