A rewarding update (chapters 29 and 252)

Chapter 29 link
Chapter 252 link

Thanks to editor: GNE
Thanks to poster: joeglens (from Parallel World Pharmacy)

In case anyone wants to ask, YES, I did say the updates are getting slow. Spring cleaning isn’t getting easy every year and neither is work. That said, I hope you enjoy the chapters, as usual.

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3 Responses to A rewarding update (chapters 29 and 252)

  1. Inbetweenaction says:

    Thanks for your hard work…

    and damn you for making me realize i really need to clean my apartment!

  2. Danis says:

    Moarrr new chapter 🙂
    Thanks For The Chapter 😀

  3. Reader anon says:

    Something is wrong with the ads, for iPads at least. I am getting redirected almost 75% of the time. And there are a ton of ads slowing down the page when it finally does load and crashes the webpage making it reload.

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