Accompanying The Phoenix Chapter 3 pt 2!

I’m looking for an editor, please come to help! All you need is to have at least above basic highschool level grammer!

The other part of chapter 3 is here! Enjoy!

Oh, btw, if anyone is crazy rich, live in Vancouver. Really beauitiful 0.0 but expensive

ALSO sorry for the format, for some reason the paragraphs refuse to seperate D.D


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4 Responses to Accompanying The Phoenix Chapter 3 pt 2!

  1. Queen says:

    What happened to the chapter? I can’t access it?

    And I would help you with editing if not for the fact that I have exams coming up :'( …….. but if you’re still looking for an editor after Friday 2 September, then hit me up! 😀 I’ll be more than happy to help!

    • Kittykiki says:

      Thanks,that would actually be perfect! I’ll only be re;leasing one more chapter, before I go on a cruise tomorrow to alsaka without any wifi, so the next update will most likely be in September, unless I get Alyschu or someone to do it for me. Do you mind if I get back to you after September 3rd then?

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