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Plan, Shocked, I am just a Piece of Trash

“You… your hand isn’t even hurt?”  Kamiki was clearly surprised when she looked at me.

It was natural that Kamiki was surprised.  Wind Blade is one of the wind spirit’s offensive skill.  Based on the theory of compressed air, this skill takes a certain amount of air, pressurized it into a thin slice which creates something similar to a knife blade.  This technique is called Wind Blade.  Even though the damage done by a wind blade is limited, when directly used on a human body, its effect would be similar to that of a sharp blade and it can cut through flesh and blood.  Unless a person has attached oneself an earth type spirit, which has an exceptional amount of defense, there is no one who can withstand the attack of a wind blade unscathed.

On the other hand, I have dragon’s power.  It had the ability to help me cancel out the damage…  Although, if I were to tell someone this, probably no one would believe me, right?

I scratched my head, and laughed, “Ah… you know, I don’t have any ability.  Perhaps because I don’t have any ability, God must have given me exceptionally thick skin as my special ability.  Let’s not worry about the minor details.  You should recall your wind type spirit.”

I had a plan, but I couldn’t tell Kamiki about it – otherwise, the plan might not work.  My plan would be…

Kamiki’s hands are bound while mine are free.  So, on the surface, all I need to do is to pretend that I am about to molest Kamik.  With Kamiki not knowing what is really going on and me being hated by her to begin with, she will scream out for sure.  When this happens, those thugs will definitely come check on us when they hear her.  At the same time, since Kamiki and I have positioned ourselves next to each other, they probably would worry about missing their mark and not open fire and shoot at us.  I will wait for that moment and have Kamiki cover her ears, then unleash my Dragon Roar and shatter their eardrums.  The high-frequency vibration should cause them some light-headedness for a short time.  I can then take that opportunity and escape with Kamiki…  Hmm?  There might be a problem.  How would Kamiki cover her ears?  I haven’t untied her yet…  Forget it, if the Dragon Roar knocks Kamiki unconscious, then I can just carry her.

No problem at all – this plan should work.  I nodded my head slightly, then I saw that Kamiki had already recalled her wind spirit back to its magical dimension.

Now that the spirit has returned to its world, then…  I took a deep breath and tried my best to calm my surging emotions…  Then, with a stiff gait, I walked towards Kamiki… and hugged her.

”Wh…what, what…do you think you are doing…”  Kamiki’s voice was trembling and she tried hard to put up a struggle against me.  Unfortunately for her, I was holding onto her very tightly.

This is a good sign – I should just keep on doing this and let her scream her lungs out.

“I… I want you, want your body.”  Wah… no, no, no, the fragrance on Kamiki as well as the sensation from her violent reaction makes me almost want to faint.

“No… I don’t want to… don’t you touch me…”  After Kamiki heard what I just said, she looked like she was in shock, then she just struggled a little…

This is weird – don’t lower your voice, your scream has to be loud…

“What if I say I want to, what are you going to do?  You should pay for hurting my hand.  Now you are starting to feel afraid?”

“You… Lin Xiang, I didn’t think you would even…”

“That’s right, I am this kind of person.  Ho…  But what can you do now?”  Hurry up and scream, just hurry up and scream.

“I…  Why don’t you untie me?  We can talk about this.”

Ugh… why won’t she scream?  Could it be because my acting isn’t up to snuff?  So, in order to make it so that she would scream out louder, I tried hard to still my beating heart and pushed Kamiki down onto the ground…

“No… I beg you… don’t… please?”  Kamiki’s eyes started to well up…  At that moment, her calm and cool composure vanished without a trace.  In place of it was the expression of a little girl, begging for mercy.

“Haha… what if I must?”  Just so we can escape, doing something like making a girl cry is nothing.

I used my hand and grabbed Kamiki’s chin, and gave her as lecherous a smile as I could muster, “Relax… just give it to me…  After all, we won’t be able to run away from this place, so what do you have to lose?”

So, I pretended like I was reaching over to take Kamiki’s clothes off…

Kamiki just stared blankly at me, then turned her face away as a tear drop streamed down from her eye onto her tiny nose.  She whispered, “Then… okay… but be gentle…”

“Haha!!  I will be gent….  What did you just say?”

It sounded like Kamiki just said something not quite right?  Shouldn’t this be a good time to scream?

“I told you… to be gentle…  This is… this is my first time…”

“Hey, what are you talking about?  Shouldn’t this be the time to scream your lungs out?”  Strange, how come she is so submissive all of a sudden?

You shouldn’t be.  At this moment, the boy you hate is on top of you, ready to commit a certain criminal act…

“All you are good at is taking a beating.  I know we won’t be able to escape…  If I were going to fall into someone’s hands, I might as well… might as well let you reap some benefits from it.”

“No… what I was saying… actually…”  What should I do?  So, this was what Kamiki had been thinking…  Indeed, if she has fallen into the hands of the mercenaries, it is hard to say what would happen.  On the other hand, if she doesn’t scream, I don’t have any way to…

“What’s the matter?  Could it be that I don’t measure up to your standard?”  In that instant, Kamiki’s expression changed, and it almost looked like she wanted to be assaulted by me.  Even the corner of her mouth curled up a little… could it be that… she had found me out?

“I…um…actually…”  The saying, “plans don’t change as quickly as events unfold” was simply too true…  Right when I was completely speechless… the metal door suddenly swung opened.

The person who opened the door was that good looking guy from earlier.  He was holding two plates of food.  He couldn’t help but be taken aback when he saw that I was straddling Kamiki, “Hey!  Could it be that you two… are…”

Very quickly, he regained his composure, dropped the plates of food and pulled out his gun, “Bastard, now, get away from our meal ticket.  Hey!  Wild Wolf, you all come over here quickly, we have an incident here.”

“What’s the matter?”  After hearing that good looking guy’s yell, I could hear footsteps, then, five people came over.

“You guys see this?  This kid – I don’t know how he got himself untied, but right now, he is trying to attack our meal ticket.  If I hadn’t come by to bring them their food, I don’t even know what would have happened by now.”

“What?  That kid even has his eyes on our target?  Someone as awesome as I hasn’t even had a chance to take advantage of this, yet you dare touch her?”  Based on his voice, the one that looked like a creep must be Wild Dog.  He looked just like the way he sounded.

How should I describe this situation here?  What happened by accident had the same result as what I had planned…  But… how come there is one less person?  Originally, there were seven people, but one died, leaving six remaining.  Then, it looks like, at this temporary base of theirs, they have another companion, Wild Snake, here.  So, the number of people should now be back at seven.  But presently… there are only six…  According to their aura… the one called Wild Wolf isn’t here!

Even though this bunch of criminals is around the level of Battle Kings, I could clearly sense that the man called Wild Wolf’s abilities should be near that of a Battle Emperor…  What should I do?  Now that there is one less…  Never mind, I’ll just go according to my original plan…  I sure hope that there won’t be any more surprises.

“Actually…  Couldn’t you guys just listen to what I have to say first?”  I tried my best to use a pleading tone with them as I slowly stood up.

“Oh?  You still have something to say?  Let’s hear it.”  Not sure if that was Wild Chicken, or Wild Rabbit, or Wild something or another, he seems to feel that with six guns pointed at me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything.  I particularly like that attitude of theirs, underestimating their opponent…

“What I wanted to say is…  Hwoffff….”  I took a deep breath and felt the movement of the dragon’s power inside my body, then, “Haaa!!!”  I roared as loud as I could, and let the roar that contained the dragon’s power erupt through my exhalation.

“Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Bang!  Tunk!  Tunk!  Tunk!  Tunk! “  (Sound of objects hitting the wall, then falling onto the ground.)


When I saw the scenery before me after I unleashed the Dragon Roar, I was stunned.

The six criminals in front of me got sent flying by my Dragon Roar and hit the wall hard…  More than that, the parts of the wall that were hit now have deep depressions on them.  I really don’t know what I should use to describe what I am feeling at the moment…  Happy?  Excited?  “Dragon Roar Forever”?  Speaking of, even the warehouse’s metal door has been blown off of its hinges, and everywhere around its frame showed obvious indentations…  The power of the Dragon Roar… is totally overkill…

“You… just now… what did you do…”  The trembling voice of Kamiki, who has been lying on the ground, broke the silence…  From her voice, I could hear that she was in shock…  Never mind a bystander like her, even I, as the attacker, was just the same…

Did, Freed, that guy trick me?  What was with him saying that it was enough to make them temporarily unconscious?  Clearly, Dragon Roar sends people flying, then they hit their heads on something and get knocked unconscious, right?

“Oh, er… I… actually… this is my ability.  You know, my spiritual power is very weak, so I got this strange technique…  Never mind this, hurry and get on your feet, I’ll untie you.”

As I was saying this, I pulled Kamiki onto her feet, then I let her turn her back on me as I began slowly untying the intricate knot that was around her wrists.

Kamiki didn’t say anything.  She probably hadn’t recovered from the effects of my Dragon Roar, right?

Now that I think about it, it was about right.  Back then, because I had to convert some of it into wind power, a portion of the dragon power had already been used up – even so, I was able to knock over a big tree using the Dragon Roar, so, never mind now…  I just hope that those six criminals won’t die on me.

“Actually, I’ll ask this, Lin Xiang, are you actually a very powerful person, but due to some reasons, you are hiding your true strength?”

Huh? I felt like I had heard this somewhere before?  …  Oh, right, on the rooftop at school, she had said something similar…

“Me?  Oh…  I also don’t really know…  Just that, I really am very weak.  But, when there is a tough situation, I seem to get stronger… like with what just happened.”

“So… so it is like this…  Then, let me ask you this, when we were at the bank, at the time, why did you stand up?  Right in front of seven cold-blooded murderous criminals…”

“Hah… I don’t know.  At the time, I just didn’t want to see you get taken away by those thugs, so I couldn’t help myself and stood up.”

“Re…really… then, you… won’t you regret it?”

“Regret it?  Why would I regret it?  Didn’t I just take care of all of the criminals?  Alright… it’s finally untied.  That guy, Number 3, even though he was big and tall, and was called some kind of “muscle man”, he was actually quite dexterous…”  When I looked at the rope in my hand, I couldn’t help but marvel at his skill…

Kamiki turned around and looked at me seriously, “Actually, Lin Xiang… are you always like this?”

“What are you referring to?”  I kind of get the feeling that the way Kamiki looking at me now is a bit strange…  The hatred she had before seemed to have disappeared?

“That is… you have actually always kept it up like this?”

“Like I said, what are you referring to?”  Could you please not ask such ambiguous questions?

“What I mean is, are you always this… calm, this carefree, this composed in the face of disasters?”

“Huh?  I don’t know, perhaps.  Let’s go.  We can talk about this later.  We have to get out of here.”  I took a glance at the six thugs who were lying every which way outside the door.

“…  No wonder…  Satsuki and that Yorikawa would get close to you like that…  I found it out too late.”

“Did you just say something?”  I didn’t quite catch what Kamiki was mumbling about.  I was focusing on the six people who were lying on the ground, afraid that they might wake up any moment.

“Nothing.  Let’s go.”

I led Kamiki towards the area where the six thugs were lying on the ground.  They all looked like they were in a coma, with very shallow and weak breathing.  Could it be that the attack was too strong just now?  They couldn’t have died, right?

Never mind that – Wild Wolf is still somewhere around, I have to be careful.

I picked up two guns, one I held in my hand, another tucked behind me on my waist, to be used as a backup.  Then, I cautiously walked towards the main entrance of the factory…

————————— Outside the Factory

It was surprisingly easy for us to walk out of the factory.  But why was that?  Where did that Wild Wolf go?  I guess I’ll let it go – it’s better that he isn’t around anyway.

“Then, since we have managed to get outside, we should just walk along the main road to get away from here.  That’s right – do you have your cell with you?”  When I saw the minivan that was parked not too far from us, I regretted that I hadn’t learned how to drive.


Kamiki didn’t reply?  I turned around and noticed that Kamiki, who should have been following me, was gone.

Where did she go?  Maybe she left something behind and went back for it?

Right at this moment, the image of a man wearing a face mask flashed across my mind… the man that sent chills down my spine – Wild Wolf.

I got a bad feeling about this… don’t tell me Kamiki…  Crap…  Just now, I was too focused on checking out the road ahead of us, I completely neglected Kamiki, who was right behind me…  Damn it!

I ran back to the factory…  The moment I stepped through the door, “bang”, a bullet hit the metal door that was only inches away from me.

When I steadied myself and took a good look, Kamiki was standing ten meters away from me…  On her neck was a knife glinting with a silvery light… behind her was a fearsome looking face.

Seeing that the blade was pressing so hard on Kamiki’s neck that it left an impression, I couldn’t help but get angry…  I aimed my gun at Wild Wolf, “Hey!  Wild Wolf!  Let her go.”

The opponent is just a girl… how could he be so cruel to a girl?  Does he really have no qualms about cutting her throat open?

“Oh?  Let her go?  Didn’t you leave?  Why did you come back?”  I have to say, Wild Wolf without his mask looks horrid – a long scar from a knife wound stretches across the whole width of his face… his eyes are filled with killing intent, staring down at me like he is staring at his prey… he really is like his name, a wild wolf.

“I said, let her go.”

“Ah!  No need to glare at me like that, I might get scared…  The technique you used just now scared the hell out of me – I didn’t expect it to be so destructive…  Your loud cry knocked my six companions out, now all of them are half dead.  Hey… let me ask you this, would you be so kind as to tell me the name of your technique?”  Wild Wolf’s eyes lit up with greedy desire, looks like he is dying to learn the Dragon Roar…

That is something only dragons can learn, how do you expect me to teach you?  But for the moment, I need to buy as much time as possible…  “If I tell you, will you let her go?”

“I don’t know, maybe.  The decision doesn’t lie with you, kid.  When I caught this chick just now, and saw you walking right in front of me, do you know how much I wanted to shoot you right in the head?  But then… I remembered the loud noise from earlier, and those companions of mine who are lying there, dying. I felt like, if I let you die just like that, it would be such a waste.  I might as well learn that loud cry from you.  This way, I, Wild Wolf, will become a new star in the merc industry.”

“If you let her go, I will teach you the technique I just used.  How do you feel about that?”

“If it were you, would you listen to someone who has a gun in his hand?”

“Lin Xiang, don’t… hurry up and run…”  With a knife pressing against her neck, Kamiki was having a tough time speaking…  I could see that the area where the knife was pressing against her skin had started to show a line of red as a result of her talking…  If she continued to talk, her neck would definitely bleed.

“Kamiki, stop talking for now, just let me handle this.  Besides, since I have walked all the way back here, I don’t plan to leave just like that.”  As I said this, I threw the gun in my hand away.

“Ktunk… thud, thud, thud.”  (The sound of a handgun being thrown onto the ground.)

“How do you feel about it now?  Could you let her go?”  I gave Wild Wolf a smile.

Wild Wolf lightened his pressure on the knife.  I could see that Kamiki’s previous careful and shallow breathing now quickened a bit.  The corner of Wild Wolf’s mouth lifted a little, “Ho…  Like I said, the decision doesn’t lie with you.  Now, you just need to tell me the name of your technique, and how to do it.”

Even if I tell you how, you still won’t be able to do it.  And if you can actually do the Dragon Roar, then I think I would be dead meat for sure.  If that is the case, I’d rather take a gamble…  I closed my eyes, focused on the air around me and sensed that light breeze… imagined myself a gust of wind…

“No matter what, don’t tell him, Lin Xiang.  You should just go…”

“Shut up, you bitch.  Hey, why the heck are you closing your eyes?  You scared?”

The body feels light as air – it is that weightless and buoyant feeling again…  This feels really good…

“You’ve got to give me time to think, right?”  I slowly opened my eyes – I was full of confidence like never before.

“Then, are you done thinking now?”

“Hmm. I am done thinking.  Wah, look, what’s that behind you?”  I yelled out, pointed at the area behind Wild Wolf.

“Ha!  You think I would…”  Thud, thud, thud (the sound of a knife falling onto the ground).  “…  How… how could this be possible…”  At this moment, the smug look on Wild Wolf’s grotesque face vanished completely, his smile left his eyes and was replaced by fear.

Right when Wild Wolf thought that I was stupid enough to use some lowly tricks to fool him and was laughing at me, I, who was in a state like a wind gust, was already standing in front of him. I quickly took away the knife in his hand and took out the handgun that was tucked behind me at my waist and aimed at his head.  I did all these in just a matter of half a second.

“I didn’t tell you?  It wasn’t my intention to trick you, I just wanted to get you to relax a bit.”

That’s right, I had no reason to believe that this kind of lowly trick would be sufficient to fool a veteran mercenary like him.  I just wanted him to let his guard down, even just for a split second.  As I had expected, because of my lowly trick, Wild Wolf laughed.  He felt that I was really stupid, so he let his guard down.  In my wind state, I could cover thirty meters a second, and he was only ten meters away from me; so in one second, I could accomplish a lot.

Wild Wolf gulped, “Kid… even if you had attached a superior class wind type spirit onto your body, you still won’t be able to achieve this kind of speed…  Just what are you…”

“Me?  I am just as you can see, a piece of trash with unbelievably weak spiritual power.”

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