DKC – Chapter 1765

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Chapter 1765- Hair-raising (3)

When Dongfang Xuan entered, Su Luo was still tangled about whether to feed this Lug or not.

Su Luo gave the Battle God Puppet a name, calling it Lug.

When Dongfang Xuan came in, he saw Lug laying straight on the ground, while Su Luo was circling around it.

Such a great opportunity, how could Dongfang Xuan miss it!

One only saw his foot lift as he fiercely kicked towards Su Luo’s back!

Sensing the strong wind and killing intent coming from her back, this time, Su Luo didn’t dodge. She flipped around and sent a column of flame towards Dongfang Xuan!

The column of flame blocked Dongfang Xuan’s attack, but it only blocked it for a very short period of time. Because Dongfang Xuan was envious of this Battle God Puppet, so he had used a fatal strike.

Even though he was heavily injured, he still wasn’t someone Su Luo could defeat.

Su Luo was almost trampled as she was kicked to the side.

Dongfang Xuan repeatedly laughed evilly. In his arms were purple and black crystal stones that he had hoarded for a long time. His movement was extremely fast as he fed these to the Battle God Puppet!

Su Luo’s heart was anxious to death!

If Dongfang Xuan succeeded, wouldn’t Lug become his personal thug? Then the lives of everyone in her group of four would be controlled in Dongfang Xuan’s palm right? This absolutely wasn’t something Su Luo wanted to see.

As a result, in spite of the pain from her body, Su Luo threw herself over.

But it was already too late.

The opportunity had quietly disappeared when Su Luo hesitated.

The crystal stones in Dongfang Xuan’s hand rapidly disappeared. From the side, this showed one thing, that Lug had swallowed up these things that contained spirit force.

Just when Su Luo was anxious enough to rush up and fight to the death with Dongfang Xuan, the little stone’s voice faintly sounded in Su Luo’s mind.

“Slow!” The little stone said such a simple word.

“If I am any slower, then I’ll be dead!” Su Luo once again wanted to rush up.

“If you rush up, then that is what’s called really dead. Don’t you know the saying, ‘leaving behind a green mountain, you won’t have to worry there won’t be firewood to burn’? Don’t know what’s called ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ this phrase?” The little stone reasoned calmly.

“What do you mean?” There were many questions in Su Luo’s heart, but her mood had already calmed down.

“The mysteries of the heavens must not be revealed.” The little stone started to keep her in suspense.

Then regardless of how Su Luo asked, the little stone was literally like a stone in the toilet, smelly and hard. No matter what, she couldn’t get any answer out of him.

Dongfang Xuan saw the crystal stones in his hand being absorbed by the Battle God Puppet, and immediately he was so overjoyed that he almost danced.

Although the Battle God Puppet still hadn’t woken up, but Dongfang Xuan already believed the Battle God Puppet was an item in his purse. On top of the fact that before, he saw Su Luo feed the Battle God Puppet and it didn’t immediately wake up, so he wasn’t a bit anxious.

His heart wasn’t anxious so he had idle time to deal with Su Luo.

One only saw Dongfang Xuan unhurriedly walk towards Su Luo.

His footsteps were even, neither fast nor slow, as if he was strolling through the imperial court. So leisurely as if sitting around watching the flowers bloom and fall.

His gaze had a trace of a mocking smile that wasn’t a smile. His cold eyes cast sidelong glances at Su Luo.

In his impression, at this time, Su Luo should be losing her head out of fear, or at least fly into a rage. But contrary to what he expected, Su Luo wasn’t flustered nor flew into a rage. Rather, her expression was calm as water without a single ripple.

Dongfang Xuan didn’t believe it, such a dramatic change, even he wouldn’t be able to remain calm, so how could Su Luo really be so unconcerned?

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