DKC – Chapter 573

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Chapter 573 – Temper tantrum appeased (11)

At an angle Su Luo could not see, Nangong Liuyun’s pair of shocked eyes were opened slightly, but very quickly, restored to its original state.

He would never have imagined, faking death would have this kind of treatment, he became completely stupid from satisfaction.

However his speed was extremely fast, it was in the blink of an eye, therefore, Su Luo completely didn’t detect it.

Su Luo boldly sat astride his body while giving him mouth-to-mouth, and also massaged his heart using CPR methods.

However, five minutes passed, yet Nangong Liuyun still hadn’t improved the slightest, moreover, his body was even more stiff than before.

Su Luo became anxious and shouted at the people outside the door, she knew the steward was just outside the door, waiting.

“Something is wrong with Nangong Liuyun, quickly call the doctor! Quick!” Su Luo yelled to him.

The steward pushed open the door and entered, seeing the future princess so boldly sitting astride Nangong liuyun…such a passionate scene immediately blinded him, and his old face had a shocked expression.

“Why haven’t you quickly gone to look for a doctor!” Su Luo angrily roared at him.

“Doctor? Okay, okay, this old servant will immediately go.” The steward hurriedly closed the door securely, his urgent sound of agreement coming through.

However, the old steward was not the least bit worried, on the contrary, he was elatedly stroking his few whiskers of goat-like beard.

Never imagined, really would never have imagined, the future princess was so bold, in all likelihood, not long after, a son would be added to the manor.

But…a princess being too bold was also not good. His Highness had such a strong, robust body and still needed to look for a doctor…oh dear.

The steward stroked his few goat-like whispers of a beard, walking without any rush. With kind intentions, he decided to delay more time for the prince and his future princess.

If Su Luo knew this matter was misunderstood to such an extent by the steward, perhaps the veins on her forehead would explode, right?

Su Luo was completely unaware that her image in the steward’s heart was that robust, now, all of her attention was focused on Nangong Liuyun’s body.

Just when Su Luo was so anxious as to be at her wit’s end——

She saw Nangong Liuyun weakly open his eyes, his clear, monochrome, phoenix eyes were half-opened, bewilderedly looking at Su Luo.

“You——” Now, Su Luo was frightened as well as overjoyed, and also angry, “What’s the matter with you? All of a sudden, your body was stiff and you were not breathing. Are you trying to scare a person to death!”

Nangong Liuyun’s complexion was pale, he seemed to have a gossamer thread of energy. He seemed bewildered and innocently looked at Su Luo, “What…just…happened?”

The him right now, where was that liveliness from just a moment ago when he was being arrogant and adorable? He simply looked as if a gentle wind could blow him down, weaker than fragile younger sister Lin (1).

Suddenly, Su Luo’s heart soured, and was also somewhat worried. She very carefully and gently supported him to sit up: “Can it be you aren’t even a bit clear about what happened?”

“Don’t know…” On Nangong Liuyun’s wan face, a pair of limpid eyes were half-opened and half-closed. Seeing it made a person’s heart sour.

“Just a moment ago, your entire person stopped breathing. Moreover, your entire body was ice-cold, just like…just like….the same. I was scared and frozen stiff by you.” Su Luo wiped at the perspiration on her forehead, asking him with deep concern, “Now, how do you feel? Do you have any place that doesn’t feel well?”

“I do.” Nangong Liuyun’s pair of deep, pitch-black as ink eyes unblinkingly looked at her.


Nangong Liuyun pulled at her hand and place it on his chest. He looked at her weakly and without strength: “This place…doesn’t feel well.”

“Chest hurts? Could it be a heart attack? The heart suddenly stopped dead?” Su Luo had a startled expression on her face, her mouth muttering words to herself.

Nangong Liuyun carefully looked at her, a puzzled expression flashing through his eyes.

Heart attack? The heart suddenly stopped dead? What were these terms? He, as the grand and stately His Highness Prince Jin, had never heard of these terms.

Now, Su Luo had an expression of suddenly having seen the light: “So it was a heart attack, no wonder just a moment ago, you suddenly lost consciousness.”



1) Younger sister Lin – The Lin means forest so this is literally some younger sister of the forest. I am guessing this is referencing a fragile younger sister in Chinese pop culture I have no clues off. Feel free to google her 林妹妹 🙂

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