ENL – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Shameless Behaviour

It was as if in that moment, everybody held their breaths. All of them stared in disbelief!

“Elusive Dream Ore…”

It was unknown who whispered it in the crowd, but the store instantly exploded!

“How is this possible?! How could this place have an Elusive Dream Ore!?”

“Are my eyes going blind? Is that really an Elusive Dream Ore?”

One voice was louder than the last as startled shouts rang out. When the originally arrogant Su Lingsheng saw that dim blue colour, her face instantly became ashen!

The person responsible for opening the stone was also flustered, unconsciously stopping, looking at the manager and Su Lingsheng, not knowing what to do.

At this moment, the manager was unaware that his mouth was gaping.

While Exquisite Gold Ore was rare, but at the least it had appeared in Ji City’s history a few times.

But this Elusive Dream Ore…

Was a rare ore that had never appeared here before!

The rarity of Elusive Dream Ore was comparable to Exquisite Gold Ore, but Elusive Dream Ore was far more scarce than Exquisite Gold Ore. Even in the ore-laden Ji City, an ore of this grade had never appeared before.

For a time, everybody was nonplused.

They had originally thought that Su Lingsheng opening an Exquisite Gold Ore was already good luck from the heavens, but had never thought that even the never seen before Elusive Dream Ore would also appear!

Su Lingsheng’s face had an extremely awkward expression. Almost unconsciously, she turned to look at the manager off to the side. The manager’s neck abruptly contracted, his mind feeling a bit flustered.

“Elusive Dream Ore? It seems my luck isn’t too bad.” Ji Fengyan laughed. Amongst the agitated shouts of the crowd, she lifted her head to look at the ashen-faced Su Lingsheng.

“I just don’t know, what would this Elusive Dream Ore’s price compared to your Exquisite Gold Ore be?”

Su Lingsheng coldly glared at Ji Fengyan, her mind feeling uneasy for the first time.

“Young Lady Su, this…” The manager was in a difficult situation for a time. From the revealed size of this Elusive Dream Ore right now, it was very likely to have exceeded Su Lingsheng’s Exquisite Gold Ore from before. If they continued to open it, she would lose without a doubt!

Su Lingsheng also knew this in her mind. She was just about to say something when Ji Fengyan suddenly spoke, “I believe you’ve made a mistake. This stone was selected by me, so what are you asking her for?”

The expression on Su Lingsheng’s face became even more awkward while the manager’s face turned black and then white.

“What are you waiting for? Continue.” Ji Fengyan said.

Secretly clenching her teeth, Su Lingsheng coldly gave the manager a glance. He also knew what to do, pretending to be nonchalant as he coughed.

The person who had already stopped opening the stone continued, but this time his movements became a bit strange.

In but a moment, a two fingers wide Elusive Dream Ore was opened. Even though the surface area was big, its thickness was extremely light, at most comparable to the size of a small stack of papers.

Almost in the instant the Elusive Dream Ore was taken out, the manager ordered a subordinate off to the side to move the stone away. As for himself, he took the Elusive Dream Ore and brought it in front of Ji Fengyan, seeming to unintentionally block her line of sight.

“This guest, here is the Elusive Dream Ore you purchased.”

Ji Fengyan looked at the pitifully thin Elusive Dream Ore in front of her. Seeming to smile, she looked at the shopkeeper in front of her and understood.

“What is the price of this ore?”

“Even though Elusive Dream Ore is very rare, but… This Elusive Dream Ore is too thin. So… The price should be around thirteen thousand gold coins.” The manager pretended to be composed as he spoke.

“Oh? Then Young Lady Su and I are tied? Ji Fengyan smiled bizarrely. The way she looked at Su Lingsheng becoming unspeakably strange.

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