DKC – Chapter 1759

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Chapter 1759 – Battle God Puppet (1)

While Su Luo was running, she also turned her head back to look.

When she saw that Battle God Puppet with only skeleton remaining, her eyes almost dropped out from staring.

She only saw that this Battle God Puppet was about three meters tall, its whole body was slim without any flesh. It only had a white-colored bone frame to create a human figure.

Although the frame appeared simple, but it gave people a terrifying feeling. At least, only having glanced at it once, Su Luo felt all her hairs stand on ends.

That Battle God Puppet seemed to have awareness. When Su Luo’s head turned to look at him, it lifted its pair of eyes that was blood red, like a dense blood fog, misty and reeking of blood.

Just one glance made Su Luo dizzy.

Not only that, this Battle God Puppet actually gave a burst of strange laughter towards Su Luo. That chuckle made all the hair on Su Luo’s body stand up straight.

Su Luo didn’t have time to think more, she immediately turned and ran upwards toward the surface.

Compared to Dongfang Xuan, this Battle God Puppet was more terrifying.

At least when faced with Dongfang Xuan, Su Luo could use schemes and intelligence. But faced with this extremely powerful “strong buff guy” puppet in front of her that only spoke with its fist, Su Luo was simply powerless.

Before, those injuries Su Luo received had gradually healed. Now, her movements weren’t affect by those injuries at all.

Very quickly, she arrived at the surface of the lake.

Behind, she had the Battle God Puppet pursuing, unwilling to let go. On the lake’s shore, there was Dongfang Xuan staring fixedly, waiting. This time, what she must do was to take her time to make a decision but Su Luo didn’t have this time.

Su Luo didn’t have time to think, her body suddenly soared out of the black lake.

Dongfang Xuan had already sensed this slight fluctuations, he was very familiar with Su Luo’s aura. So, he immediately guessed it was Su Luo. A strong killing move hacked ruthlessly towards Su Luo’s forehead!

But Dongfang Xuan still underestimated Su Luo.

Right now, almost all of Su Luo’s injuries were completely healed. At a time of life and death, Su Luo once again soared to the fastest speed. Therefore, when Dongfang Xuan released this killing move, Su Luo’s body twisted and directly leaned to the right.

Then, did Dongfang Xuan’s move go to waste?

It really didn’t.

Not only wasn’t this killing move by Dongfang Xuan wasted, moreover, it was of great use. It could be said it impacted the most critical juncture that would affect the success or failure of the battle situation in the future.

Su Luo avoided it, but behind Su Luo there was still a pitiful Battle God Puppet okay?

Just after Su Luo avoided it, and before Dongfang Xuan’s killing move landed, the Battle God Puppet had foolishly popped out.

One only heard a loud clang sound!

This killing move directly landed on the Battle God Puppet’s forehead!

Afterwards, greenish smoke emerged from its forehead.

Dongfang Xuan was also struck dumb seeing this. He was in disbelief, looking at that thing whose head had just emerged and was smashed back into the water….

In fact, because that killing move exploded too fast, Dongfang Xuan simply didn’t have time to see clearly what that thing was.

Su Luo’s head turned back and discovered that the Battle God Puppet was knocked unconscious by just one move from Dongfang Xuan. She couldn’t help but to be flabbergasted.

“Isn’t the Battle God Puppet a bit too weak!” Su Luo’s pair of eyes blinked.

If she had known earlier that the Battle God Puppet would collapse from one blow, why would she have had to run so hurriedly?

Since it was just one face to face, and it was slapped back into the bottom of the lake.

But at this time, the little stone also looked at the ripple on the black lake’s surface with disbelief… Clearly, that puppet gave him a sense that it was very strong, okay.

The little stone’s expression darkened then lightened in indeterminate manner, suddenly, a light flashed through the little stone’s eyes!

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