DKC – Chapter 1763

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Chapter 1763 – Hair-raising (1)

The Battle God Puppet approached him step by step, in the end, standing firmly in front of him.

Before waiting for the Battle God Puppet to make a move, Dongfang Xuan had already taken the initiative to strike first. Because he knew, if he waited for the Battle God Puppet to move first, then his chances of winning would be quite small.

Dongfang Xuan’s ice blade hacked over, one after another.

These ice blades that contained endless attack and destructive power had a huge restrictive force on Su Luo.

However, what shocked him was!

These ice blades were completely useless against the Battle God Puppet!

Looking on as the ice blades flew over from all directions, the Battle God Puppet just stood there with its back straight, a motionless appearance. When the ice blades flew to his body, only a burst of pitter-patter of things hitting could be heard. When she looked again, those ice blades had become powder and floated to the ground. Not even a trace of scars was left on the Battle God Puppet’s body.

This was sufficient to prove, Dongfang Xuan’s strongest attack wasn’t able to harm the Battle God Puppet, even a bit.

That’s also to say, the Battle God Puppet was immune to Dongfang Xuan’s attack.

The Battle God Puppet just stood there, a terrifying smile hanging at the corner of its eyes and mouth.

The chill in Dongfang Xuan’s heard became even stronger.

The restraining fear he had towards the Battle God became even deeper.

Dongfang Xuan had continuously attacked non-stop. Constantly releasing his biggest and most prideful moves. But even his strongest killing move, still couldn’t move the Battle God Puppet a tiny bit.

It was like a pile of wood standing there, letting Dongfang Xuan’s attack land on its body.

Precisely because the difference between the two sides was too large, so the Battle God Puppet’s strength steadily suppressed Dongfang Xuan.

The more Dongfang Xuan struck, the more fearful he became. Until the end, his heart had already sunk to the bottom.

While Su Luo, who was watching this battle scene on the side, her mood was suddenly extremely good. The ancient people said correctly, fortunes rise and fall. Now, it’s finally her turn.

Before, she was at the end of her rope from being chased by Dongfang Xuan. Now, having a Battle God Puppet, see how Dongfang Xuan can still maintain his arrogance!

Su Luo had both hands at her hips as she stood on the side happily. Grinning as she watched the play that could make her feel great.

Dongfang Xuan knew the chances of him winning this battle today would be very low. With the Battle God Puppet present, if he continued to fight, don’t even mention killing Su Luo, he wouldn’t even be able to keep his own life.

Thinking of this, Dongfang Xuan’s heart had already made a decision from the top thirty-six strategies.

Su Luo looked at Dongfang Xuan’s eyes which were twirling around, in a flash, she thought of what he was thinking. As a result, she loudly instructed the Battle God Puppet that was letting itself be beaten: “Quickly strike, don’t let him run!”

The Battle God Puppet was one that followed whoever fed it. And Su Luo was the latest master he recognized. As a result, he very obediently swung his fist, ruthlessly smashing towards Dongfang Xuan!

Dongfang Xuan, seeing the situation was wrong, immediately turned to run away!

The Battle God Puppet’s head already had a mission, how could it let him run? One only saw its fist, fast as lightning as if carrying ten thousand catties in weight with the sounds of thunder, ruthlessly smashing towards Dongfang Xuan’s chest.

Dongfang Xuan wanted to avoid it but he still underestimated the Battle God Puppet’s strength. Before Dongfang Xuan could make the move to avoid, the fist had already flown to his chest area.

One only heard a loud ‘bang’ sound.

With a crashing sound, Dongfang Xuan’s body was like a broken kite, flying backwards.

The fist from the Battle God Puppet seemed to contained all the strength between heaven and earth, Dongfang Xuan simply could not bear it.

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