DKC – Chapter 1743

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Chapter 1743 – Fleeing for her life from the tiger’s den (3)

Just when Su Luo’s dagger was preparing to stab down fiercely, all of a sudden, Dongfang Xuan’s pair of hands reached back, and stood the ancient tree in front vertically.

Su Luo only felt a burst of dizziness. When she returned to her senses, she discovered she didn’t have a chance because this ancient tree was directly inserted into the ground.

Fortunately, Su Luo’s reaction was very quick, subconsciously taking back the dagger. After she got her dagger back, her heart felt complicated.

She was annoyed at herself for losing such a great opportunity to assassinate him. She was also worried if Dongfang Xuan’s sharp eyes could see traces where the dagger stabbed out.

“Huh?” Dongfang Xuan suddenly cried out in surprise. Very quickly, he noticed the markings where the dagger stabbed through. Because matters were just such a coincidence, this mark was just staring at Dongfang Xuan, at a distance parallel to his gaze.

“Quickly run!” Su Luo secretly instructed the Variant Acacia Tree, if it didn’t run now, it would be caught.

The Variant Acacia Tree hurriedly nodded, among its huge root system, one root quickly extended forward. Several tens of meters under the ground, silently extending out, just like a creek water flowing by quietly. Even Dongfang Xuan couldn’t sense it.

Su Luo risked the danger of being discovered, held her breath and grabbed the Variant Acacia’s root as it quietly send her down into the ground. Soon after, it quickly sent her forward. During this whole process, Su Luo didn’t move her body herself. Because if she even moved slightly, that fluctuation in the spirit aura would be perceived by Dongfang Xuan.

She only laid there motionless, her body bound by one root among Variant Acacia Tree’s root system. Afterwards, letting it quickly transport her.

Let’s not talk about Su Luo now silently escaping this dangerous place, just talk about Dongfang Xuan.

At this time, Dongfang Xuan was staring unblinkingly at that very tiny scar on the tree bark. His eyes were narrowed into slits.

This clearly was the mark of a dagger having sliced by. Moreover, inferring from the time this wound was created, it ought to have been created not long ago. This tree, he had always carried on his shoulder, then how was the wound created? Dongfang Xuan’s brain spun quickly, suddenly, a light shone from his eyes. A kind of impossible to believe deduction appeared in his head!

Impossible right?

Dongfang Xuan thought up to here, and without thinking, his fist directly smashed towards that ancient tree!

But with just one fist strike, he sensed that things were not right.

He remembered that this ancient tree was able to withstand a lot of smashing and beating. It was also because of this that he took an extra glance at it. Now, he used the same strength to smash over, and a little less than half of this tree actually exploded and collapsed. And in the middle of the tree, a hole that could allow five people to stand in appeared in front of him.

“This aura…” Dongfang Xuan held his breath with rapt attention, as he carefully used his spirit sense to identify this aura in the center of the ancient tree. When he identified it after great difficulty, immediately, his entire person didn’t feel good.

One only saw his complexion turned ashen, and eyes become bloodshot. His sinister gaze was full of hatred as he stared at this ancient tree. His expression fluctuated between clear and overcast, suddenly dark then suddenly light.

“Ah!!!” Dongfang Xuan was angered to the extreme. A countless number of shadows of fists smashed towards the ancient tree.

This ancient tree was already free from Variant Acacia Tree’s control. It was just an ordinary ancient tree that was rather old and nothing more. One could just imagine how hard it was. Only several hits from Dongfang Xuan’s fist, and it was smashed into powder.

As for the Variant Acacia Tree, once it saw the situation was wrong, it had long abandoned its use of spirit mind to control the ancient tree. Afterwards, it followed behind Su Luo and ran far away. Naturally, it wouldn’t remain behind to let Dongfang Xuan bully it.

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