DKC – Chapter 574

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Chapter 574 – Temper tantrum appeased (12)

Nangong completely hadn’t anticipated that his pretense had seemingly become the real thing.

Consequently, he could only continue to pretend to be in poor health: “It turns out I actually have a heart disease ah……” What the heck was this expression?

Su Luo solemnly nodded: “Yes, also, there aren’t decent doctors here, I also can’t perform surgery, what’s to be done that will be good?”

Nangong Liuyun cleverly blinked his eyes, then blinked again……

He was the grand and stately His Highness Prince Jin, of great erudition and scholarship. From the heavens above, he knew about astronomy, to the ground below, he knew about geography. Now, at this moment, he completely couldn’t continue this conversation……

Su Luo again muttered in distress to herself: “Isn’t this a world with magic? An illness like heart disease that ordinary people suffer from still exists? This is not rational ah.”

Nangong Liyun: “……” What was his little princess saying, in the end?

He discovered that if he dismantled her words, he would recognize every word, but when combined together, it was unintelligible…… Nangong Liuyun almost cried due to the feeling of inferiority.

After Su Luo finished muttering to herself, the steward had also finally brought the imperial physician.

This Imperial Physician Li looked quite close with Su Luo’s mental image of a imperial court physician.

His eyebrows and hair were all white, with kind brows and pleasant eyes. He seemed affable and also excellent in the art of healing.

After Imperial Physician Li finished checking Nangong Liuyun’s pulse, he stroked his white beard, pondering for a long time without speaking.

Su Luo grew worried as she nervously and apprehensively stared fixedly at this imperial court physician who had brilliant medical expertise.

Imperial Physician Li closed his eyes and muttered to himself for a long while, then sighed deeply.

Su Luo’s heart was really apprehensive, and with his sigh, her heart was alarmed and her body jumped.

“Physician Li, what’s the matter with His Highness Prince Jin’s illness, is it grave?” Su Luo pointed to Nangong Liuyun who was lying in bed with a pale complexion and gossamery breath.

The corner of Physician Li’s mouth pursed slightly.

But thanks to his long and thick white beard, it nicely concealed his slip up.

“His Highness Prince Jin’s illness……” Imperial Physician Li glanced at Nangong Liuyun enigmatically, then glanced away. He lifted his eyes to the sky: “Difficult, difficult ah……”

Su Luo’s heart became even more nervous.

Perhaps her inauspicious crow beak had hit the mark, it truly was heart disease? Also, the congenital kind of heart disease?

Under Su Luo’s anxious gaze, only then did Physician Li compromised to say: “This illness of His Highness Prince Jin ah, is very strange. He cannot get angry, even more, he shouldn’t be furious, he must maintain a good mood. What he wants, give it to him.”

Physician Li stealthily looked at Nangong Liuyun from the corner of his eyes, and the latter nodded with satisfaction.

“Ah?” Su Luo scowled.

Imperial Physician Li once again stroked his white beard, feigning being enigmatic: “At this moment, the patient’s condition is the most grave, he cannot be left alone. Otherwise, if his illness worsens and there is nobody to attend to him, the consequences will be too unthinkable ah……”

Imperial Physician Li lifted his eyes towards the sky. Once again, he stealthily glanced at Nangong Liuyun’s body from the corner of his eyes.

The extremely weak Nangong Liuyun reclined on the mattress, a clearly defined finger extended from the quilt at an angle Su Luo could not see and gave a thumbs up towards Imperial Physician Li, expressing he would be reward extremely well.

As a result, the expression on Imperial Physician Li’s face clearly became more sorrowful. He earnestly and worriedly warned Su Luo repeatedly: “Whatever requests His Highness has, try to satisfy it as much as possible. No, it must be satisfied, otherwise, if His Highness was provoked again to have an outbreak of this illness, then the consequences…alas. Even if it was the Da Luo immortal (1) descending to the mortal world, he would also not be able to save this situation.”

Originally, Su Luo was not someone so easily deceived, for good or bad, in her previous life, she was also very astute.

But her mistake was that, in the begining, Su Luo had set up the frame for herself, firmly believing that Nangong Liuyun had heart disease.

These words that Imperial Physician Li said could also be translated as having to remain modest and keep cool, the mind must be at peace and could not be subjected to provocation….

This was truly that the more you heard it, the closer it fit, the more you listened to it, the more fitting it seemed, basically you didn’t need to doubt it.



1) Da Luo immortal. In the Taoist cultivation methods this is the highest plane they want to achieve. Basically at this stage the person would not be restrained by time nor space and could happily go wherever and whenever. This is also the name of an immortal in the imperial court in the heavens. I’m not familiar with all this so if you have more information about him 大罗神仙 then feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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