DKC – Chapter 1744

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Chapter 1744 – Fleeing underground (1)

“How could it be like this! How could it be like this! Loathsome girl!!” Dongfang Xuan raised his head to the sky and howled loudly.

Dongfang Xuan discovered he was a fool! A super huge fool!

Within a range of five kilometers, all living things were turned to dust by him. While what he was really looking for, he had carried on his own shoulder…He actually ran into this kind of debacle. Dongfang Xuan didn’t know what to say about himself.

After howling loudly for a while, Dongfang Xuan gradually calmed down.

He become aware after the fact that the matter of most importance wasn’t to vent his rage. Rather, he must find a way to capture back the loathsome Su Luo that was like a mudfish that keep slipping from his hand.

“Loathsome girl, don’t think you can escape!” Dongfang Xuan snarled hatefully, soon after, he calmed down to analyze the situation.

Now, he was certain that before, Su Luo had always hid inside this ancient tree. Then, when did she run away? If it was said that she ran away along the way…Dongfang Xuan carefully examined that ancient tree once over, then shook his head. He vetoed this idea. If Su Luo ran away midway during his search, it was impossible that he didn’t sense it.

Then, the only possibility was when he inserted the ancient tree into the ground so she had a chance to slip away. Because at that time, the ancient tree left his hand while in contact with the earth.

If Su Luo could tunnel underground…please pardon Dongfang Xuan. No matter how large a hole was in his mind, he still couldn’t imagine the fantastic scene of the Variant Acacia Tree’s root system, which with one poke as it wished, and an underground tunnel would show up.

Dongfang Xuan thought that if Su Luo could tunnel underground, then that would explain how Su Luo disappeared into thin air when attacked by the huge snowball. Afterwards, the strange matter of her appearing inside the ancient tree.

Thinking up to here, Dongfang Xuan immediately pushed aside the ancient tree then looked down——

Sure enough, a hole that was wide enough for one person to pass through appeared in front of Dongfang Xuan.

“Loathsome girl!” Dongfang Xuan’s gaze had a sinister and cruel expression. This black hole proved that all his guesses were correct. At the same time, it also proved how crafty Su Luo, that loathsome girl, was.

“Don’t think this time you really escaped. Wait until I capture you, I definitely will make you feel that death is better than living!” Dongfang Xuan’s eyes were cold and dark. Soon after, his figure quickly drilled into the hole.

Because this hole was dug out by the Variant Acacia Tree, so when Dongfang Xuan quickly pursued inside, very quickly, it sensed him. At the same time, it passed on this news to Su Luo.

“So quickly he chased up?” Su Luo frowned slightly. Dongfang Xuan’s reaction was a lot faster than she had imagined.

Now what should she do?

Su Luo’s mind spun quickly.

Inside the black hole was not good for engaging in combat, but very suitable for concealing one’s self.

All of a sudden, Su Luo’s mouth hooked into a full of interest expression. Her jet-black pupils whirled, people familiar with her would know that at this time, they must avoid her.

But Dongfang Xuan didn’t know, so he was still laboriously chasing after her.

Su Luo quietly asked the Variant Acacia Tree: “Underground, can your root system still expand out?”

“Can!” The Variant Acacia Tree excitedly patted its chest, its tone was exceptionally loud and clear.

“Then that’s good!” Su Luo’s heart was exalted, then she gave the Variant Acacia Tree several instructions. She patted its leaves to say: “Quickly go, this time will all depend on you.”

“To serve Master is my honor!” Because Variant Acacia Tree had favorable position to use its skills, its face had an excitement that couldn’t be described with words.

After getting Su Luo’s instructions, the Variant Acacia Tree became busy, going about its business.

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