DKC – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 – The wicked sneer

Su Xi was easy to deceive, but that Madam Su may not be. Thus, Su Luo made a preemptive strike to kill Nanny Gui, and the death would end all her troubles.

In any case, Nanny Gui’s offense was the former mistreatment of this body’s original owner, so she should have died long ago!

Moreover, since she was now dead, this would also get rid of Madam’s right hand man. Acting upon her own matters would be much easier in the future.

This was a move that would let her gain many benefits, which was why Su Luo in one strike hacked Nanny Gui to death without the slightest of hesitation .

However, Su Luo let the little maid go and only knocked her unconscious.

Because it was useful to leave the maid alive, as at a future time, she might be expected to testify.

After disposing those two, Su Luo rapidly sped up as her figure flashed away like lightning.

Her footsteps temporarily stopped, then darted toward Su Jingyu’s Heaven and Earth courtyard. Her small body was like that of an leopard cat, light and nimble.

Not long after, she arrived at the Heaven and Earth courtyard.

Tonight, Su Jinyu did not go out, and instead stayed in his room to cultivate.

“There’s an assassin!” Su Luo lowered her voice and deliberately shouted out.

She purposefully created a racket outside so the people in the courtyard could see a black shadow leaping in.

“There’s an assassin, capture the assassin!”

There was no end to the people swiftly calling out the same warning.

Su Jingyu’s brows tightly knitted because in his eyes, this noise disturbed his cultivation.

But the clamor outside seemed to have the tendency to only get bigger and bigger.

He had no choice but to stand up and walk out his door.

And at the exact time he walked out, Su Luo nevertheless, took advantage of the confusion and quietly flashed into the interior of the room.

Seeing that not a soul was in sight, the corner of her mouth raised into a wicked sneer. In regards to the next item in this program, she was really really enthusiastically looking forward to it.

Su Jingyu ah, Su Jingyu. You were the one who walked out to give me this opportunity. When that time comes, you can’t really blame me.

Su Luo swiftly removed the small box from her bosom and picked up the bottle of Celestial Spirit Water. She was just about to close the box when right at that time——

Borrowing the bright candlelight, she saw a slip of old-fashioned paper pressed underneath the box. She picked it up to get a closer look and discovered that the paper looked like a map. But it had crooked lines and was hard to comprehend.

And also this map was incomplete. It ought to be only a quarter of the original map.

What kind of map is this? It’s also suffused in yellow. It seems to be really old. Su Luo frowned as a trace of uncertainty flashed across her eyes.

But it was placed together with the Celestial Spirit Water so presumably, it was also something precious. After all, she could not let Su Jingyu off so lightly.

Based on her “take any advantage presented and not taking would be stupid” moral principle, Su Luo simply collected the map into her bosom.

Then she took off her black cloth, the cloth wrapped around her face and hair, and even the brocade box. All of it were stuffed together under the bed.

Her actions were extremely fast; the matter was completed before the time it takes a flint to light a fire.

As she looked at the things stuffed underneath the bed that deliberately exposed a little bit of black cloth, Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a cold smile.

Su Jingyu, is it fun to wrongly accuse someone? Then I’ll let you really have fun playing this game. Hopefully, you won’t play to death this time, because your little sister still has a lot of fun tricks waiting for you.

Su Luo took one last glance at the room. After confirming that she did not leave any errors, she lept out the window and her small body rapidly vanished into the blackness of the dark night.

On the other side, after Nangong Liuyun received Su Luo’s signal, he quickly followed behind her in a spontaneous fashion and the growing tail of people headed toward Su Jingyu’s Heaven and Earth courtyard.

Since this was a framing, then she clearly must let this play be acted out fully.

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