Accompanying The Phoenix- Chapter 16.2

Chapter 16.2

I’m really sorry, I didn’t have time nor wanted to mush them together, since they’re completely different arcs. I know these short parts are really really annoying to some people, so when I have time later, I’ll  turn the parts into single chapters so it’s easier to read. Sorry!!!! I’ll try to also get wholes or only 2-part segments from now  on as well. But, please understand it does take a bit of time to do all of it, so there’s no guarentees. If I d0, it’ll take a pretty darn long time! But at least this chapter was super long.

On a different note, I loved the speculations earlier!! It was so cool.

Also, shout out to Xintus for translating a scene that I’m…… er not exactly comfortable with doing. Great job!


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  1. midori says:

    i’m totally fine wiht the parts thing, so no worries about it! i’m your most important reader! rofl! all of us are lacking in time, after all! all the best! -gives ice-cream cakes-

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