DKC – Chapter 1748

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Chapter 1748 – Eight-clawed strange water creature (2)

“No.” The little stone replied straightforwardly.

But…although he was refused, Dongfang Xuan’s gaze slowly lit up, in the end, it was bright as the stars.

“You are not Elder Ancestor Mo.” Dongfang Xuan’s tone was very certain.

Su Luo secretly said ‘not good’ in her heart. Never expected that the little stone’s matter would so quickly be exposed… it can be assumed that it was that sentence from before. He heard some clues from the little stone’s answer.

Faced with Dongfang Xuan’s certain tone, the little stone was non-committal. Only the mockery at the corner of his mouth became even stronger.

“Tell me, in the end, who are you? Where did the real Elder Ancestor Mo go? How did you enter Elder Ancestor Mo’s body?” Dongfang Xuan’s tone had a trace of decoding a mystery. This was very important to him, because this meant that he could also refine out a strong expert as his puppet.

Elder Ancestor Mo’s pair of pitch-black deriding eyes glanced at him. Using the kind of gaze of looking at an idiot to glance at him.

Dongfang Xuan responded only after sensing this fact. His gaze landed on Su Luo’s body: “This is your puppet?”

Su Luo had both hands crossed over her chest, looked at him with a ghost of a smile. She didn’t nod or shake her head.

“Do you want to fight? If not, we’ll be leaving.” Su Luo very kindly reminded him.

With the additional appearance of Elder Ancestor Mo, Dongfang Xuan really didn’t know what he ought to do. Because of his original restrained fear towards Elder Ancestor Mo, at this moment, he ought to leave and stay far away from here. But he finally caught up to Su Luo after a very difficult chase, how could his heart be willing to let go?

Just when Dongfang Xuan was hesitating, Elder Ancestor Mo suddenly moved.

A scarlet red lava warped towards Dongfang Xuan.

No one expected that Elder Ancestor Mo would take a preemptive strike. Even Dongfang Xuan didn’t expect it, so he didn’t react in the beginning.

In fact, he didn’t know that the moment Elder Ancestor Mo appeared, Su Luo and Elder Ancestor Mo had already decided Dongfang Xuan must be killed to seal his mouth. If the matter of Elder Ancestor Mo being controlled by Su Luo was spread out, the consequences would be very serious. Therefore, in this Secret Roaming Dragon Territory, Dongfang Xuan must die.

Faced with Elder Ancestor Mo’s attack that approached with strong momentum, after Dongfang Xuan’s attention swayed, he very quickly gave a response.

Endless ice and snow spread towards that flaming lava.

Both sides met together in mid-air.

Ice and fire were innately opposite, this forced each other to disappear.

They had just begun the fight when a different expression flashed through Dongfang Xuan’s eyes.

This Elder Ancestor Mo’s strength… had it atrophied? Actually wasn’t as strong as what he knew. Could it be that after becoming a puppet, strength would decline by a level? From Saint rank reduced to Commander level? Dongfang Xuan’s heart was full of questions, but these questions, only Su Luo could answer them. Therefore, Dongfang Xuan decided that after this battle, he would seize Su Luo and interrogate her for the answers until he understood.

The two people fought in mid-air. The wind from their palm strikes whistled by, occasionally, ice would freeze over the world, and occasionally, lava would surge. The fight was very intense.

Underneath, Su Luo had her arms crossed over her chest, eyes half-narrowed. Her gaze was staring at the battle situation.

The situation seemed to be pretty good, Elder Ancestor Mo was slightly stronger than Dongfang Xuan. So, he had a sixty percent of winning, adding to the fact that the little stone was a super strong expert from countless years ago, his fighting experience was unmatched. Therefore, the little stone had another ten percent chance of winning. In total, he had a seventy percent grasp of winning.

Then, as long as the little stone didn’t make a mistake, then the victor of this battle would definitely be Su Luo’s side.

Su Luo watched with interest this battle that broke new grounds. Her heart had a faint comprehension.

And just at this moment, a misfortune suddenly occurred.

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