Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 18

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Please note that Cetestial Emperor has changed to Heavenly Emperor

Fu Rong hurriedly stood up and wiped the tears off his face, lowering himself into a deep bow, “Has seen Lord Xing Zhi.”

Xing Zhi just smiled lightly, “En. It is good for young people to be lively.”

The Heavenly Emperor sighed helplessly, “No more than a disrespectful act.” He turned to look at Fu Rong, face solemn, “Anyways, what happened?”

“Royal Grandfather…..” Fu Rong’s eyes held traces of tears. He wanted to talk, but he hesitated, glancing at Xing Zhi. He couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. But as he pondered about the matter, he suddenly realised that since he was going to be scolded anyways, it’d be better to say it now! With an outsider in the room, he definitely won’t be scolded as harshly. “Royal Grandfather, the Demonic Realm’s Azure Sky King, your grandson really cannot marry, ah!” He weeped, “Grandson has an illness! This will affect the relationship between the two nations, ai!”

“Pa!” The Heavenly Emperor slammed his hand on the table, his mood seeming even worse than normal, “You really didn’t put me in your eyes seriously! You even tried to tell me such a foolish excuse!” He angrily pointed his finger, shouting, “What disease!? Just yesterday, you were acting so! So……” The Heavenly Emperor clenched his teeth. Due to Xing Zhi’s presence, he didn’t dare say of Fu Rong’s acts out loud. His heart was filled with resentment. Still furious, he could only grab a document with Fu Rong’s face and stamp on it with ink, “Shameful! The wedding date has been decided,

“Royal Grandfather!” Fu Rong cried, “Forgive this grandson! The Azure Sky King herself doesn’t even want, she has even gone so far as running away to escape the marriage. If she vents all her anger at me, your grandson may not be able to see another day!”

“You!” The Heavenly Emperor’s voice, which was already as hard as iron, hardened into steel.

“Emperor.” Xing Zhi’s apathetic voice suddenly interrupted the conversation, “This……….”

The Heavenly Emperor hurriedly answered, a smile on his face, Sir Xing Zhi, since you’ve went to the mortal world to play for the past few days, you probably don’t know of this matter. Regarding your suggestion about using marriage to tie a link between the two worlds…. There has been some conflict between the 2 betrothed. But we all have already discussed, and the matter is settled. Thus, there is no space for regret. But since you suggested the idea, it goes without saying that it’ll be good! Juniors are Juniors. Being so young, it’s inevitable to have some unhappy days. But after getting married and living day and night under the same roof, it’ll naturally give birth to love! As long as the the Juniors are happy in the future, it’s good.”

Fu Rong vowed to himself, that no matter what, he would never feel any love towards that tigress, absolutely not! After hearing the rest of the Heavenly Emperor’s words though, he felt shock. This marriage…. Was suggested by Sir Xing Zhi?!

Sir Xing Zhi created the marriage?

Sir Xing Zhi had already lived alone, away from heaven for countless years! He doesn’t even know who is who in Heaven, never mind the Demon Emperor! How did he even choose the candidates for the marriage?! That old man who abruptly came back to Heaven to discuss a matter on a whim, had just unexpectedly destroyed his life, ah!

But alas, the damage has already been done. Along with Fu Rong’s words, there’s no wonder why the Heavenly Emperor’s mood was even worse than normal. The Heavenly Emperor held strong feelings of fear and respect, yet today, Fu Rong had actually dared to complain against Xing Zhi’s kindly intentions. If Xing Zhi’s temper was invoked, than all his wrath would end up against the Heavenly Emperor! But since it has already progressed this far, now that he knows the person who was in charge behind the scenes, it would be far better to beg him instead.

Summoning his courage to a new level, Fu Rong bowed deeply towards Sir Xing Zhi. “Sir Xing Zhi bestowing a marriage upon me, Fu Rong feels honored. But, Fu Rong’s past life is not compatible at all with the Azure Sky King Chen Li.  The Azure Sky King’s Hongying spear has a notorious reputation….. It’s filled with a bloodthirsty, murderous aura, ah! Fu Rong’s really not ready to handle this, such a wife, ah….”

“Presumptuous!” The Heavenly Emperor scolded loudly. Fu Rong’s whole body trembled as he continued to kneel down. Suddenly, Fu Rong heard another voice say lightly, “So, delay it.”

Fu Rong held a stunned look on his face, raising his head to look at Xing Zhi. His face was unreadable, his mouth drawn back into a light smile. The same stunned expression was on the Heavenly Emperor’s face. Xing Zhi turned and faced the Heavenly Emperor, “Since both sides are so against it, then the Emperor might wish to bring the marriage back a little and delay it so the two have time to adapt. If unwilling to marry now, then Xing Zhi believes that it’s because…….” His head turned to look at Fu Rong. The smile on his face was wider, but his mouth spat out 3 words that made Fu Rong feel chills.

“Fear of blood.”

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