DKC – Chapter 1749

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Chapter 1749 – Eight-clawed strange water creature (3)

One only saw, behind Su Luo, in the middle of the peaceful black river, a strange water creature slowly stretch out its head to scout out. Its silver-white gaze stared coldly at the two battling in mid-air. Its gaze was exceptionally cold, soon after, its gaze shifted down, in the end, fixing on Su Luo’s body.

The split second it saw Su Luo, one could clearly see its nose move.

“Such a fragrant smell.” The strange water creature with eight tentacles looked suspiciously at Su Luo. It was somewhat puzzled. In its impression, the human race’s meat was sour, astringent and very unpalatable. But how could that human race’s body give off such a delicious smell? Just like the most delicious food in the world.

A string of saliva hung at the eight-tentacled strange water creature’s mouth.

The saliva flowed down, drip by drip landing on the lake’s surface. A ripple immediately appeared on the originally peaceful lake’s surface. One after another, circular ripples spread out.

Afterwards, the head it stuck out to check suddenly lowered. The surface of the lake suddenly lost traces of it.

Its disappearance was like its appearance, not attracting anyone’s attention.

But if you noticed it, you would discover that after an instant, its ugly head once again scouted out and was exposed above the surface of the lake. And at this time, he was a distance of less than ten meters from Su Luo.

And Su Luo, just as luck would have it, stood at the lake’s bank with her back to the lake. Right now, she watched the battle of experts at the summit with rapt attention while holding her breath. Her heart was faintly stirred by a bit of understanding, but that inspiration flitted by. It disappeared too quickly, so Su Luo simply couldn’t catch it. Now, she was trying non-stop to recall that inspiration, trying to remember what it was.

Just when Su Luo sunk into this state, suddenly——

A slight noise rose her from her thoughts, and Su Luo’s head subconsciously turned to look——

This glance almost scared Su Luo silly.

She saw that less than a meter away was a huge head coming towards her. That huge mouth, sharp fangs and sinister appearance of dripping with saliva. It made one thing very clear: this ugly thing was about to swallow her alive!

Now, it was already too late to evade!

Su Luo subconsciously tossed the source stones in her space into that eight-tentacled hobgoblin’s mouth!

Su Luo thought that since she couldn’t evade it, then she must try to block that eight-tentacled strange water creature’s mouth. As long as its mouth was blocked, then she would be relatively safe.

Just now, under such an urgent situation, if it was changed to an average person, that person’s hands and feet would have already gone soft. If they didn’t faint, they would have been scared silly. But Su Luo maintained a calm and composed manner, and even used such an excellent move.

The eight-tentacled strange water creature never expected that wanting to swallow a person, but when it returned to its senses, it discovered that its mouth was full of large stones! Moreover, the fangs it was most proud of was smashed until it bled.

While the eight-tentacled strange water creature was distracted, Su Luo had already retreated far, far away. She stood outside of the attack range of the eight-tentacled strange water creature.

Su Luo had already calculated the attack range of the eight-tentacled strange water creature. She knew the eight-tentacled hobgoblin didn’t like to show up on dry land. But she still underestimated its tentacles.

Now, the eight-tentacled hobgoblin was extremely angry, and the tentacles extended thirty meters, suddenly shooting out. It directly encircled towards Su Luo’s waist!

The long tentacles came with a strong momentum, making it too late for people to avoid.

“Really powerful eight-tentacled strange water creature!” Su Luo cried out in alarm. If she didn’t guess wrong, before, that thing in the bottom of the river that always gave her a sense of danger must be this eight-tentacled strange water creature.

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