DKC – Chapter 1764

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Chapter 1764 – Hair-raising (2)

In mid-air, Dongfang Xuan sprayed out a mouthful of blood, dyeing the ground red.

But Dongfang Xuan was ruthless to others and even more ruthless to himself. Although he was seriously injured, he still spared no effort as his figure shrank down, using the strength from the Battle God Puppet’s fist to quickly fly back.

When Su Luo returned to her senses, she had already lost his figure in front of her eyes.

Recalling the Battle God Puppet’s strength, Su Luo wasn’t worried. Only, she had a disdainful expression, as she humphed twice in ridicule: “Want to run? See where you can run to!”

Then, Su Luo turned, wanting to command the Battle God Puppet.

However, before Su Luo could say anything, she saw the Battle God Puppet’s huge figure, with a ‘clang’ sound, sit down on the ground.

Su Luo’s heart immediately had an ominous feeling.

As a result, she hurriedly ran to in front of the Battle God Puppet.

But when Su Luo arrived, she just so happened to see the Battle God Puppet close its eyes with difficulty and sink into deep sleep.

Su Luo hastily called it.

But there was no response.

Su Luo couldn’t help but use her hand to push.

Still no response.

Su Luo had a sullen expression, and helplessly asked the little stone: “What’s going on?”

The little stone scratched his head in embarrassment. In the end, he still stiffened his face and humphed in an unpleasant tone and manner: “What’s going on? Haven’t you already guessed it?”

“How could it be like this!” Su Luo simply couldn’t imagine it, “So many purple-colored crystal stones, in exchange for one strike from his fist towards Dongfang Xuan?”

Wasn’t this a bit too expensive? Even if purple crystal stones were piled into a mountain, she still couldn’t afford to raise it okay?

The little stone humphed twice, that could be considered a response.

“You knew since earlier?” Although it was a question but Su Luo’s tone was very certain.

“I need to go into closed-door cultivation, if there isn’t anything important, don’t casually disturb me!” The little stone especially arrogantly turned his face away. Then, he quickly sat down cross-legged to start cultivating.

Su Luo extended out a finger but didn’t know who she should poke.

This, this simply almost angered her to death.

So many crystal stones! So many crystal stones to exchange for one fist strike! Could she be more of a spendthrift!

Su Luo scowled miserably, with a complicated expression as she stared at the Battle God Puppet that was in an unconscious state.

Now what should she do? Feed it or not?

Su Luo felt this was a very difficult decision.

If she didn’t feed it, then when Dongfang Xuan searched over, based on Dongfang Xuan’s strength, he absolutely could steal the Battle God Puppet from her hands. You must know, the Battle God Puppet would follow whoever fed it, wouldn’t be eternally loyal to her.

If she fed it…Su Luo looked into her space, she suddenly had an urge to cry.

Just when Su Luo was hesitating indecisively, outside, Dongfang Xuan was also indecisive.

Dongfang Xuan quickly ran out, just when he did his utmost to increase his speed to the max, he suddenly discovered that no one chased after him.

Based on the enormous strength of the Battle God Puppet, and Su Luo’s petty mind, how could they not chase over? This matter simply appeared strange.

Dongfang Xuan’s brain spun very fast, very quickly, he analyzed the critical point of the matter: it couldn’t be that the Battle God Puppet didn’t have any spirit force right?

But in Dongfang Xuan’s impression, the Battle God Puppet only made one strike ah, how could it not have enough spirit force?

Although the possibility was very small, but Dongfang Xuan was very experienced in seeking riches among danger, so he stopped his footsteps and hid to listen attentively.

However, after listening, he really did hear a bit of the truth.

Just because the Battle God Puppet hadn’t chased over after a long time, therefore, Dongfang Xuan became more and more suspicious. In the end, he straightforwardly turned and, walking quickly, went back inside.

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