SLKD – Volume 3 Chapter 12

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Sniper, Movement, Wind Blade

“Number 4, go and get the car started and check the surroundings for any police lurking around. Number 2, Number 5, grab the money and follow Number 4 to the car. Number 6, you go delete the bank’s camera recordings. Number 7, keep an eye on the hostages. Number 3, tie up this girl and that brat.” The head of the robbers assigned various task to the other members.

But…I don’t understand, why does Number 6 need to delete the bank’s camera recording? They robbed the bank with masks on their faces, unless they have something to hide?

While I was going through these questions in my head, my hands were being tied together by Number 3. His knot tying skills are superb. Even though I was unable to move my hands at all, I did not feel any pain in my hands…

Just after Number 3 finished tying up Kamiki, all seven robbers gathered together once again.

“Number 1, the car is good to go – it’s all fueled up too. The surrounding police saw me starting up the car, but none of them dared to take a step forward.”

“Number 1, the security camera records have been deleted and I made sure to delete the backups too.”

“Good! In that case, we can go now. Number 7, pick any hostage to relay a message to the police; tell them that we still have hostages in our hands, so they had better not let us discover any police following us, or else we will not guarantee the safety of the hostages.”

“Understood.” After Number 7 replied, he turned around and walked towards the crowd of hostages, he then grabbed the bank manager. After speaking to him for a bit, he let the bank manager run out of the bank.

After the bank manager ran out of the bank, the robbers marched Kamiki and I out of the door…

When we walked out of the bank’s main entrance, Kamiki and I were shoved by the robbers towards a van parked not far away…

All of a sudden, “Bang!”, a faint shot rang out, and one of the Numbers behind me crashed down… his fresh blood sprayed onto my neck.


The police? That’s not possible, right? Are they really going to ignore our safety?

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” The sniper from some unknown location fired off another few rounds of shots, forcing the robbers to rush us towards the front of the van and use it to shield ourselves.

“Damn it! Is it the police?” One of the robbers roared in anger, and then aimed the gun at my head.

The leader of the robbers raised his hand slightly, signalling him not to open fire. In a calm tone, he said, “I don’t think so…now is not the time to act rashly, who knows, we may still have a use for him. The sniper should be from the Kamiki family so we need to be cautious.”

Someone from the Kamiki family? Could they mean a member of Kamiki’s family?

“Damn it! Wild Wolf, then you tell us what we should do now.” The robber that had me at gunpoint lowered his gun. Although his face is hidden by the mask, I could still feel that he was feeling pretty nervous at this very moment.

“Idiot, my codename is Number 1. Don’t panic just because something unplanned happened. The shooters wouldn’t dare to fire at us anymore so Number 4, quickly get into the car and start it up. Number 2, since you are quick on your feet, go and drag Number 6’s body back… You two, better cooperate with us and not try to take any chances. If we can’t get out of here, both of you will also join us.” The head of the robbers, by the name of Wild Wolf, pointed at us, made a knife-like hand gesture and lightly slashed across his throat.

Upon hearing Wild Wolf’s instructions, the rest of the robbers calmed down and executed their individual tasks… this made me feel once again… how scary these robbers are… but, what scares me the most, is still this man named Wild Wolf.

“Bang!” “Ah!” Number 2, who went to retrieve Number 6’s body, took a shot to his arm… I saw one of his hands let go , thinking that he would give up retrieving the body… If this is the case, with a body left behind, the police will be able to identify the robber.

However, to my surprise, Number 2 actually endured the terrible pain and single-handedly, dragged the body back safely while still under the danger of getting shot by the ‘godly’ sniper.

Staring at the falling leaves and the clustered bullet shells on the ground not far away, I deeply admired the shooting skills of the sniper… The first shot just now was originally meant for me, but his hands shifted a little and accidentally shot the robber that was behind me…

“Vrrruuum!” Wild Wolf pulled open the doors and pushed us in after the engine of the van fired up. Following after, the remaining five robbers boarded the van one after another.

After all of them had boarded, they threw Kamiki and I to the seatless area at the back of the van.

Number 4 slammed onto the gas pedal when everyone had got on and the van sped away, the sound of gunshots from the sniper also died down. Just like that, we were taken away by the robbers.

Through the window on the van’s back door, I noticed that there were some tall trees in the vicinity where we were at… so that’s why… that god-like sniper’s line of sight was blocked by those big trees… no wonder leaves were falling just now.

———————— 15 minutes later

“Ha! It seems the police really didn’t tail us.” Number 4 who was driving, laughed heartily, “The job is so easy this time around, although Wild Spirit is dead, the money we made this time is the most we have ever gotten, I really wish that there will be another task like this next time.”

“Keep it in your dreams, Wild Leopard, the person we kidnapped this time is none other than the miss from the Kamiki Conglomerate. Being who they are, the Kamiki Conglomerate will not let the matter rest like that. Don’t you go and forget that terrifying sniper just now, if not for those big trees, it would not be a matter of me getting shot but whether or not I am dead.” Number 2 responded.

We heard the conversation between the robbers loud and clear from the back of the van.

Kidnapping Kamiki? The target of this bunch of people was Kamiki Kuji from the very start? Why?

I took a look at Kamiki, who was right beside me. Coincidentally, she was also looking in my direction and our eyes met. Then, as though she was embarrassed, she quickly turned around… What is with her? Did she get so scared that she lost her nerve?

“Hehe, they won’t let the matter rest? You are just unlucky that you got shot, the people from the Kamiki Conglomerate are not that amazing after all ~ the girl looks very succulent, why don’t we…”

“If you have time for idle chitchat, why don’t you do a better job in observing the situation around us, I won’t allow even a tiny bit of error, or else, the client’s payment would go up in smoke. One more thing, Wild Dog, don’t you get any ideas about our target, our task is to deliver Miss Kamiki to our client without any harm.” Wild Wolf’s unforgettable voice sounded out.

“Ha~~I’m just kidding, I won’t do anything… Aiya… don’t make such a scary face… If you don’t want me to touch her, I won’t touch her; after all I can go find some other chicks later; once I get my money…” The robber named Wild Dog said with a lecherous laugh.

That explains everything… for some reason, someone hired a group of mercenary type of people to wait for Kamiki to enter the bank, then rob the bank, creating the illusion of Kamiki becoming the robbers’ hostage by “chance”.

Those hostages in the lobby might already know that Kamiki planned to go for a sneak attack… If this was the case… then this theory may be even more plausible… No wonder, when that Wild Wolf was scanning the crowd in the room, he never paused once, except when he saw Kamiki; he paused for just an instant on Kamiki – so that was because he had found his target?

I was thinking that Kamiki’s movement at the time was so slight that even I wouldn’t have noticed it if I wasn’t paying attention. So, it was because he was already paying such close attention to everything his target was doing, that was why he noticed Kamiki’s slight movement…

‘Brat! Not bad! To think that you managed to figure it out up to this stage, now you know the advantages of keeping your cool, right? It seems that all my teaching from before did not go to waste.’ Suddenly, Freed’s voice rang in my head.

‘Shit! I was still deep in thought, don’t scare me so suddenly like that… Sigh~~ However, I still must give you my thanks. Although, Freed, the reason I was able to keep my cool was because I did not wish for Silent Water to come to harm. Only that, I didn’t even consider that…the bank robbery this time would just be a ploy… the real goal was kidnapping Kamiki… Sigh ~ It seems that people from influential families have it tough too…’

‘All of these things are in the hands of destiny. They are all part of that human named Kamiki’s fate.’

‘Again with the destiny and fate? Can’t you just change your destiny?’

‘It’s possible. Destiny can be altered, but under the circumstances where one is unaware of one’s future, one’s destiny cannot be changed.  One’s destiny can only be changed by others…’

‘Ugh… I don’t quite understand…’

‘Alright. For example, someone is pointing a gun at you while you have no chance of resisting, you will then have 3 outcomes. First, the one holding the gun shoots and you die. Secondly, he changes his mind and you live. Third and lastly, someone happened to pass by and save you. These three possible outcome are your destinies: one which you are dead… two which you live. But you are unable to change anything in these three outcomes. Those who can change it will always be someone else.’

‘Ohh… I understand now…’

Indeed… A person’s life and death cannot be controlled by himself, the choice always falls to someone else or external interference.

‘Mm, to be able to figure this much out, very good. As I was saying, so far, it has been that human Kamiki’s fate. However, right now, she has two fates awaiting her: first being the robbers delivering her to their client, second being…’

‘…Up to me to save her?’

‘That’s right! So brat, are you willing to rescue someone you don’t like very much?’

‘Ah~ Do you still need to ask? If I am not willing, I wouldn’t stand up back at the bank, only… the situation now, what should I do?’

‘In this kind of situation, you should depend on yourself… I can only give you five words of advice, change according to the situation.’

‘Eh, I understand.’ Indeed, I should try to take this opportunity to gain some experience… After all, I won’t be able to rely on Freed and Yalide all the time… In the midst of battle, I would not have the luxury to divert my attention…

‘Mm! Remember to always keep your cool too. Yalide and I will not give you any more hints starting from now, this is the best chance for you train yourself, and one more thing, the dragon’s energy in your body has increased compared to last time…’

‘Oh? Then I am able to learn other skills already?’

‘No… But it shouldn’t be a problem if you learn the breath technique of other dragons…’

‘Dragon Roar? Can I ask, how to make my Dragon Roar pack more power?’ As I thought back to the trees in the Demon World that were knocked flying by my roar.

‘You can do that by learning from other elemental dragons. Their breath contains elemental energy, so it has destructive power. Doesn’t the Dragon Roar that you are using now also contain energy? It just doesn’t have much attack power… Oh right, don’t forget that you still have Dragon Roar at your disposal. Even though its destructive power is limited, if it is for the purpose of disorienting the robbers momentarily, it should be sufficient.’

‘Hmm, understood.’

‘Good! Then, brat… be careful… But you don’t have to worry, if there is any real danger, we will circulate dragon power… you can become impenetrable to knives and bullets. Though, the impact can still be painful.’



“Wild Leopard, how much longer till our destination?”

“Ugh… we are currently on Kagechikara Boulevard… about 7 minutes more.”

“Hmm, then, Beast and Savage, once we arrive at our destination, you two use the fire scrolls to burn the corpse of Wild Spirit.”


“Hey! Wild Wolf… I want to ask, what time will the client come to retrieve the target? I do not wish to stay with such a beautiful girl for too long, I won’t be able to control myself.”

“They will come tomorrow morning at 9. If you can’t hold it in, you can go out to find some chicks tonight, but after you leave, we may just leave the temporary assembly area.”

“Damn it… Wild Wolf, isn’t this a bit too much… Hai ~~ It looks like I am going to spend a lonely night by myself… Hey, girl, why don’t you come on to me instead? This way, we can both be happy, wouldn’t that good? Hey… Why are you ignoring me? Say something even if you disagree… I say, Wild Wolf, aren’t your two hostages a bit too quiet? We didn’t even gag them… They wouldn’t be scared stiff, would they?”

“Shut up, stop talking.”

Once Wild Wolf spoke, the van became quiet. It was so silent that I could hear Kamiki’s heartbeat. However, what is happening to her? Do I have something on me? Why does she keep looking over this way? Does she want to swap positions with me?


After about 5 minutes of driving, the van decelerated to a stop, then I heard the sound of someone opening one of the van’s doors.

“I am starving to death, I wonder if Wild Snake has brought us any food.” The first to speak was Wild Dog. Next to Wild Wolf’s voice, I find Wild Dog’s disgusting voice to be the second most memorable voice for me to remember.

“Ya ya, hey, Wild Wolf, what should we do with them?”

“Bring them out, throw them into the warehouse and remember to lock the door.”

“Understood!” Wild something or another replied, then the backdoor of the van was lifted up.

Through the lights from the inside of the car, I saw a somewhat handsome guy looking at us with a smile, “Ha~~ You two are so obedient, come here, continue to do as I say, else, I cannot guarantee your safety.”

Since the man had told us so, I gently nudged the dazed Kamiki, who was lost in thought sitting right next to me. Then, I let her follow me out of the van.

Tonight, the stars are as bright as the moon. With the starlight illuminating the way, we walk towards a rundown factory not too far away ahead of us.

—————————— Abandoned factory

“Alright, this will be your accommodation for the night, hey, kid, don’t you get any ideas on our target, or else you will die, very miserably.” The guy closed the door right after he finished his sentence.

Kamiki and I are currently inside a storehouse. Inside the storehouse, a small light was shining, I could vaguely make out some cloth in the corners… seems like, this was once a factory manufacturing clothes or something.

“Hey, Kamiki, are you scared?” I am not sure why, at the start when she was picked to be the hostage, she was still shaking non-stop, but when I stood up to suggest myself as the hostage, she seemed like she was no longer afraid. Is it because now she has me as a hostage buddy?

“Scared? At first, I was, but now, not anymore.” Under the faint light, I realised Kamiki was actually very beautiful, this was something I never noticed before… jet-black hair, exquisite skin, eyes brimming with intelligence, perfect alignment of the her facial features. Kamiki gives off a vibe of astuteness.

“Really?… oh right, can you chew through the rope on my hands? I do not hope to stay in this condition. Don’t worry though, I will bring you away from here.”

“Turn around, let me take a look… this won’t do… the rope is made of good materials, moreover, that guy’s rope tying skills are ingenious, I can’t chew through it.”

“Damn it… now what? Hmm? Kamiki, don’t you have a wind type spirit? Summon it.” At this moment, I remember Kamiki has an intermediate class wind type monkey.

“But… What can it do?”

“You don’t need to worry about that, just summon it.”

Summoning one’s own contracted spirit does not require the use of a magic wand. It relies on a direct psychic connection that lets it out from its magical space

“Alright.” Unexpectedly, Kamiki listened to my suggestion… I thought she would ignore the words from someone like me, whom she disliked so much.

I saw Kamiki closed her eyes… then a dull silver magic circle appeared on the floor… a cute monkey slowly rose from the magic circle. The little monkey immediately understood our situation the moment he appeared, and did not make a noise or throw a tantrum, instead it stood there obediently waiting for Kamiki’s order.

“Okay, Kamiki, now, you just let it take aim at the rope around my wrist with its Wind Blade, then the rope should come off.”

“You are kidding, right? Aiming a Wind Blade at you? Your hands will also be sliced along with the rope.” Kamiki started to tense up, unable to believe the foolish idea I had.

“I am not joking, just listen to me, or else, we will be trapped here.”

“I can’t! I can’t do this… I won’t let you get hurt… I am already grateful that you stood up to try and replace me as the hostage, I can’t let you get hurt anymore because of me…”

“Hey… Why are you crying? Don’t cry, looking at you cry makes me agitated. In any case, just trust me. I will be fine, also, stop being so loud, if the kidnappers outside heard us, it will be even harder for us to escape.” What the hell is Kamiki doing? I always thought that people like her would not shed tears… The moment I see a girl cry, my heart becomes mess.

“No… I don’t want to… I don’t want to…” Kamiki’s cries keep getting louder… seriously, the robbers outside will hear you.

With no other choice, I stuck my forehead onto hers, and as gently as possible said, “Listen… Kamiki, I beg you to please trust me, I will be fine, furthermore, I will bring you away from here. Don’t you forget, you are still my fiancée, didn’t you want to annul the marriage agreement? Then, listen to me, ask your spirit to aim its Wind Blade against the rope around my hands… ”

Wah~ So embarrassing… I am actually so close to Kamiki… It feels like I am going to faint…

“I… If anything happens to you, I won’t forgive you…” Kamiki was speaking weirdly, seemingly shocked by the action of me sticking my forehead onto hers as well.

“Uh… Please trust me.” I slowly moved myself away from Kamiki’s beautiful face… took a deep breath, and retreated a few steps deeper into the storehouse, then turned around with my back facing Kamiki.

‘Freed… Dragon energy!!!!’ I screamed out in my head.

Although I already made my decision… I am still afraid that Freed will not activate the dragon energy inside me… If it’s not activated, my hands will undoubtedly be cut off by the Wind Blade.

“If… If we successfully escape from here…” Kamiki stuttered as she tried to say something.

I did not hear it clearly so I asked, “What did you say?”

“Nothing… Then… Let’s start. Haki. ”

Right after Kamiki called out the name of the wind monkey, I immediately felt something flying towards me at high speed, and the next second, I felt something collide into me, which made me stagger forward a few steps… and my hand hurt like hell.

I promptly shook both of my hands off, and held in my scream… the rope finally came off… my hands weren’t bleeding. This is the best I could hope for… Both my hands are free… Then, the next step… time for a performance

(From the author:
At the beginning of the chapter, there is the mentioning of two “Kamiki family”. I am wondering if the readers would be confused by that. If that is the case, please let me clarify it a bit. The first Kamiki family, as was referred to by the robbers, refers to the Kamiki Family Conglomerate; the second Kamiki family, refers to Kamiki Kuji’s family… If the readers are wondering why the robbers were so lax with the main character and his friend, that is because they believed that the main character and Kamiki wouldn’t pose a threat to them, so they didn’t even bother gagging them.)

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