Accompanying The Phoenix- Chapter 18

Chapter 18

(Warning, mini rant up ahead)

Hi, ATP updates will be a lot slower from now on, as you might’ve already noticed. Updates are probably going to be a little random, so around an update every 1-4 days? Around 3 parts a week. There will be no sponsored chapters anymore either. The changes are because of:

a) Vocabulary and weird godly laws, regulations, mannerism, roles, etc are all getting harder to translate. What would take me around 2-4 hours a part last month is now taking me 3-5 hours. It’s even gotten to a point where I’ve installed a Chinese dictionary add on for those strange, godly things!

b) School is getting more strict now, so more homework, less translating time. If you’ve ever seen chinese parents, then you know how the are about grades! Doesn’t help with the extra curriculars either….

c) Winter. Winter gets me bored and unmotivated. Zzzzzzz, winter blues

Anyways, thanks for listening for the (rant) explanation!

TL: Kiki

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