Accompanying the Phoenix – Chapter 16.2

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At this time, Qing Yan and Chi Rong were standing at the edge of the pit. But after a closer look, one could see an additional figure standing near, sunlight blocked behind his back. The man was broad, gold embroided within his black robes which fluttered in the wind. 2 gold hair laces from behind him flew in front, “Nobility of the same nation,  yet you’ve become increasingly more audacious.”

His voice, calm as always, held a royal feeling of majesty, making one unconsciously want to submit. Qing Yan and Chi Rong cupped their hands and kneeled, “Demon Emperor, beseech to quell your anger.”

D-Demon Emperor had actually came personally……………………

Chen Li sensed his breathing getting weaker and weaker, his body no longer as warm as before. Chen Li’s heart suddenly felt cold. A sense of helplessness grew in her heart. She had ran and struggled so much, but she could still not escape the grasp of destiny……….

“Out.” The Demon Emperor’s cold voice ordered.

Chen Li wiped the blood off her lips and holding Xing Yun, she jumped out of the pit. She placed Xing Yun on his side and checked his pulse- Weak, but alive.

“Do you know your wrongs?” Through his silver mask, the Demon Emperor sounded somewhat dull.

Chen Li looked at Xing Yun expectantly, “Do not know,” She spoke, “Choosing not to marry the one she does not love, Chen Li does not know of what wrongs she has committed. Not accepting the forced marriage, Chen Li does not know of what that wrong was. Not wanting for the people of  the Demonic Realm to be restrained in Heaven, Chen Li does not know of what wrongs she has done.” Her eyes held a cold light to them, looking at the eyes hidden behind a silver mask, “When the people of the Demonic Realm submits to Heaven and lives there, they only have 1000 remaining years to live. Those heavenly immortals may idle about, crossing each day carefreely. However, my demon people must live in the broken down ruins, adjacent to the deep space-time rip. Year by year, miasma invades the ruins, no hope for any vegetation. My demon people will be crossing their lives in a way that is miserable beyond description! As part of the Royal Family and Nobility, we still need to help those useless guys from heaven to suppress the monster under the space-time rip? Why should we still have to, living in those broken down ruins, risking our lives?”

Chen Li sneered, “I look down on that sort of heaven, not wanting to marry, what is the wrong I have committed?”

These words spoken out loud made both Chi Rong and Qing Yan silent. The Demon Emperor also quieted, but soon spoke again, “You are not wrong. But on this matter, you have still violated the imperial edict.” He waved his hand, “Take her away by force, lead her back for the penalty.”

Qing Yan made a move, wanting to grab Chen Li’s arm, but was scolded away by Chen Li, “This King will go!” Her static stare gazed attentively at Xing Yun. Her stare might’ve been a bit too hot, as Xing Yun opened his eyes, vision blurry. When he saw Chen Li looking at him, his pale lips cracked open, he chuckled like he normally did,

“Chen Li, you look even thinner than me.”

“Yeah.” Chen Li answered, “You can just think of it as me acting frivolously towards you.” In front of everyone, she leaned over and planted a heavy kiss on Xin Yun’s lips, Chen Li’s golden coloured hair tie had snapped and her hair came undone, swaying next to Xin Yun’s cheeks, the interaction of the cool touch of the strands of hair and the burning touch of the lips brought about a strange sensation within his body, causing him to become dazed. Chen Li did not know how to kiss, so she could only roughly cover Xin Yun’s lips with her own, and it was done with so much force that Xin Yun felt pain.

In this moment, her hand clutched onto his, the index finger gently covering the charred wound. Her fingertip flashed with light, as a bead of light gradually formed within her chest. It slowly moved to her finger and melded with Xing Yun’s flesh, replacing and filling out the hole inside his hand.

“I had said that you cannot die.” Chen Li’s lips left his, her voice somewhat quiet, “Although in the future, you may not feel better, you will at least be able to live in peace.”

She was not skilled in the art of healing, so she couldn’t completely erase the toxins within his body. She could only entwine her own magical powers with Xing Yun’s blood and flesh, so the magic and the toxins in his body will battle, then suppress each other. Although this can prevent the toxins from reaching his heart and killing him, the unavoidable constant pain will still be there.

Chen Li straightened out Xing Yun’s robes, and standed up, gently patting his shoulder. “When I said I fancied you, it was true. But I am in an arranged marriage, and can no longer stay with you.” A strong sense of nostalgia accompanied Chen Li as she left. The remaining 3 had also disappeared. Shortly after, the dark clouds above to capital city also left.

Xing Yun was left lying on the ground. His eyes held a distracted look to them. The 2 forces within his body constantly fighting back caused him to feel some discomfort, but his breath and temperature had recovered. The heat remained on his lips, and he was unable to help but look high up at the sky, touching it gently. After a long  while, he laughed quietly, murmuring, “Speak as if……. You wanted to be with me, I would be willing to do the same.”

In the air, a long strand of hair landed on his face. Xing Yun held it in his hands. Unexplainably, he couldn’t smile. Not even a little.

Cannot be together with him……. Huh……

Clouds flew fleetingly in the sky


“A mortal, who will re-enter reincarnation, and forget everything that had just happened and transpired here in just less than a hundred years.” The Demon Emperor stepped into the clouds, speaking coldly, “Why waste 500 years of cultivation to repair his wound with such magical power?”

Hearing this, Chi Rong and Qing Yan both looked at Chen Li with shock- 500 years of cultivation, for them and their kind, was often just the tip of the iceberg. But what was important was, the Azure Sky King….. Actually gave it to a mortal?!?

Chen Li’s hands were bound together by an iron chain, her hanging loose hair made her look somewhat distressed. However, her eyes were not at all dejected- Rather, they just looked into a distant place, “I like.”

The Demon Emperor’s facial features contorted something like a sneer under the silver mask, “You are nothing but worried that I would send some men to kill him, to stamp out the source of trouble.” His demeanor was chillingly cold, “Why should I bother to, when in just 1-2 years later, he will forget about you, get married, and have children. That man will live a life that has nothing to do with you. Your feelings would be but a fleeting dream.”

Chen Li stayed silent, thinking at heart, if that were to be such, it’d really be good.

She recalled memories of the small courtyard, the cool breeze ruffling the grapevine lattice. The sound, it was so gentle. Xing Yun, that kind of gentle person should be living that kind of life. Ah, but one person living a life like that would be too lonely, someone should accompany him in that little courtyard. For someone to accompany him, is of course good, even though…….. That person isn’t her…..

Chen Li suddenly remembered of the day she had suddenly woken up in his yard. That was the first time she saw him, ripples of sun falling on him. The warm breeze was just right as he laid on the rattan chair, napping.

She hoped that throughout all his remaining years, everyday would be that tranquil.

Chen Li realised something- Looking at the distant palace, her heart had finally understood a little of how Little Lotus felt. Some matters, even if it is not worth it, it all consists of what you feel.


End of Chapter 16

In the phrase, Clouds flew fleetingly in the sky, it can be intercepted in 2 ways- Chen Li and the others  in the clouds, or a word play on Xing Yun’s name. In chinese, Yun means clouds. So one can see it as his mind or heart is confused, or fleeting, or idk. View it as your own way!

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