DKC – Chapter 1761

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Chapter 1761 – Battle God Puppet (3)

The little stone glared at Su Luo as if she had failed to live up to expectations: “That’s because you don’t know how formidable the Battle God Puppets were at their summit, thus you would say something like this! As long as you feed it sufficient spirit force, I can guarantee ten Dongfang Xuan is not enough for it to destroy!”

But the little stone didn’t say how much spirit force was required to feed it until it was full…In short, it wasn’t something Su Luo could afford to raise now.

But Su Luo didn’t know the Little stone kept back some information he didn’t say. She listened to the little stone’s words and immediately became excited.

Ten Dongfang Xuan wasn’t enough for it to destroy? Then how strong must it be? Su Luo’s pair of eyes immediately shone with brillants rays of light.

All of a sudden, a thought flashed by, and immediately after, her eyes lit up. With a certain expression, she said to the little stone: “You knew since earlier that the Battle God Puppet’s spirit force was about to be depleted, so forced me to run in front of it? Deliberately made Dongfang Xuan move against it right?”

Otherwise, how could it be such a coincidence? Dongfang Xuan’s palm strike just so happened to hit the Battle God Puppet’s forehead? It may be assumed these were the result from the little stone’s accurate calculations.

The little stone had an appearance of that the child was teachable: “Now you finally understand after much pondering.”

Su Luo was just about to tease him, but suddenly, the little stone’s expression changed. He urgently said to Su Luo: “Quickly! Hurry and toss some food to the Battle God Puppet, Dongfang Xuan is coming over!”

The Battle God Puppet was a model of one loyal to whoever fed it.

When it had no food, whoever gave it food, then that person was its master! Dongfang Xuan was able to chase over, very clearly, he had already guessed this was a Battle God Puppet. He must have thought of the secret within this!

Therefore, the situation immediately became urgent.

The Battle God Puppet was such a ‘difficult to find in the world’ super hired thug, how could Dongfang Xuan give up on it. If she let Dongfang Xuan collect away the Battle God Puppet, then in the Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, the people on Su Luo’s side would absolutely be completely massacred by him.

Now was not the problem of Su Luo’s safety alone, rather, it was the safety and life of the four of them.

“What should I feed him?” Su Luo looked at the little stone impatiently.

“Anything that has spirit force, for example, purple-colored crystal stone, black-colored crystal stone.” The little stone looked at that Battle God Puppet laying there motionlessly. In a while, wait until Su Luo finds out the amount of food this glutton can eat, three lines appeared on his forehead.

In passing, Su Luo grabbed several crystal stones that were laying around in her space and put it by the Battle God Puppet’s mouth. Su Luo was just investigating her spirit knowledge on how to feed it. When, who would have imagined, the purple crystal stone had just touched its lips when it became nothing.

Su Luo’s eyes went straight from watching this.

But after feeding it five pieces of purple-colored crystal stones, Su Luo discovered it was like throwing stones into a sea, there wasn’t a bit of response. Because this Battle God Puppet as still laying there motionless with eyes open, with no aura of life on its body.

Su Luo was very puzzled and turned to look at the little stone.

The little stone wanted to say something, then turned his head arrogantly away. In a very fierce tone, he said: “Why are you looking at me like this? It’s you who fed it too little okay?”

Su Luo suddenly felt speechless.

Even if she fed too little, at least it should give her a reaction right? But this Battle God Puppet didn’t even react. This made her heart very uncertain.

The little stone, seeing Su Luo didn’t move, then indifferently added another sentence: “Dongfang Xuan is about to come.”

Su Luo suddenly had no choice, she directly moved out the source stone she got from Dongfang Xuan.

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