ENL – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Increased Stakes!

The manager’s brows furrowed a bit and he used the corners of his eyes to glance at Su Lingsheng. Finally, he then pretended to be impartial as he said, “You can accept it as that.”

“Ehhh…” Ji Fengyan carelessly responded, dragging out the last sound.

Su Lingsheng’s face slightly relaxed; the eyes she looked at Ji Fengyan with had an unspeakable hatred.

Everyone in the store understood what was happening, but at this moment, no one would speak up for Ji Fengyan. Who would be stupid enough to offend the Eldest Princess’ attendant for an unknown little girl? Besides that, Su Lingsheng and their City Lord’s happy event was drawing near. All of them were naturally “smart people”.

Eventually, the fervour of an Elusive Dream Ore appearing scattered and the store returned to its silence from before. No one would have thought that Ji Fengyan would be able to “tie” with Su Lingsheng.

Everybody, including Su Lingsheng, all thought that Ji Fengyan had azure smoke rising from her ancestral grave for coming into such **** luck!

“Ah, a tie? That’s not good.” The corners of Ji Fengyan lips lifted as she looked at Su Lingsheng, seeming as if she was laughing at both her and the manager’s little tricks.

There had never been a time when Su Lingsheng received such a mocking gaze. Her originally bad mood instantly became even more agitated as she lightly furrowed her brows and looked at Ji Fengyan. “This time’s draw doesn’t count. How about we continue?”

She absolutely didn’t believe that this girl’s luck would continue to be so good!

“No problem.” Ji Fengyan shrugged. Towards Su LIngsheng making things difficult for her, she felt like it was as amusing as a young child’s immaturity.

Su Lingsheng took a light breath. When looking at Ji Fengyan, the depths of her eyes flashed with a slight hatred.

“Since we’re having another gamble, then… How about we also increase the stakes?!”

“Sure.” Ji Fengyan said as she brightly smiled.

Su Fengyan sneered. Did this country bumpkin really think that her luck would continue?

“Good. If you lose this time, then not only will you have to crawl a lap around the city, you will also strip off all of your clothes and crawl around while barking like a dog!” The malicious words that Su Lingsheng blurted out dumbfounded everybody.

To them, Ji Fengyan’s draw from a moment ago was the same as a blind cat bumping into a dead mouse. If she gambled again, it was unlikely her luck would be that good. With how big Su Lingsheng was making the stakes, if Ji Fengyan lost then would she even have the face to see anyone later on?

This was driving a girl onto a road of despair!

For a time, everyone whispered to each other. Quite a few people secretly laughed at Ji Fengyan for not having good sense and truly thinking that she could stone gamble with Su Lingsheng. This was obviously looking for death and having no paths of retreat!

“If you don’t dare, then you can kneel in front of me and kowtow three time. I’ll consider things as being settled.” Su Lingsheng said as she raised her chin.

Ji Fengyan seemed to smile as she looked at Su Lingsheng. “Settled? Why should it be settled? Such an interesting game, it would be a pity if we didn’t continue.”

No one noticed as the smile at the depths of Ji Fengyan’s eyes silently frosted over. “Since Young Lady Su has already increased the stakes, then I also won’t reject. However, I’ve already said that I’m only interested in the jade pendant on your body and not anything else. So… My increase is very simple…”

Smiling, Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as concealed the fierce glint that flashed by.

“I only want you to kneel on the floor, kowtow three times, and then respectfully offer up that jade.”

“Fine!” Su Lingsheng didn’t seem to have any hesitation as she agreed. There was no way she could lose!

Ji Fengyan didn’t look at Su Lingsheng again, instead looking towards the obstructive manager off to the side. “Then I’ll chose first?”

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