The Simple Life of Killing Demons

Alternative Name: 弑魔者的简单生活
Author: ☆Crazy→Mosquito★ (☆疯狂→蚊子★)
Category: Chinese Web Novel, Comedy, Harem, Fantasy
Status: Ongoing
Source: Link
Translator(s)/Translation Group: Alyschu&Co
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Imagination is always pleasant, but reality is cruel. I just wanted a simple life but why am I always getting into trouble?

Synopsis by alyschu
Dense protagonist is thrown in a parallel world.

Simple Life of Killing Demons

Glossary & Colored Pages

Volume 1 – The Simple Life of Crossing Through Another World

Volume 2 – The Simple School Life

Volume 3 – The Simple Life That Is Slowly Getting Farther and Farther Away From Me

Volume 4 – The Simple Life of Combat

40 thoughts on “The Simple Life of Killing Demons”

  1. Thanks for all these chapters and I really enjoy this series and I’m hoping to see more thanks again and love to you .

  2. Many thanks to Alyschu&Co for brought this novel to us! Just found out today and already read it in one go >.< oh and i just wanna know, this project is still active right? Because last update is 30 June if i'm not wrong.. i can wait of course, no worries, just want to reassuring my heart that new chapter will absolutely come out someday..

  3. Do NOT read this story, if you hate with a firey passion “Dokan / thickheaded protagonists”. The author really appreciates Japanese culture, and thus he revved up every single deadhorse cliche up to 11.

    • The MC never picks up on any romantic hints.
    • The MC is this pseudo-prince character that came straight out of a shoujo story.
    • The girls gravitate from being children, to being mindlessly tsundere to the point of disgust.
    • The villains are over the top to the point of being cartoonish…

    This is some form of pseudo shoujo RomCom that doesn’t go anywhere.
    Do not read if you are not compatible with these tropes.

  4. These lighthearted stories are so nice to read… An extremely dense protagonist really lets one burst into laughter. For some reason, what others are complaining about is probably what I won’t be getting tired of anytime soon. 😉

    Thanks for the chapters!

    1. Yeah yeah yeah. Your right. It does make you laugh.
      “, what others are complaining about is probably what I won’t be getting tired of anytime soon.” I agree.

  5. Interesting story! Definitely worth checking out. My only vice with this series is the neutron star level MC >_< I hope this doesn't continue into later chapters/arcs I mean c'mon!

  6. I would like the VIP chapters to be relocated to normal reading options.

    It is tiring me to wait for VIP chapters to be normal chapters >_<

    If only that PayPal Chinese is linked to PayPal American I would have drowned the Author in piles of money that he will think the (ATM Machine is broken!!?)… probably.

  7. Literally been a year since any releases. If it’s been dropped, should be moved to purgatory so people don’t get their hopes up

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