DKC – Chapter 1787

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Chapter 1787 – Yun Luo Red Lotus (2)

After walking for approximately four hours. Su Luo gradually sensed a trace of difference in the air.

It’s more accurate to say, the air seem to contain a formidable fire element. And this fire element firmly suppressed the fire element in her body. It was like a subject seeing the emperor having an involuntary reverence feeling.

Right now Su Luo had such a faint feeling.

Can’t be so unusual right? Su Luo was half skeptical.

But as time passed and as they got closer, Su Luo’s feeling of reverence become stronger and stronger. It made her feel uneasy and excited.

Unease because of the reverence and worship of a normal fire element towards the Yun Luo Red Lotus this supreme different fire element.

Excited because Su Luo knows this Yun Luo Red Lotus will soon become an object in her bag.

As she got closer, not only could Su Luo feel it, she was able to see that sea of fire in front of her.

Gotten closer, Su Luo could clearly see the panoramic view in front of her eyes.

What amazed people was this sea of fire was burning on top of snowy ground.

The pure white snow that hasn’t melted for millennium, on top of it was this fiercely burning sea of fire.

It was endless as if the sky was a huge burning flame.

“How could it be like this?” Seeing this mystical scene in front of her eyes, Su Luo suddenly had a strange feeling.

Such a huge sea of fire, why couldn’t it melt the snow?

How come the heavy snow couldn’t extinguish this endless fire?

Fire and water are incompatible, this made Su Luo doubt her past worldviews even to the point of overturning it.

“Because this is the Law of Heaven and Earth.” Right now the little sable’s expression was cautious and grave. Not the dim-witted, foolish, cute and innocent expression it had when Su Luo first saw it.

“Law of Heaven and Earth?” Su Luo was even more puzzled, such an incredible thing really was too unfathomable to grasp.

“If you can understand the Law of Heaven and Earth, then you can enter saint rank.” In Su Luo’s mind the little stone gave a long drawn out sigh.

But the little stone know, Su Luo’s road to breaking through this speed was too fast, her foundation wasn’t stable yet. If she blindly seek speed and not steadiness toward the end she will definitely encounter problems. Right now the most important thing for Su Luo is to stabilize her foundation and not to take a shortcut to breakthrough. Also because of this the little stone didn’t mention some things related to the Laws of Heaven and Earth.

“Is the Yun Luo Red Lotus inside?” Su Luo’s eyes had two column of flames jumping up. Also it was a question but Su Luo said in a tone that was certain. Because she was already eighty to ninety percent sure in her heart this was the reverence the fire element had to a different fire.

“Yes.” The little stone had very deep understanding of the fire element. Now even he had a trace of excitement that he was unable to hold back.

Yun Luo Red Lotus ah, that was a legendary existence that he only heard of in his last life. Didn’t expect to have the fortune to encounter it this lifetime. Looks like there is barely some benefits to following this little girl.

Although they were certain the Yun Luo Red Lotus is here, but Su Luo still frowned. Because she doesn’t know how to safely get the Yun Luo Red Lotus in hand under such circumstances.

Let alone to say her body’s current condition wasn’t good.

“First go in then discuss it.” The little stone couldn’t hide the excitement in his heart.

Even the little stone doesn’t know what would happen after entering, but in this kind of situation no one would select to turn and leave because of danger up ahead.

“Careful.” The little stone said faintly.

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