DKC – Chapter 1760

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Chapter 1760 – Battle God Puppet (2)

“Quickly go back!” The little stone loudly shouted at Su Luo.

This tone was urgent and clear, like a clap of thunder exploding in Su Luo’s mind. She almost jumped from being startled.

Su Luo had never seen the little stone this excited, momentarily, she couldn’t react.

The little stone urged in an anxious tone: “Quickly return to the bottom! If I didn’t guess wrongly…whether we can kill Dongfang Xuan or not will depend on this move!”

Actually so serious?

Although Su Luo couldn’t understand what the little stone had in his sleeves, but she still did what the little stone told her to do.

But at this time, before Su Luo could jump into the black lake, Dongfang Xuan’s attack that rushed over with strong momentum had arrived.

This time, it seemed as if Dongfang Xuan was testing his own moves. He sent the exact strike from just now and it smashed towards Su Luo’s forehead.

A ‘clang’ noise resounded.

Su Luo originally wanted to jump into the black lake, this move by Dongfang Xuan was also forcing her into the black lake, wasn’t it just perfect? As a result, Su Luo beat him at his own game and sunk into the bottom of the black lake.

But it happening like this again made Dongfang Xuan flabbergasted.

Was this move really so powerful and astonishing? Being released, it eliminated such a powerful existence, then again, it eliminated Su Luo? If you must know, Su Luo was like a cockroach he couldn’t kill. Time after time, she would tenaciously rise up.

Dongfang Xuan looked foolishly at his own pair of hands, the light in his eyes becoming increasingly hot.

Su Luo jumped into the black lake because of the little stone’s command. Afterwards, she rushed forward in the direction the little stone pointed to.

Seeing the little stone’s tense little face and anxious expression, Su Luo couldn’t help but teasingly say: “So there are times that you can also get excited ah.”

The little stone unhappily rolled his eyes at Su Luo and arrogantly curled his lips: “If it weren’t for the fact that the contractor is too weak, how could I this grandpa take a fancy to such a weak ant-like existence?”

Su Luo tsked twice.

Up ahead, they would arrive at the place he pointed to very soon.

A white skeleton frame forming a human figure puppet laid quietly at the bottom of the lake.

One only saw its pair of eyes opened into a circle, as if dying with remaining grievances.

“Go over.” Seeing Su Luo’s footsteps had stopped, the little stone couldn’t help but urge urgently.

“You are certain there is no problem? Certain it wouldn’t jump up?” Su Luo once again hesitated.

“Could it be you didn’t discover that all the spirit force in its body had been consumed? Have you ever seen a Battle God Puppet who had consumed all their spirit force can jump up?” The little stone grunted in displeasure, “Still won’t quickly go up? I am telling you, wait until Dongfang Xuan clearly thinks through the secret within and chase after you, you will die for certain.”

“What are you talking about?” Su Luo was muddled by the little stone’s jumping around logic.

The little stone used the expression of ‘looking at a fool’ to look at Su Luo, he stopped short of cursing her for being an idiot.

“Battle God Puppet has a very distinct trait. If the human race wants it to be a hired thug, then they must feed it enough food. Who feeds it will become its master.” The little stone told her the secret.

If it weren’t for the little stone being a spirit that had lived for countless years, there really would be very few people who knew the Battle God Puppet’s secret.

Su Luo started to understand it somewhat: “That is to say, if I go feed it now, then this Battle God Puppet would listen to me?”

“Still haven’t become extremely stupid.” The little stone humphed twice.

But Su Luo frowned and looked at the Battle God Puppet laying in the bottom of the lake motionless with some doubt. She stroked her chin, her doubtful gaze shooting towards the little stone: “So easily slapped down by Dongfang Xuan, you really think it’s very strong?”

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