ENL – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138 – Grandmaster (2)

He walked in slowly, his perfect face handsomely cool. The entire main hall was rendered silent at that moment.

Nobody would have thought that Grandmaster Xing Lou would actually appear here of all places…

“We pay our respects to the Grandmaster!” When Ling He and the others recovered from their shock, they quickly got down onto one knee to show their greatest respects.

Ji Fengyan was a bit stunned as she gazed at this ridiculously handsome man in front of her. His tantalizing and enthralling aura keeping her in a daze for a few moments before returning back to reality.

As for Zhan Fei, he didn’t dare to budge an inch as he knelt there, cold sweat pouring down his face to drip to the floor in front of him. Not even his Life Annihilation Armour could hide his terror at this moment

So what if you were a life exterminator?

So what if you were the Eldest Princess?

In front of Grandmaster Xing Lou, all of that was but a laughable joke!

Even throughout the entire empire, nobody dared to act impudently in front of Xing Lou. As for His Majesty… he also wasn’t allowed.

Xing Lou’s cold gaze lightly swept over Zhan Fei’s body. Although he didn’t say anything and only gave him a glance, it still made Zhan Fei feel as if he was suffocating.

The legs of Su Lingsheng and Lei Min who were kneeling off to the side trembled, both of them dying to paste their heads as close to the floor as possible so as to show their insignificance and utmost respect.

Slowly, Xing Lou shifted his gaze, moving past everybody to face Ji Fengyan’s puzzled eyes.

“Insolence! Ji Fengyan, why haven’t you paid your respects upon seeing the Grandmaster?” Zhan Fei immediately rebuked upon seeing that Ji Fengyan was still standing straight.


The instant that Zhan Fei’s words left his mouth, his head was abruptly slapped hard by Xuan Wei who was kneeling beside him.

Zhan Fei’s head that was protected by his helmet buzzed. That one slap was hard enough that it caused his eyes to see stars, while his a few drops of blood trickled from his mouth!

Ling He and the others kneeling off to the side all felt lighter just from watching this. At the same time, they were even more astonished about Xuan Wei’s strength. One had to know, Zhan Fei was the Eldest Princess’ personal bodyguard and a life exterminator that was currently wearing the powerful Life Annihilation Armour, yet despite all this, he was slapped by Xuan Wei into leaking blood from his mouth…

Xuan Wei’s strength really was just too shocking.

He really did deserve his reputation as somebody who served at the Grandmaster’s side!

“Do you have the qualifications to speak in front of the Grandmaster?” Xuan Wei asked coldly.

Zhan Fei didn’t dare to resist and only lowered his head further.

On the other side, Ji Fengyan who Zhan Fei had rebuked by name, only tilted her head slightly when she returned to reality and watched the pretty Grandmaster in front of her. Although it sounded a bit weird, Ji Fengyan really couldn’t feel any malicious intent from him despite his cold demeanour. Those seemingly frozen eyes just didn’t seem to be as sharp as expected.

Since he wasn’t dislikable, then Ji Fengyan didn’t mind paying her respects to him. After all, not only was he handsome, he also had that immortal aura and demeanour about him. Kneeling to such a man wouldn’t be too bad.


Just as Ji Fengyan lifted up the hem of her dress and prepared to kneel to pay her respects, a rather emotionless voice rang out.


That voice was like a fresh spring, carrying a slight chill in it.

Ji Fengyan also didn’t mind and smiled as she stood back up. He really did save her from some trouble.

This grandmaster really didn’t seem too bad.

As expected… everybody who looked immortal must have a decent personality.

Xing Lou’s eyes lightly swept across Ji Fengyan’s smiling face. When his gaze landed on that glaring steak of red on the hem of her dress, his brows couldn’t help but slightly furrow.

“Why have you come to this place?” Xing Lou asked, his voice abruptly frosting over. His words were directed towards Zhan Fei’s group, all of whom were still kneeling.

Zhan Fei’s heart skipped a beat, but he didn’t dare to lie and could only speak truthfully, “Your subordinate comes upon the orders of the Eldest Princess to retrieve the Timeless Affection Flower.”

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