Wife is Outrageous 108

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108. This lord doesn’t feel well

These people’s martial arts must be quite good to be able to contain her sisters.

She herself was probably not their match.

However, she couldn’t abandon her comrades no matter what, she really couldn’t!

In her previous incarnation, she was a special forces soldier and had a natural protective instinct towards the masses.

And right now, what fell in the devil’s hands were her cultivation sisters.

Thus —— despite her legs trembling in fright, she still sucked in a deep breath.

And whispered: “Bai Li, look for an opportunity to escape, I’ll stall them!”

Bai Li’s eyes flashed with a faint light: This girl, seriously has a sacrificing oneself for another’s life kind of personality!

She grasped Qi Luoer’s hand: “Little Luoer, I’m going in with you!”

Eh? Didn’t expect that the timid would actually have such courage.

Qi Luoer was a bit moved. She tilted her head and looked at her: “Alright, then follow behind me.”

The two walked in, step by step.

Since they’ve already revealed themselves, Qi Luoer directly lit up a rotten stick with fire igniting arts.

The flickering light of the flame shone in all directions in the cavern pathway, reflecting an indescribably sinister light.

It seemed as though each and every rock was an unknown demon.

“Haha, the little girls have some guts.”

A deep voice sounded within the depths of the cave once more.

It sounded far, yet near: “On behalf of you two being courageous, I’ll let you go. Scram!”

Qu Luoer was stunned. She obviously knew her strength could not compare to the other party.

Even if she went in, she would probably still be useless. It was better to retreat now and get a few reinforcements before coming back.

She stopped in her tracks, but then the sound came over again: “Sigh, since I’m letting two people go for no reason, this lord doesn’t feel well. I’ll just eat two people to relieve my boredom…”

A fleeting shriek that sounded like a chicken being cut at the throat sounded, followed by some chewing noises.

This sound was exceptionally ear-piercing in this quiet cave! Causing one’s teeth to chill…

Hot blood rushed up to Qi Luoer’s head as she shouted: “Don’t hurt anyone anymore!”

Instead of retreating, she continued onwards, dashing straight in!

Bai Li’s lips curled into a curve as a sneer flashed through her eyes. Then, she closely followed Qi Luoer.

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