Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 252

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Chapter 252 – 3 Jobs

Zhao Hai’s display had the intention of showing his hand. He wasn’t afraid that Wales would be suspicious of him. He just wanted to let Wales know that he had a storage device.

For the beastmen, spatial equipments were too mysterious, and even now they didn’t have a single one. It was because they did not have any that they treated spatial equipments like they were sacred artifacts. It was as if the space in a spatial equipment could fit an entire continent.

Zhao Hai decided to display this ability in front of Wales and the others after learning this. It could be said that Zhao Hai wanted to cooperate with Wales, because whatever the case may be, if Wales became Herculean Bull Tribe’s chieftain, he would repay the one who had always helped him. Zhao Hai didn’t need too many benefits from Wales. As long as he could be friends with Wales, it would save him a lot of trouble on Beastmen Prairie.

No matter how self-important the other humans acted, the ones who truly called the shots were still the beastmen. Only by forming good relationships with beastmen could he stand firm on the prairie.

The herculean bulls’ place on the prairie was not lower than ordinary battle tribes. Such a position was definitely not to be looked down on. Even if the smaller tribes wanted to look for trouble, they would have to consider their own strength first. Beastmen on the prairie may be fond of fighting, but they were not entirely maniacs like the jackals.

Furthermore, the grains in his possession were for selling. If Wales didn’t buy them, it would be Wales’ failure. How would that be any of Zhao Hai’s business? He was just simply selling them to Wales, while he would also sell them for the same price to others should they want to buy from him. He didn’t lower the price because of Wales.

Of course, the main reason why Zhao Hai dared to do this in front of Wales and the others was because Wales needed the food in his hands. As long as Wales needed the food, he wouldn’t speak of the spatial equipment to others. Zhao Hai would have nothing to be afraid of.

Wales and others were stunned by Zhao Hai’s display. They didn’t really know what to say, as Zhao Hai’s performance was too shocking.

Wales stood up after a while and asked, “Heavens, brother Zhao Hai. You actually have a spatial equipment, and you use it to store food? Are you mad?”

Zhao Hai looked at Wales with incomprehension, “Can spatial equipment not be used to store things? What’s the problem?”

‘What’s the problem?’ This question certainly stopped Wales in his tracks. That’s right. Weren’t spatial equipments supposed to be used to store things? What would be the problem if there were no limits?

Wales felt that he was getting a little dizzy. He spoke after a while, “It’s a big problem. Don’t you realize how precious spatial equipments are? We beastmen have never had a single one. You actually use one to store food? Isn’t it too much of a waste?”

Zhao Hai laughed, “My brother Wales, for me, these foods mean all of my fortune and money. If I don’t use it to store them, what else can I use? Besides, I can only use spatial equipment to store the food in order to bring it to Beastmen Prairie at the fastest speed. That’s how I could get away from the damn border troops.”

Wales went silent for a moment before he drew in a long breath and laughed loudly, “My brother Zhao Hai, I have to thank you! If it weren’t for your spatial equipment bringing the food over here, we would really be finished. Do you have all of your foods on you?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “All of them. If you will it, I can bring them from my fief at any time. I think I can get another 100 million kilos of them in this period of time.”

Wales looked at Zhao Hai with incomprehension, “From your fief at any time? Are you bringing your fief with you?”

Zhao Hai and the others laughed at that, because Wales had guessed correctly. Wales thought that Zhao Hai and the others were laughing because they found his question to be a joke, so he didn’t mind.

Zhao Hai laughed as he said, “Of course not! But I have a flying magic hawk. I can give my spatial equipment to the hawk and then let it fly to my fief, and then bring my food here. It saves a lot of time this way, does it not?”

Wales was stunned, and then looked at Zhao Hai like he was looking at a lunatic, “Are you mad? You are willing to give your spatial equipment to a magic beast?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “I’m not mad. This is the best way. Besides, my magic beast isn’t a normal magic beast. To put it exactly, it isn’t a magic beast, but simply a phantasmal beast.”

Wales had heard of phantasmal beasts before, of course. He just never thought that Zhao Hai would have one. He nodded, “Phantasmal beasts are more secure than magic beasts indeed. But my brother, can it really fly that far?”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Sure. That’s why I said I can give you large amounts of food. I’m not kidding. I really have them. Wales my brother, just do whatever you want to do. I can’t help you in anything else, but when it comes to grains, I can help you solve those issues. I can even get some from the human lands for you. Only when you need it, of course. I will not give the food away for free. I may not be a legitimate merchant, but I’m a merchant all the same, which is why you have to exchange for it using argali, goat skin products, slaves, magic beasts, or even rare plants on the prairie. Of course, the plants cannot be dead ones. They should only be living ones or seeds.”

Wales never thought that Zhao Hai would say this. He looked at Zhao Hai with incomprehension and asked, “My brother, isn’t that too much of a loss for you? What do you want the plants for? What use do they have?”

Zhao Hai laughed, “My brother, I’m not losing out at all. Perhaps you don’t know that I have an apothecarist senior at home. He needs all of the rare plants in this world as well as uncommon ones. He wants to build himself the most wholesome plant garden in the world.”

Wales and the 2 others were relieved to hear that. There were 2 kinds of people who were the most mysterious in this world: apothecaries, and alchemists. Not only did the humans have them, but the beastmen had them as well. Only, they were referred to a little differently. Among beastmen, apothecaries were called witch doctors, while alchemists were commonly called shamans.

Among the beastmen, there were 3 jobs that were respected the most. The 1st was prophets, of course. They were regarded as the wisest of people. The 2nd was shamans, due to the lack of metal tools at the beastmen’s disposal, while shamans were researching on how to make metal tools last long and how to make weapons sturdier. They were thought to be the ones with the greatest spirit of exploration. The 3rd was witch doctors, who were regarded as the most mysterious. They needed all sorts of herbs to treat beastmen illnesses. These 3 kinds of people were highly respected among the beastmen.

The witch doctors here would sometimes hire some tribes to help gather some plants as well, so when Zhao Hai mentioned that there was someone at home who was an apothecary, they no longer felt Zhao Hai’s methods to be strange.

Wales took in a relaxed breath and looked at Zhao Hai, “My brother, knowing you has got to be the most fortunate thing in my life, hahaha. The Beast God is truly helping me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been allowed to meet you. You even saved me on your own.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Not necessarily. I do think that the Beast God let me meet you. If not for meeting you, I really don’t know which year I would have to sell all the grains in. You should know that storing the grains too long will turn them into aged rice. That won’t be valuable anymore.” Wales and the others laughed at that. In the beastmen’s territories, even aged rice could sell for a good price. It was apparent that Zhao Hai wanted to crack a joke.

But this joke of his was cracked at the right time. Wales knew what Zhao Hai meant. Zhao Hai didn’t want to let him keep putting gratitude on his mind. This was more to Wales’ taste.

Mendez now understood what Wales meant when Wales said that he would probably know what sort of person Zhao Hai was when meeting him. Indeed, from Zhao Hai himself, Mendez saw a very unique disposition, which was never seen from other humans he had seen before.

Mendez had seen many human merchants before. In fact, he was also an oddity among beastmen. He wasn’t as ambitious as Gasol, as capable of fighting as Paul, as sickly as Hales, or as smart as Wales. But he was very interested in business. It was because of this, that whenever the Herculean Bull Tribe made contact with human merchants, he would be the one to meet them. He was better at this than others. When he made contact with the humans, he could buy more things than other beastmen no matter what. This was his most unique trait.

Mendez had always wanted to become a merchant. This was something that made him different from other beastmen. Other beastmen didn’t want to become merchants since they believed that merchants were vampires and cowards. But Mendez didn’t think of it that way. He wanted to be a merchant, and a good one at that.

It was precisely because of these reasons that he could be said to be the one who had seen the most humans in Herculean Bull Tribe. Especially the human merchants.

When the human merchants met him, they put up an appearance of respecting him, but he, Mendez, could see that those merchants looked down on him. From their eyes, he could see a trace of condescension. Mendez knew that those humans looked down on beastmen. They thought that beastmen were barbarians and unenlightened races. They even thought that beastmen were beasts.

It wasn’t just one human merchant who was like this. Almost every human merchant he had approached before had been like this. Mendez was furious at first, but he was unable to be angry at this in the end, since that would only kill him.

But Mendez didn’t see those kind of eyes in Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai’s eyes were very clear and very sincere. It was outside of his expectations. Mendez believed that Zhao Hai wasn’t pretending, as he had seen those kinds of condescending eyes too many times. He became very sensitive to them to the point that he could notice them even when pretending. But he didn’t find those eyes from Zhao Hai. He noticed that Zhao Hai wasn’t looking at them with condescension and disdain. There was only sincerity.

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