DKC – Chapter 1781

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Chapter 1781 – Trying to be clever, ended up with egg on one’s face (1)

Nangong Liuyun extended out his white as jade hand and beckoned towards the little ancient tree.

Just this move made the little ancient tree very excited. As a result, it eagerly and very quickly hopped in front of Nangong Liuyun.

Nangong Liuyun frowned as he looked at this bashful little thing, giving two disdainful humphs.

Fortunately, it was prepared for Su girl, if it was for himself…such a cute little thing, he really couldn’t afford to use it.

“Are you willing to go with me?” Nangong Liuyun had a stiff expression and his tone was ice-cold without a touch of warmth one ought to have when kidnapping a child.

Even so, the little thing still wasn’t able to suppress its excitement. Its branches shook as if its life depended on it, showing its excited mood at this moment.

Nangong Liuyun frowned with reluctance. In a mild tone, he said: “Then keep pace.”

Finished speaking these three words, Nangong Liuyun took large strides and left.

After the little ancient tree got his consent, its heart jumped with ‘thump, thump’ sounds. So excited that it was besides itself. One only saw it jump up in two to three steps, its claws fiddling around Nangong Liuyun’s waist.

Nangong Liuyun wasn’t used to other people touching him, even a tree wasn’t allowed. One only saw him use his strength to peel the little ancient tree off him and toss it to the ground.

But the little ancient tree wasn’t discouraged. It still threw itself up rapidly. Then it grabbed tightly onto the corner of Nangong Liuyun’s robe and refused to let go.

As a result, one tried to wrap around, the other tried to toss it aside. This happy play was played continuously.

Nangong Liuyun didn’t know that Su Luo once appeared here. Moreover, he didn’t know that Su Luo was dragged into the wall by the guarding mystical beast, so he took large strides and left without any reluctance.

Just like this, time and time again, a freak combination of factors, so the two would miss meeting again and again. Don’t know when they would really reunite again.

Speaking of Su Luo’s side.

Su Luo was escorted by the multi-colored bubbled into a strange and mysterious door. After the door closed, this place turned into a completely new world.

Su Luo continue to be unconscious.

This time, she slept very deeply.

If speaking according to normal circumstances, it was only her head that was knocked slightly around, it was unlikely to make her unconcious to this degree. But now, time had already quietly passed for several hours. Not only wasn’t there traces that Su Luo would wake up, it seemed her situation had become even worse.

The guardian divine beast, also known as this little sable, it saw Su Luo’s complexion turn red and having difficulty breathing. It couldn’t help but be anxious, grabbing its ears and scratching its cheeks, didn’t know what would be good for it to do.

What to do? The little sable’s tail stuck up high, walking in circles around the unconscious Su Luo. From time to time, it would slap its own forehead.

Suddenly a light flashed through its eyes.

It remembered that when it was unwell, it only had to eat a red-colored medicinal herb, then it would be fine. It remembered there were several stalks of that medicinal herb stored. Recalling this, the little sable immediately became excited. One only saw it swaying its tail eagerly and very quickly rushing wildly ahead.

After seven to eight turns, as if it had ran quite a distance, don’t know what it was busy doing, quite a while later, one saw it return covered in dirt. Only this time, it had a fiery red plant in its mouth.

This plant didn’t seem big, about the size of a cup of wine. Gorgeous scarlet color, full of attractiveness and elegance.

Little sable didn’t have time to think too much, its mouth held this red flower, and it jumped to Su Luo’s side in two to three steps. Its little claw pinched the flower, squeezing out the fiery red juice.

The juice followed the little claw and dripped down, drop by drop. At this time, Su Luo seemed to be in a deep sleep, allowing the little sable to manipulate her as it pleased.

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